KNOW Penny Stock Trading: How to Start Trading Penny Stocks and Make Money

KNOW Penny Stock Trading: How to Start Trading Penny Stocks and Make Money

by No-To-Know Publication


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Do You Want to KNOW "Penny Stock Trading"?

Can a penny make you rich? How would you like to turn all your leftover spare change into wealth?

Imagine being able to turn pennies into dollars. That's the beauty of "penny stocks" which some consider to be the new modern gold mine to riches.

The secret is out...penny stock trading is even more popular than ever with the release of "The Wolf of Wall Street," and plenty of folks are already quietly making a killing off of it that they don't want you to know.

Wouldn't you like to have a piece of that financial pie as well from missing out?

Yet, you may think penny stock trading is complicated, like trying to understand a technical language, reserved only for those savvy investors with master business degrees in finance on Wall Street...or let alone know what a penny stock is.

What are penny stocks? Penny stocks are just like any other ordinary stocks, but at a lower cost where anybody can invest in.

The advantages penny stocks have over traditional stocks are that they're more affordable and anybody can get into them. This is how you can compete with the wealthy big boys on Wall Street. Penny stocks level the playing field. They are the less obvious and overlooked missed opportunities that you can easily snatch up being the only player in the pond.

Within KNOW-Series "KNOW Penny Stock Trading":
  • How anybody can get into penny stocks trading, regardless if you're a newbie, never invested before in your life, or heck, don't even know what a stock market really is.
  • How to buy penny stocks and to do it all by yourself, without a middleman and without paying all the hefty fines and fees, to have more money made left within your investment.
  • How to get a penny stock broker to do the work for you if you don't have time or the confidence, so somebody else can make the money for also what to look for in a broker from being conned.
  • How to be a broker yourself and help others make money, getting your own well as get a job at a brokerage firm, to take your earnings to the next level while increasing your knowledge further.
  • How to determine the best penny stocks to look for and which to ignore, and the sectors that you should never ever bother with for they have high probability of losses.
  • How to avoid penny stock frauds and scams to minimize your risks from losing all your money, and the rules and regulations you should be aware about from landing yourself in serious trouble with the law.
  • What are the secret invaluable software, programs, and tools that can automate and guide you in investing in the penny stock markets others don't know that will give you a leg up over them.
  • Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to trading penny stocks.

  • ...and tons more.

    If all of this is going to seen foreign new and overwhelming to you, don't worry...

    "KNOW Penny Stock Trading" is very beginner in mind with the basic know-how to not leave anybody behind to get you up to speed and very user friendly with actual steps to take to get started investing in penny stocks.

    Penny stock trading is the most exciting and cheapest way to start making a killing in the stock market. Well, what are you waiting for? Start making money with penny stocks now!

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    ISBN-13: 9781517717964
    Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
    Publication date: 02/17/2015
    Series: KNOW-Series , #1
    Pages: 100
    Sales rank: 338,047
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    KNOW Penny Stock Trading: How to Start Trading Penny Stocks and Make Money 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
    Stu-C More than 1 year ago
    I've been looking for a quick crash course on penny stock trading as another way to test my hand at investing and figured that while this might not be the best method of learning all of the secrets of the trade, it would at least allow me to wrap my mind around the basics. This isn't a new form of stock investing and has been around for quite some time and still one that you can make money with. From what penny stocks are, how to trade them, and resources to use for trading, there was a lot of useful information here. Also, it narrows down on which stock portfolio breakdowns make sense and how to find a broker that works with them if you'd rather have someone managing it for you. That being said, it also is being used as quite a sales pitch. This kind of stocks was obviously made famous again from The Wolf of Wall Street and not only do they name drop it in the synopsis but many of the quotes and some of the writing seems to follow Jordan Belfort's form of a sales pitch. I suspect much of this you could find online with research but if you wanted to get an overview in one place to help realize where you need to find out more details, you couldn't really go wrong here.
    ChristineMiller More than 1 year ago
    Everyone is always looking for that quick buck, the way to get rich quick. Penny stocks may or may not be the way to go. You can obviously make some great cash if you work it right. I myself haven't ever tried it because I was afraid of losing my rear. However, I do feel knowing what you're up against can help you lessen your fears and make the plunge. Unless you have family that can explain it to you, you are pretty much on your own to figure it out. However there are plenty of videos, and books that can help you as well, just like this one. It is not always a bad thing to be a little fish in a big pond and that is definitely what you will be if you start trading penny stocks. When I first looked at trading them I was overwhelmed and just walked away from the computer and said nope, Nuh uh. However, now reading this book I think I might make a go at it again with maybe just one or two stocks. It showed me I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to trade penny stocks. It broke everything down for me and helped me to understand which type of stocks would be best to search for. Not only that it gave me step by step instructions to how to buy and sell it as well. It was the first time I understood how stocks worked. I knew what a "stock" was but buying and selling was what had eluded me. Now I am ready to sit down and try my hand at it again. Who knows maybe I will be a millionaire or even a "thousandaire" next year at this time. For those of my friends and family that have been commenting on how they would like to trade stocks, I will suggest this book to them.