Koban Universe 1

Koban Universe 1

by Stephen W Bennett


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Four stories, derived from the same Universe as the Koban series. These are tales involving Koban life forms and the Kobani people. Reading the other books isn't required to understand and enjoy these stand-alone tales.Australian Krall: A fully gene enhanced petite Kobani woman finds herself trapped in total darkness, pursued by hundreds of slavering, semi-sentient, maniacally aggressive and hungry aliens. Take a walk on the dark side!Bats of a Leather Flock Together:The wolfbat Flock Leader takes his colony to an unexplored Koban continent to set up a nest in virgin territory. The wily leader uses his cooperative experience with humans to try to forge similar alliances with other native creatures. Not everyone wants to play nice.Kobani Kiddie Cappers:How do Kobani parents cope with children that are born with the contact telepathy gene, and have eidetic memory? Adults that think teenagers act like they know everything never had an overconfident four-year old super child, with a ripper cub as his partner. Living to his teens is in doubt.The Smuggler and the Crime Lord:When you land your spaceship at a ruthless Crime Lord's city using false registry, it's hard to convince a platoon of armed thugs that you're only shopping, not smuggling without paying the boss his cut. If you happen to be Kobani, and you're buying everyone drinks in a spaceport bar, making threats and spoiling the fun can be fatal.

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ISBN-13: 9781497521841
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/13/2014
Pages: 146
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

I was born in 1942, so I'm an autumn rather than a spring chicken. I live outside of Tampa, Florida with my fabulous wife Anita, and one remaining son at home, Montana. I have three older boys, Mark, Gary, and Anthony, all of whom have married and presented us with terrific grandchildren.
My early reading interests were arguably all sci-fi related, from Doctor Doolittle, Captain Marvel, to Superman. I then transitioned to "real" science fiction on black and white TV, such as Captain Video and Flash Gordon. I read hundreds of books by the science fiction greats growing up, and thousands of fair to not so greats in dual novel paperbacks and magazines.
My education gravitated to science, starting out as a physics major and my depression era folks told me I'd never make a living as a theoretical physicist (probably right, and Cosmology wasn't a career field then), so I moved to Electronics Engineering. I did most of that in the aerospace field for MacDonnell Douglas Corp, in St. Louis, Mo. I worked on the F4 Phantom project, and briefly on Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL), before the fickle fates of government finance forced contract cancelations. I devoted (read: I was drafted into) two years' service for the US Army from 1965 to 1967. A great two years, and the Army, caring not a whit for my electronics background, offered this draftee a job as an Air Traffic Controller. Cool!
After discharge I spent a short time back at MacDonnell Douglas before the contract reductions laid me off, and was hired by Emerson Electric (1968), working on the design of a neat heads-up fire control system for the Army's new Cheyenne Helicopter (to be a 270-knot hybrid fixed wing/rotor craft). Never heard of it? The fickle fates of Army finance is why this time, plus Lockheed didn't keep the airframe part from crashing and burning at a crucial point in development.
I taught Electronics for about eighteen months (near starvation wages after the high pay), and finally decided to try my hand at actually supporting my family again. I hired on with the Federal Aviation Administration as an Air Traffic Controller in 1970. Thanks Army! I spent exactly forty years in federal service, deciding in 1979 to use my technical background to work on writing features for the software of the FAA's Terminal Automation Systems (for 28 of those 40 years).
Retired, I finally decided to try my hand at writing what I love to read, Science Fiction. My Koban series is doing well, with 4 books out so far.

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