Knowing Jesus as His Bride

Knowing Jesus as His Bride

by David Bergsland

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Knowing Jesus as His Bride by David Bergsland

The first book in the
�Advanced Discipleship� series
In addition to the verse by verse bible studies, there is a need for focused looks at certain topics�especially for the more mature in the Lord. This first topical study, Knowing Jesus as His Bride presents the core of the Good News, the reason the Father created us, and why Jesus came among us as a man. One of the things stolen from God by the serpent with Adam and Eve�s sin was the warm, satisfying daily walks and talks in the garden.
As Robert Morris suggests, this had to be an incredibly sad blow to God. Jesus came back to restore communication. This book tells you how and why this needs to happen. It presents powerful arguments and practical advice on coming to know Jesus as a bride comes to know her groom.

Why a topical study?
If you�ve read any of the books in the Easily Understanding Scripture series, you know that I am a great believer in verse by verse Bible study. This book is a more directed teaching. I�m trying to follow the lead of the Lord. Hopefully it remains a simple explanation of the scriptures. I have tried to add objective advice based on my thirty-seven years of experience in teaching and living within the Kingdom.
More importantly, it is designed to be readable. Modern study bibles are marvelous gatherings of commentary�but often the Bible itself is lost in the clutter. This study has the same simple goal: presenting biblical content richly, yet easy to comprehend, to people who have a real desire to understand what was written, and why it is important to us today.

Is it possible?
?Can we know God intimately and well? Yes! And much more than that. It is required of us as part of the Body�the Bride of Christ to know our groom in manner that�s pleasing to Him. We truly need to know Him.
This is not an optional part of the walk of a Christian. Intimate knowledge of the Lord is immensely important. In fact, there are several scriptures we will talk about in this book which state that knowing God in this way is a requirement for all of us.
Life in the modern American church
Sorry, but this life has little to do with personal intimacy with our Lord and Savior. People who are intimate with Jesus are often very active at church. But it is equally true that many [maybe even most] people who are very active at church do not know Him at all. They know a lot about him. But that is very different. In the church today, genuine knowledge of the Lord is rare. More than that it makes the institutional church extremely uncomfortable. But then the life of Jesus always does that (think scribes & pharisees).
I know quite a bit about President Obama, but I have never even met the man. I feel like I know and understand the apostle Paul extremely well. But again, I have never met him. The likelihood is that I do not know him very well at all. All I�ve done is read a lot of his writings. But I do know him much more intimately than I do Obama.

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About the Author

David has been teaching scripture since 1974. Increasingly it has been the focus of His life.

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