Knights After My Heart

Knights After My Heart

by Sonya Jesus


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I'm not scared of loving someone, I'm scared of them not loving me enough.HawkI met Amelia right after my father died. With just a smile, she reached into the depths of my depression and brought me out of the dark place my mind had gone to, filling me with light. She gave me purpose, hope, and something worth fighting for-us...she just doesn't know it yet. I've been watching her every move since that day-listening, learning-waiting for the day she graduates to rescue her from the life she shies away from. I have a plan, and no one will stop me. She's going to be mine. AmeliaI have issues. I'm the first one to admit my brain doesn't shut up-ever-and holding on to my v-card like it's a hall pass to heaven, is insane. I'm a junior in college. I've dated guys and some of them even made me want to commit. I never have. That might all change with him, but he's definitely not the ending my friends want for me. Connor's different, or maybe I'm different with him. When it's just the two of us things are comfortable, easy, simple-but my heart doesn't always beat to the same tune as my thoughts, and that frustrates me. I'm losing control and people are noticing-people who can break me. Disclaimer: Some of the content is for a mature audience. It's a suspense series, and thus, may contain cliffhangers, some violence, stalkers, and adult language.

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ISBN-13: 9781976593895
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/22/2017
Series: Knights , #1
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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Knights After My Heart 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Jewelsey More than 1 year ago
Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is an intriguing young adult book filled with twists and turns. The main character of the book is Amelia. Amelia has not had much success in the way of relationships. But she has a prospective new boyfriend, Connor, who has been after her to be his girlfriend. She is somewhat reluctant and has always had a habit of shutting herself down when it comes to the men in her life when things get confining. The problem with Amelia accepting Connor as her boyfriend is complicated. It brings up issues of jealousy, past relationships, it brings on new ones, and sparks anger in others that could ruin her everyday life. As a college student at Westbrook University and the possibility of a new boyfriend, Amelia has a lot going for her. But things are not that simple for this young women. And if she knew that a guy named Hawk, has been stalking her, she would really be over the top devastated. Hawk wants Amelia to be his queen. He knows everything about her and has been studying her intently. Amelia’s best friend, Robins, is the ultimate friend and the guy that the girls all want to be with. Amelia is popular and seems to have it all. But, to what extent will Hawk go to in order to make Amelia his queen? Knights After My Heart is one wild ride. It is a romantic mystery filled with fascinating characters and interesting plot twists. I couldn’t put it down and devoured it to the very last page, which was a cliffhanger, causing me to want to quickly get the next book in the series in my hands. With the appealing descriptions and activity of college life, all readers will love to reminisce and dream about college life. This is such an entertaining, beguiling, and riveting sexy story. Perfectly crafted with powerful believable characters. The wonderful descriptive writing put me right on the scene watching on as the story unfolded. I could see and feel the emotions and relate to what the characters were going through. The romance in this book is also unique and there is an unexpected twist in the form of a love triangle of sorts. This book is full of mystery with suspicious behavior making it an enthralling suspenseful novel to revel in and be startled by. I became unnerved on many occasions and was stricken speechless. The characters are fabulous and well developed with strengths, flaws and attitudes. They are relatable and likable except for the questionable and somewhat creepy guy, Hawk. The story is told in two POV’s, Amelia’s and Hawk’s. It works well with in the storyline and flows seamlessly. I was fully impressed by the way Sonja Jesus wrote the dialogue between the characters. She has a unique original voice that resounds on every page. I am definitely going to read more from author Sonya Jesus. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus
JanaT More than 1 year ago
Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is the opening act of her Knights Series! This is my first encounter with this writer and what an encounter it was! I feel like I have been through a battle and it was just one battle of a war that will continue waging! On the surface Knights After My Heart is the story of Amelia “Lia” and the mysterious “Hawk” … in reality the writer has created this crazy layered puzzle of a universe where you don’t really know what is happening next … it takes you couple of chapters and couple of Amelia/Lia and Hawk inner musings to really get into the story and heck … what a story it is… when you step away and think of what Hawk is doing in the background and you see how Amelia is struggling with finding her way in her complicated life while feeling that she is being watched … the creepy phone calls and bizarre gifts and … you cannot imagine what it would feel like being a pawn that someone else moves around on the chess board and you have no idea what the end goal of the ‘master’ is … Oh man … Knights After My Heart is a true story of obsession taken way out of proportion! You will not be able to put the book down once you have gotten into it and you are really left hanging when you come to the end and you will be reaching for the next book in the series while plagued with the thoughts like “Is Amelia safe, are the other safe, what else insane does Hawk have in store, how will the chess game play out ….”
rockrchic923 More than 1 year ago
Knights after my heart is the debut book by Sonya Jesus and it was really good. The author writes in a way that grips you from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the end. Her characters were really well written and felt like people that you would know in real life, having all the problems and flaws that are seen in the real world. The main characters, Amelia, Connor and Hawk come together at Westbrook University. Amelia is on the fence about her life and love when she meets Connor but Hawke has been waiting for Amelia and won’t take no for an answer. She will have allot of choices to make, not all easy when it comes to the main she will end up with but in the end the journey will definitely be worth the ride. Jesus came out really well for her first book and while this is a cliffhanger I can’t wait to see where she goes next.