Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville Series #7)

Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville Series #7)

by Carrie Vaughn

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reissue)

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Talk radio host and werewolf Kitty Norville has agreed to appear on TV's first all-supernatural reality show. She's expecting cheesy competitions and manufactured drama starring shapeshifters, vampires, and psychics. But what begins as a publicity stunt will turn into a fight for her life.

The cast members, including Kitty, arrive at the remote mountain lodge where the show is set. As soon as filming starts, violence erupts and Kitty suspects that the show is a cover for a nefarious plot. Then the cameras stop rolling, cast members start dying, and Kitty realizes she and her monster housemates are ironically the ultimate prize in a very different game. Stranded with no power, no phones, and no way to know who can be trusted, she must find a way to defeat the evil closing in . . . before it kills them all.

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ISBN-13: 9780446199551
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2010
Series: Kitty Norville Series , #7
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 642,277
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Carrie Vaughn had the nomadic childhood of the typical Air Force brat, with stops in California, Florida, North Dakota, Maryland, and Colorado. She holds a Masters in English Literature and collects hobbies, fencing and sewing are currently high on the list. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. Her website is

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"The seventh entry in Vaughn's top-notch paranormal as strong as ever. Readers of Kim Harrison's 'Hollows' series and Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' will appreciate Kitty's sarcastic wit, ingenuity, and independence." —-Library Journal

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Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville Series #7) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 146 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
One of the talk radio hosts on KNOB is werewolf Kitty Norville, who was forced to change on the air. Since her outing, other supernaturals that include weres, vampires and psychics have also come out in the open. Mortals either believe or think strongly a conspiratorial fraud is occurring. The paranormal want acceptance in a mundane world so when SuperByte approaches Kitty to join others of her supernatural kind on a reality TV show, she accepts. They are flown to a lodge in the mountainous wilds of Montana with no one around for miles. At first the filming proceeds like any reality show, but soon the weres, vampires, and psychics wake up to find all electrical power cut off and three crewmen dead in the plane and three others missing. They are further trapped and isolated by silver fences and weapons. The contestants know they are in mortal danger. A natural leader, Kitty takes charge with resolute determination to kill her enemy before they kill her. Lives are lost on both sides as Kitty struggles to prevent a massacre in the lodge prison. Romance, action, and mystery come together in this fabulous urban fantasy mindful in a paranormal way of Christie's And Then There Was None. Kitty is an alpha Lara Croft type heroine who goes into danger with her eyes wide open and a grit to be the predator and not the prey. She not only becomes the leader, she is there only hope of survival as slim as that seems as Kitty's House of Horrors is a death trap. Harriet Klausner
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
I'm still recovering from being put through an emotional wringer by a story that was spiced with nonstop action, suspense and an ending that was chilling and heart stopping in its scope. I'm a Kitty Norville fan and have been since the first title hooked my eye. Even if a reader has never read any books in the previous series, Kitty's House of Horrors stands alone with surprising strength and ease. The basis of this tale is a TV show that is too good to be true. Although there are some repeat characters from a few previous books, a reader does not need to know their background. Ms. Vaughn gives a new reader enough information to understand the connections between them which helps a reader care about what happens to the secondary characters. Kitty is still experiencing her happily ever after but it's been a bumpy ride. In this installment, Kitty's job puts her in a position to do a show away from home, her pack and the love of her life and mate, Ben. It's a very realistic scenario as many jobs take a partner from home for seminars, presentations or further schooling. I bet Kitty wished she'd have been making a presentation to Werewolves Anonymous or something instead of fighting for her life. Her personality is still maturing and growing and when push comes to shove, she cares for others and wants to protect them - even total strangers. She's that wonderful of a person and I've enjoyed watching her grow, even when it hurts. The secondary characters are all relevant to the plot and emotional turmoil that screams off of the pages with each successive discovery on how horrible the situation is. I will warn readers that there will be sadness. There are those who end up being "red shirts" in reference to Star Trek where you know those wearing red uniforms aren't going to make it. I was completely invested in most of the characters so when things started to go wrong I felt it in my gut. Ms. Vaughn did not shy away from the harsh reality needed to tell the story where she needed it to go, no matter how much I wished she could have. To say I was affected by the turn of events is an understatement. The suspense, drama, fast clipped action and relevant dialogue were all written with impact and vivid clarity. The characters weren't the only ones feeling the tension. The high point came with the Calvary but by then the damage was done. The resulting wrap up that told me the whys of it but just didn't justify the carnage they wreaked. I guess that's true for any crazy psycho demented zealots. They got what they deserved and I'm glad but the cost was too high. When a book makes a reader feel the sadness of loss and a tear threatens then I know the author did her job and Ms. Vaughn certainly did hers. My most favorite part is the happy reunion. I didn't get to revel as long as I'd like, basking in the glow of happiness but the reunion between Kitty and Ben is as romantic as ever and I turned the last page with a sappy smile on my face. They really are good together. Kitty's House of Horrors will keep readers at the edge of their seats, maybe even holding a Teddy Bear for comfort as the scope of insanity thrust upon Kitty and the crew becomes apparent. I gasped, I ground my teeth from the suspense and my heart hurt for Kitty and even for Anastasia the vampire. No one walks away from this one unaffected and that includes this reader. The writing is as fresh and vibrant. Originally posted at: The Long and Short of It Romanc
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great characters, complexity of mystery, details of survival techniques. Thoough it has werewolves and vampires as a main theme, its still plot driven. Great story.
flemmily on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Took me forever to finish, I started it and then set it down for a month or so. This series was always on the B team of paranormal books for me, and I just found this one pretty boring. Cheesy, and not really the good kind.
BellaMiaow on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
At some point, while watching any episode of a TV show like Buffy or a scary movie, you know that you have spoken to the characters on the screen, despite the fact that they can't hear you. "Don't split up! That's when he'll get you!" or "NO! No sex! The ones who have sex DIE you idiots!" And you've wondered how it is NONE of the characters have ever SEEN a horror movie in their lives, right?Well, Kitty and friends find themselves in the middle of a snuff film being made by people who hate were-beings/vampires/psychics/etc. Kitty, at least, is smarter than your average scream queen. What ensures isn't exactly hilarity, but this being a Kitty Norville book there are a few bright spots here and there (although far fewer than usual).
hjjugovic on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
One of the more suspenseful entries in this series.
eidolons on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I've always found it difficult to review books when they're fairly far along in a series. With each installment, my reviews seem to get shorter and simpler. Oh well.This is the seventh book in the Kitty Norville series. The premise is that Kitty is joining a cast of supernatural celebrities (plus a skeptic) at a remote hunting lodge to film a reality show. Things, as usual, go from bad to worse to happy-ish ending.I found Kitty's "I'm a talk show host, so I'll act like I'm forever on air" attitude at the lodge kind of annoying and a little forced. Gradually, though, it wears off and she acts more like a person and less like a cliche. I especially loved the way she sort of channeled Cormac during the crisis. Cormac has always been my favorite support character in these books. It was nice to have him back, even in that limited capacity.The suspense was amazing. I actually caught myself daydreaming all of these horrible "there are people outside of my house waiting to ambush and kill me" thoughts. I admit that part of that is due to my overactive imagination (especially while pregnant - like I needed the encouragement to be paranoid!). The end of the crisis - the big save - was way too convenient for me. I won't ruin it by telling you why I think this, suffice it to say that it just seemed phony to me.All in all, if you've read the first six books of the series, you're going to read this one too. You know you will. And odds are, you'll enjoy it - otherwise you wouldn't have read all the previous books, right?
dasuzuki on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was hesitant to read this book because I felt like I was getting Kitty-ied out but I'm glad I did. I don't know if it's because there wasn't much Ben or if the story line just really grabbed me this time but I didn't want to stop reading. Not only was Kitty participating in this reality show but we also saw some of my favorite characters back like Odysseus Grant, Jeffrey-the TV psychic, Ariel-Kitty's fellow radio personality and Tina the paranormal investigator who has her own psychic talents. From reading the book blurb I was dying to know which characters would make it through and which ones would end up being killed. I liked them all so I was really biting my nails. It truly was like watching a horror movie and wondering who would be the next to go.We also saw a few more moves in the Long Game that the vampires have had going on as Kitty meets another ancient vampire. And the best part and I hope this doesn't ruin anything for anyone but Cormac is finally going to be paroled! I cannot wait to see where this goes. I really would like to see Kitty and Cormac together but unless Ben dies I really don't see how that could happen.If you want to find out who makes it out of the house of horrors you definitely need to pick this one up!
thewalkinggirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Fast-paced and well-written as usual. I enjoyed the set-up in the first half, but the second half was a bit voyeuristically gruesome in a way that reminded me why I've never seen Saw or Battle Royale -- really not my scene. If you've never read a Kitty book before, I would definitely recommend waiting on this until after you've read the previous ones -- you'll be able to follow along, but you'll miss a lot of the subtext and it's important. Overall, this felt like CV is getting all the players in place for a major story arc starting with the next book.
pacey1927 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book has tied Carrie Vaughn with Ilona Andrews as my favorite, never dissapoint authors. Kitty agrees to go on a reality show where a big brother type household of supernatural creatures try to convince Conrad, the world's greatest skeptic that there is magic and other creatures out there. It becomes apparent that this really isn't why they were brought together when one by one they begin to die. Kitty and the others are stranded in the middle of nowhere and without any means of contact with the outside world. Who is doing this to them and why? How can they use their otherly abilities to get out of there? This book was excellent, every page a turner, and not a word to waste. Ben is absent for much of the book as he has gone to try to will Cormac's good behaviour release from prison. We do get to meet up with some new characters in the 'house of horrors' as well as see some of the others we have met along the way. My favorite if the magician from Kitty and the Dead Man's hand, Odysseus Grant. What Carrie Vaughan has done is removed Kitty from the world we know already and has spiced things up by giving us a change of scenery and some different supporting characters. Sure we can't wait to get to more of Ben and Cormac, but thats the great thing! We know that there is more to them to come. This book is such a strong story with such a different feel that it just reminds us that Vaughan stands out as unique when so many other series are failing due to 'same old, same old' syndrome. Kitty's series is definitely fresh and in fact this book may be the most exciting yet. Kitty remains Kitty and reminded me several times in this story why I like her so much. I smiled many times when Kitty did some crazy, and Kitty-like in the story. A quick example: the supernatural group is hiding in the house and they know that they are surrounded by snipers, and Kitty literally jumps out to talk to them. She looks fear in the face, and yet she is so proctective and caring by instinct. And I love every bit of her snark.... This was an A+ tale from an A series and I hope that if you are an urban fantasy fan, you don't hesitate to start this series if you haven't already. It has grown by leaps and bounds from the first book, "Kitty and the Midnight Hour".
TheBooknerd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As always with this series, "House of Horrors" started off a little slow for me, then quickly launched into riveting. Once this story hit its pace, I couldn't stop reading. Kitty's character continues to develop into a complex, colorful heroine who handles herself like a superhero yet still manages to come across as a real person. Ben takes a backseat in this one, but you won't be disappointed with the cast of supporting characters that join the fun. As for my fellow Cormac fans, don't worry -- he doesn't get left behind.
TheDivineOomba on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love Kitty Norville - she is spunky, down to earth, lives in a world that is more "real" than other urban fantasy stories. I also like the fact that the demons are mostly human, that the story setup is a nice step from the last story. What I like best about these books is that Kitty is not saving the world every single book, her stories are smaller, and make a lot more sense, well, I can see it happening :) Carrie Vaughn is making it clear what her world is - a mostly human world, filled with a few scared people and bigots (sound familiar?). I look forward to many more books set in this world.
samantha.1020 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In the latest installment of the Kitty Norville series, Kitty finds herself agreeing to be a part of a "supernatural reality television show." Kitty is shipped out to the middle of nowhere along with a variety of others that have ties to the supernatural world including some characters from previous books. But what starts out as a relaxing getaway for Kitty quickly changes into something more dark and dangerous as cast members begin dying and there is no way to reach the outside world.This is quickly becoming one of my favorite urban fantasy series. Kitty is an awesome main character: she isn't afraid to be herself around anyone and she doesn't apologize for it. The situation that Kitty found herself in was definitely unique and added up to make a tense and edgy atmosphere within the story. I liked that we got to see more from characters from previous novels even if Ben wasn't in this one that much. And I love Kitty's husband Ben! In fact, I really like the fact that Kitty is married as it is highly unusual within urban fantasy series. I can't think of any other married main characters in urban fantasy off of the top of my head. The book itself was fast paced and intense and was definitely hard to put down. I flew through it and it left me wanting more. More of Kitty and her adventures please!!! This is one of the VERY few series that I am caught up in and now I'm waiting impatiently for the next Kitty novel.All in all, a great addition to this wonderful series. I've seen a few negative reviews of this book and I have to say how important it is to read this series in order. The character growth makes these books great and probably affects readers who haven't read all of the books. But of course that is just my opinion...and I say that I highly recommend this entire series :)
krau0098 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the seventh book in the Kitty Norville series by Carrier Vaughn and it was a great addition to the series.In this book Kitty gets invited to participate in a reality TV show. Her and a bunch of other paranormal celebrities are supposed to spend a week at a house out in the middle of nowhere. With them will be a skeptic; they are supposed to convince the skeptic that paranormal creatures exist. Of course things start going terribly wrong when people start turning up dead. It is up to Kitty and her housemates to figure out what is going on before everyone is killed!I was worried that this story line would be a bit cheesy for Kitty, but it really worked. I loved learning more about a lot of the paranormal celebrities that Kitty has interviewed on her radio show or talked about, but never really got to know. Then of course Odysseus Grant shows up and he is a whole lot of mysterious and interesting. The subtext that goes on between Odysseus and Anastatia (a very old vampire) is intriguing and leads this book to a whole new level and potentially a whole new story arc.The book was fast-paced and super easy to read. Vaughn's writing style is just so readable and personable; reading the book is such a fun pleasure. There were some very well done action scenes but not until later in the story. It takes a while to set up the story but Vaughn does a good job of making the setup suspenseful. The really strong feature of this novel is the characterization, there are some awesome characters in this book. Kitty especially has grown even more comfortable in her role as a leader and really steps it up in certain scenes of this book...knowing where Kitty started, it makes me proud of her :-)Given the horror house theme of this book I was happy that it wasn't too scary. It is definitely suspenseful and creepy just not crazy scary (I am too much of a wimp to read really scary books). The story arc that is developing longer term, that deals with the vampires' "long game", is fascinating. I was so happy that we got to spend more time with Grant...he is just super intriguing to me and my favorite character. Grant gets a chance to show his human side in this book as well as demonstrate some somewhat disturbing magician's skills.The only bad thing about this book was that it was over too soon. I can't wait to read the next book! I am also looking forward to checking out Vaughn's new young adult book "Voice of Dragons".
irreverent_reader on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy Vaughn's pacing in her storytelling. This seventh installment did not disappoint. I loved the twists in the plot-and the rise in body count! It kept me on my toes!
bookwormteri on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I adore this light hearted series, but this book just didn't do it for me. I think too many characters were killed off and I just wanted them to stand up and walk away. Still good, and foreshadowing big doings in the world of "supes". I am really glad that Kitty has become so strong by this point. She has grown a lot throughout the series. Plus, Cormac is up for parole....FINALLY!
Ricechex on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Picked up the first few Kitty Norville books a little hesitantly last year, and was thrilled when I peeled back the cover and began reading "Midnight Hour." It was a world I felt that I could really immerse myself in, and since then, the books have been just as wonderful, just as thrilling. "House of Horrors" is no different in that respect. There was lots of page turning tension, and it kept me wanting, "just one more chapter..." everytime I set out to stop reading. Carrie Vaughn's latest does not disappoint, and I am eagerly looking towards the next one.
FantasyDreamer on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was a bit leery about the synopsis for the book since is based around a reality TV show. I do not care for reality TV, at all. Luckily, that wasn't a problem. Vaughn turned enough of the reality show business, to make it shine in the same light I think of it -- for most part pretend, with plenty of humor I could enjoy.After the initial start and setup of this novel, around 30 pages or so, the story became a nonstop page turner for me. I couldn't put the book down, almost every scene left me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Kitty's House of Horrors was the best novel yet out this whole series, action packed to hilt. And the ending was just "Wow!" Love it!If you haven't read this series yet, I recommend you start for the beginning. All of the books are setup so you can start anywhere BUT in order to get a real feel for the main characters and understand their trials and tribulations, start with Kitty and the Midnight Hour. You'll be glad you did.
lizard_698959 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Kitty is stranded in the middle of nowhere when she agrees to do an All New Reality TV Show featuring Supernatural¿s. The cast of supernatural¿s that also agree are mostly ones we have seen before. From the last book Kitty Raised Hell we have Tina from Paradox PI then there is also the always great and mysterious Odysseus Grant and our other favorite radio show host from a previous book Ariel Priestess of the night. There are a few new ones two and some new vampires are put into the mix. However what everyone needs to find out before the end of the book is why they are really at this cabin in the middle of nowhere and what are they doing there. It was a highly entertaining book; Kitty's snarky attitude is top of the line as always however I gave it 3 starts because I felt the writing is a bit slow at parts and rather predictable.
heatherheartsbooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Kitty and other paranormal celebrities go to a mountain retreat, obstensibly to film a paranormal reality show. When the show's participants begin to be killed one by one, Kitty and crew work overtime to uncover the murderer before the next person dies.Carrie Vaughn's writing and plot development have improved dramatically since she first began this series, and "House of Horrors" is the best book yet. I've always liked that she takes a different approach from other writers (most notably in recent history, Laurell K Hamilton) and lets the characters drive the story, with sex taking a backseat to the plot, rather than filling up pages with gratuitous intimate encounters and little else.Carrie Vaughn is what LKH used to be... if Carrie continues this way, she has a very bright future in writing.
wbentrim on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Kitty¿s House of Horrors by Carrie VaughnKitty is a radio talk show host. She deals with paranormal questions on her show. She is invited to a retreat with other paranormal experts. Oh, yeah, Kitty is a werewolf. Once again, I am surprised. I was very dubious as to my liking this book. I really enjoyed it. Mz. Vaughn does a great job fleshing out the characters. You find yourself pondering the ramifications of being a supernatural being. Intolerance is highlighted and it doesn¿t take a rocket scientist to extrapolate the obvious relationship to realities intolerances. The story has plenty of action and enough twists to satisfy most mystery fans. It was hardly a surprise to find vampires involved although at most they were bit players. I will seek out and read more of the Kitty series. It isn¿t a cerebrally challenging book but it has beaucoup entertainment value. I highly recommend the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like all the Kitty series Carrie write an engaging and well thought out plot. My only dislike ( With out spoilers of the ending ) was the sort of " sad " ending. Still, an enjoyable book overall.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this episode. There is a great feeling when the lead characters are in peril of getting cut from the series. Obviously not Kitty since the series continues but some favorites could bite the dust. I am pleased with the story and character development.
InvestedIvana More than 1 year ago
Kitty's attempts to break into television never go well. First, she was outted on national TV by kidnappers in Washington D.C. Then, after hosting a live episode of The Midnight Hour in Vegas, she's kidnapped again by a cult of feline lycanthropes. Now Kitty joins the cast of a reality show only to find out it's really a snuff film. I think Kitty should stick to radio. :) House of Horrors is another of my favorite Kitty installments. I love the premise of a reality show with supernatural guests trying to convince a skeptic. I love that we get to visit with favorite characters Jeffrey Miles, Ariel, Odysseus Grant, and Tina McCannon from previous books. I happened to really enjoy the new faces, too: pro-wrestler and werewolf Jerome Macy; politician and were-seal Lee Pontac; author and skeptic Conrad Garrett; vampires Annastasia and Gemma, and their human Dorian. The beginning of the book is kind of fun--watching all these various personalities interact with silly games and discussions one might see on a reality show. The scene where Lee shows off his seal to the group just when the skeptic has left is priceless. Then things get nasty. Turns out the show is just a premise to get everyone in one remote location for a big game hunt, and our group of supernaturals are the game. Far too many of them die for my taste. What I do like is how Kitty keeps thinking, "What would Cormac do?" Using Cormac as a template for predicting and out-thinking the bad guys is an excellent strategy and one Kitty can access easily. What I didn't care for much in this book is the tension between Anastasia and Grant regarding Roman. Again, this is part of the Romany story line that never really worked for me. Both Grant and Anastasia believe the other is working for Roman. Since Roman isn't really a threat yet, as far as the reader is concerned, this feels like a lot of useless posturing. Overall, this is my favorite Kitty book after the first four, I think just because of the characters and the premise. This one gets a shiny five from me. Purchased. Review courtesy of onebooktwo | one book, two reviews.
Barbed-Wire More than 1 year ago
Now that I have read the reviews for this book I know that I will not be reading it. I'm sorry Ms. Vaughn, but as much as I love kitty, and as much as I loved her first books, if I wanted to cry or feel sad I could just sit in a corner and focus on my own life. I hope that you continue your writing, as it has been a wonderful ride.