KOMECE Teaching Plans (age1.5-6): KOMECE Book

KOMECE Teaching Plans (age1.5-6): KOMECE Book

by Lyu Ping


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Early Childhood Education Characteristics of KOMECE

Early Reading
Reading is the golden key to potential development. According to the children's psychological characteristics, KOMECE uses "Activity Literacy, Game Literacy, Scenario Literacy, Reading Literacy etc.", so that children can recognize objects and develop literacy simultaneously, speak and read simultaneously, and can read extensively after three years of study.

Early Foreign Language Study
English is the passport to the world. KOMECE uses new teaching methods to help children memorize letters, word and sentences happily, interestingly and quickly, gradually developing the habit of and the ability to read English books.

Early Mathematics
Mathematics is the foundation of all science. At the mathematics sensitive period of early childhood, KOMECE focuses mathematics education on the senses, mainly on operational learning and then on activity game learning. This helps children learn to calculate through movement and, stimulates children's interest in learning mathematics by developing mathematical thinking skills, and mental agility, flexibility, and creativity.

Arts Training
Children participate in dance, piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, imaginary painting, clay and other activities. They are nurtured in a colorful art environment. All of them are happy and lively, with broad interests, positive and confident attitudes, and courage. Children's emotional experience, artistic sensibility, artistic imagination and creativity get nurtured and their artistic potentials get developed.

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About the Author

Lyu Ping, the founder of KOMECE (Kindergarten Of Millennium Early Childhood Education), is an educator, scholar, writer, entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of early childhood education.

With more than thirty years research and experience in early childhood education, Lyu Ping combines different schools of early education, and creates a system of KOMECE education. Within the system of KOMECE education, KOMECE Book includes but not limited to books on reading, language, mathematics, arts, music, science and activity, with the versions of both Chinese and English.

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