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Know the Effects of a

Know the Effects of a "Love" Tie or Spell

by Rina Amaya


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The topic in this book is a spine-chilling testimony that happened to me, Rina Amaya, in a company that I worked at.
It results that a person whom I have named Liar to hide his name courted me, and I constantly rejected him because I was in a happy relationship. I rejected his offers, and he insisted and insisted. He did not accept my rejections. He always invited me to go out with him.
One day of so much insisting with no result, so he wont be left rejected and to obtain what he wanted, he opted to put a spell on me. He made a spell of love. He put into practicea love tie.
It is a lie of the devil because in these practices, love is not felt. The effects of a love tie are depressing thundershowers that provoke suicide. Those that opt to bewitch or to put a spell on someone so they can have them, and they can have them to their side make a big mistake.
Bewitching someone for love is the stupidest thing there is, because they are deepening in the occultism without knowing it. Where the assistants of Satan do not reveal the side effects to those that exposed their victims.
When you read this book, you will find out the sham that the victims of these malevolent acts suffer. The victim and the victimizer both fall in the trap of the hunter. And they result emotionally and sentimentally manipulated. It is a dirty game that the only one who wins is Satan, because he has power over the two souls that are sentimentally linked.
But with this that happened to me, I can expose Satan and his demons. I can say that it is a lie that you can feel love when one is under the effects of a love tie or spell. The only thing you can feel is a terrible demonic manipulation. The demons manipulate your soul, your feelings, and your emotions. They make you feel a false painful feeling of love. But the real feeling of love does not hurt. It gives you joy and happiness. The false pain of love produces hatred, unmeasured jealousy, disgust and repulsion, anxiety, desperation, and unexplainable anger.

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ISBN-13: 9781506523439
Publisher: Palibrio
Publication date: 01/20/2018
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Rina Amaya, I was born on January 20th in the village of Concepcion Batres, Usulutn, El Salvador; Central America. I am the first of five sisters. I studied in the school Francisco Campos. And in the I.N.U.; Instituto Nacional de Usulutan. My favorite writer; poetic lyric; is Alfredo Espino. Author of Jicaras Tristes. Every one of his poems gives the want to read it over and over again. I like to read the Sacred Scriptures. I love the Bible, that is the living word of God. My favorite food, is the food that I cook. And my favorite pastime is to walk in the seashore of the beach. I love to walk on the seashore of the beach and hear the loud ocean. And breathe the aroma, and it to cover me with its breeze. I also love to write children stories. In my childhood, when I was in fourth grade and the teacher commented on the biography of Alfredo Espino and his poems. I was amazed by him and his poems. And I said in my heart that I will write beautiful poems like him.
I am a story teller and a poet. I feel made because I have lots of stories to publish in English and Spanish. If it is God's will.
Now I live in Los Angeles, California since 1996.

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