Knowledge, Curriculum and Qualifications in South African Further Education

Knowledge, Curriculum and Qualifications in South African Further Education




Focused on the current situation in South Africa—but equally applicable to those in developed and developing countries—this collection offers a refreshing analysis of economically-driven trends in educational reform and a number of alternative ways to modernize higher education and training programs without turning education into a commodity. The articles also seek to remind policymakers, researchers, and teachers that many students acquire knowledge for its own sake and are not merely focused on achieving qualifications.

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ISBN-13: 9780796921543
Publisher: Human Sciences Research Council
Publication date: 04/01/2007
Pages: 168
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Michael Young is an emeritus professor of education at the University of London's Institute of Education. Jeanne Gamble is a post-doctoral research fellow in the faculty of humanities at the University of Cape Town.

Table of Contents

List of tables and figures     iv
Acknowledgements     v
Abbreviations and acronyms     vi
Introduction: Setting a context for debates about the senior secondary curriculum   Michael Young   Jeanne Gamble     1
Qualifications and curriculum reform
Problems with qualification reform in senior secondary education in South Africa   Stephanie Matseleng Allais     18
Reforming the Further Education and Training curriculum: An international perspective   Michael Young     46
Knowledge differentiation
Differentiation and progression in the curriculum   Johan Muller     66
Theory and practice in the vocational curriculum   Jeanne Gamble     87
Conceptualising vocational knowledge: Some theoretical considerations   Michael Young     104
Between the workplace and higher education: Making the curriculum
Universities and the shaping of the further Education and Training Certificate   Paula Ensor     126
Vocational knowledge and vocational pedagogy   Michael Barnett     143
Contributors     158
Index     159

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