by R A Knowlton


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In the year 1476 of the kingdom of KnorraSky (NORA-SKY), a war is raging. On the one side of this vicious conflict is the Kree Kingdom lead by the Horde King Gerick and his evil wife Queen Sheral. On the opposing side were King Noman and his wife, Queen Raven, and they lead the fight for the great kingdom known as KnorraSky.

This conflict was started almost forty cycles past by the king of the Kree in an attempt to find two lost parts of an ancient book and unite them with a third part that had come into his possession. The book was called Ru-ell or the Book of Power. The missing books that the Kree were doggedly pursuing were thought to be somewhere in the western part of the land of KnorraSky. The Kree valued this book greatly because it was said that a completed Ru-ell would provide unlimited power to the one who could unite it and thereafter learn its secrets.

During a battle deep in the Kree territory at a place called Key-Hole Pass, a 'Deception' occurs and the largest part of the fighting men of KnorraSky abandoned Noman and his small force in the middle of the night. Along with the men his dear wife, Raven, is missing also.

Noman was beside himself over the treasonous act of one of his most trusted people and the loss of his wife was almost unbearable.

As morning comes, Gerick attacks with a staggering force and Noman is captured and his forces are all but wiped out.

To escape from the evil Queen Sheral, requires the help of new friends and a very dangerous adventure.

After returning to KnorraSky an uprising occurs and an opportunist named Gillis brings the charge of treason against King Noman and Symonious, the First Knight of Or. Gillis contends that Noman is responsible for the 'Deception', or at the least knew it was to occur.

At the trial Gillis puts forth a false witness and Noman and Symonious are sentenced to death. A narrow escape, aided by the First Knights of eight territories of KnorraSky, kept them alive. But now as fugitives with a great price on their heads, they must flee to the mountains far to the west.

After changing his name and the way he looks, Noman becomes a wanderer in the land and he begins to deal with a deep-set depression that is caused by the loss of his wife, Raven. He also feels guilty over a decision he had made at Key-Hole Pass that cost him the battle and the lives of thousands of the fighting men of KnorraSky. Because of this he is no longer the confident man that he once was and his mind often becomes clouded with feelings of worthlessness and guilt. Where once strength and confidence held sway, now weakness, uncertainty and distrust overpower this once powerful man.

As the cycles pass Gillis becomes a powerful leader in the land and he makes peace with King Gerick of the Kree. However, Gerick is only using the greedy Gillis as a means to an end and in time he moves on KnorraSky and captures the kingdom.

Now, with the hordes of King Gerick bearing down on him, King Noman must once again find the strength to lead his people.

Can Noman shake the darkness that clouds his mind and hinders him from stopping Gerick and his relentless hordes? Will he learn the identity of the person that caused the 'Deception' at Key-Hole pass. The 'Deception' that led to the loss of the kingship, the kingdom and his Queen. And most importantly to Noman, will he ever see his dear wife, Raven, again?

The answers to these questions lie twisted and entangled within the pages of KnorraSky, volume 1 ‘The Deception.’

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ISBN-13: 9781432732318
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 09/25/2008
Pages: 388
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Knorrasky 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
gerifitzsimmons More than 1 year ago
Move over World Builders for a grand creator, a talented American with a highly developed ability to bring his own world into existence with words and imagination. The author R.A. Knowlton shares his world, with his readers in a clever manner, so while you are immersed in this alien society, you are never lost. His colorful descriptions make his characters from the mighty King Norman and his knights, to the evil Gerick and his hordes visible. We can watch the activity taking place as if we were on the battlefields, in the camps and castles, physically occupied in the action. If you enjoy deeply moving situations that involve Kings, Queens and conspiracy, with an out of this world flavor pickup KnorraSky, volume 1, The Deception. Like me, I¿m sure you¿ll be waiting in anticipation for the coming of other volumes as they flow from this author¿s mind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great book from what I know is a first time author. I am an avid reader and I heard of RA Knowlton from a friend that said you have to check this book out. At first I thought of just another "mid-evil" book with run-on dialougue and a booring plot. But this book kept me at my bedside, or "beach-chair side". I was on vacation last week in Jamaica(the weather was perfect-sorry you northerners) and I wanted to read a book while I was was lying on the beach with my wife. This one was just right for the occasion. I recommend Knorrasky for any readers that are willing to read something different and captivating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago