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Knock Love Out

Knock Love Out

5.0 2
by Pella Grace
*** Mature Content Advisory***
Mature sexual content and language. Recommended for readers over age seventeen.

"I cried, laughed and fell in love. What a great new read. I will definitely read more from Pella Grace." -- Shana Warkowsky

"Knock Love Out swept me off my feet." -- Melissa A. Petreshock

"Another fave of 2013!" -- LisaRut07


*** Mature Content Advisory***
Mature sexual content and language. Recommended for readers over age seventeen.

"I cried, laughed and fell in love. What a great new read. I will definitely read more from Pella Grace." -- Shana Warkowsky

"Knock Love Out swept me off my feet." -- Melissa A. Petreshock

"Another fave of 2013!" -- LisaRut07

LILLA KING: 30-something married marketing exec
LILLA KING is a good wife. She cooks, cleans and has dinner waiting when her husband gets home. But there's something missing. Something Lilla desperately craves, needs. And the one man who's supposed to provide it is completely and utterly clueless. But Lilla knows it's just a matter of time before things change. Before she finds what she desires. The one thing standing in her way? Her marriage.

A trip to the grocery store leaves Lilla unable to keep her fantasies at bay. One look at the beautiful man working in the produce section has her sneaking out of the house and lying to her husband. One smile from him has her buying push-up bras and dancing stupidly in the aisles. One kiss makes her question what true love is. One night with CASH VALENTINE reveals she isn't the only one hiding secret desires.

What if the love you've always wanted, dreamed possible, and craved was right there for the taking? What if you could have everything you've always wanted, if only you didn't belong to another?

CASH VALENTINE: 24-year-old artist and grocery store clerk
"I want to knock her love out. I want to pull it from her chest while it’s beating fervently and be slapped for doing so. To play. To rumble. Truth and lies. Ugly sin and the prettiest fucking thing I have ever seen." --Cash

24-year-old CASH VALENTINE has always followed his heart. A free spirit and an artist, Cash passes the time working in his father's grocery store. When not goofing off with his friends at work, he's getting grief from his dad for being irresponsible. But Cash knows it's only a matter of time before something changes. And then one day, Cash's world shifts, and he can't get the woman he met in the check-out lane out of his head. What started as flirtatious conversation with a muse, turns quickly into stolen moments with the love of his life.

But what happens when the love of your life belongs to another man? And what if that man owns everything your family has worked for?

What would you risk for true love?

KNOCK LOVE OUT is a new adult crossover that will leave you wanting more. Told from both Lilla and Cash's points of view, readers will learn first-hand what it's like coming of age, falling madly in love and doing so with another man's wife, while watching the heartbreaking erosion of Lilla's marriage as she runs into the arms of another.

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Meet the Author

Pella Grace has been featured in publications such as Fresh Fiction and a guest blogger for USA Today.

As a child Pella loved writing poetry, and swore she'd grow up to be a songwriter. Her love of poetry heavily influenced her writing style and lead Pella on a path to writing romantic, melodic, sensual books.

Pella describes her writing style as, "if I had James Barrie as a step-father and Rita Leganski as a fairy godmother, with weekend visits from George Carlin, you'd end up with my books. I'm also mother-less, so I have a habit of placing my characters into angst-ridden plot points. (Don't forget the fairy dust.)"

Away from writing Pella donates her time being an advocate for small farm owners, as well as tending to her own garden. She is also a mother, trained chef, and wife ... hiding from the dirty dishes.

Knock Love Out is Pella Grace's debut romance novel, publisher Swoon Romance.
Available now.

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Knock Love Out 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book.. THIS BOOK. How does one even describe the perfection that is this book?!?! It opens where you meet the main character, Lilla. Lilla is in what you'd call a "stale marriage"; under appreciated; took for granted; made to feel unloved. In which I'm baffled on how could a man not want to marry this woman ten-fold and keep her forever. She does ALL the laundry ; she cooks gourmet meals on a nightly basis; cleans the floors, scrubs the house (stays up hours after her husband has gone to bed) ; wakes up extra early to pack the perfect organic lunch, so her husband doesn't have to order off the wagon lunch at work. Now, she doesn't do these things  because it's "expected"; she does these things, because she loves this man and wants to shows him in any way she can. She wants what "used to be" to "continue to be." She wants to resurrect what her and husband once had. But we soon find out; it's more complicated than that; one too many under appreciated moments,  and not  any "I love you's and thank you for all you do." So she devises a plan, a simple plan, "I want to have an affair."  Meet, Cash: Cash works at his father's grocery store to help him out during the day, and  on one of the many weekly trips Lilla makes  to the grocery store,  she see's him working, and then she her idea of "I want to have an affair" plan is put into action. But, oh my, she didn't bargain on how much more he'd actually be- besides "the other man." Oh no, siree, he's everything and more. He's passionate in every aspect of his life. He shows his love by describing the skies and taking her on long car rides with no destination in sight. He makes the best of every situation. He's love and the light she needs.  This book is most definitely "heavy subject matter with a light hearted touch." The way, Pella Grace, crafted this is a magical magical thing. You go in expecting "this can't be good"  and you come out with a new look on the term "relationship." You don't always have to be stuck; there's always choices. Now, which choice are you going to take? Team Cash, or Team Adam (husband). Read and relish every second of this. 
LoriLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was a nice surprise. I was not sure I would be able to get into a book where the heroine says she want to have an affair on the first page. But I was intrigued and kept an open mind. I am glad I did as I was rewarded with a book I really enjoyed. Lilla was not happy in her life or marriage. She was hard to relate to at first. As the story goes on we find out more about her and her marriage and how she feels about herself. Cash was drifting through life, helping his parents run their grocery store. He was a young, carefree artist. He loves with all of his heart and isn't afraid of getting hurt. The story progressed into a sweet love story with a touching ending. I especially loved Cash and the fact that he did whatever he could to show Lilla his love for her. He was pretty book boyfriend perfect.