Korea And East Asia

Korea And East Asia

by Kenneth Lee


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ISBN-13: 9780275958237
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/30/1997
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Kenneth B. Lee has held positions as chairman and professor of the Korean Department, Chief Research Division, and dean of the Germanic Language School of the U.S. Defense Language Institute./e Born in southern Korea and raised in northern Korea, he studied at Korea University, New York University and Stanford University, and received his PhD from the University of Southern California. He has also been Professor of East Asian Studies at Chapman University and Program Chief of Korean and Japanese Studies at Monterey Institute of International Studies. He has published widely on Korea.

Table of Contents





The Early Period of Korea

The Early Beginnings and Racial Origins of Korea

Early Korean Kingdoms Noted in Mythological Tales

Early Korea and China, 200 BC-700 AD

Korea and Early Japan, 200 BC-700 AD

The Early Middle Period: Unified Silla, Palhae, and Koryõ Kingdoms, 668-1392

Unified Silla, 668-935 AD; and Pal-hae (P'o-hai), 698-926 AD

Korean Kingdoms of Silla and Palhae (P'o-hai)

The First Half of the Koryõ Dynasty to the Twelfth Century

The Second Half of Koryõ: The Warring Period

The First Half of the Chosõn Kingdom—Li Dynasty, 1392-1650

The Early Li Dynasty and Korea's Fourth Golden Age, 1395-1592

The Chosõn Kingdom's Foreign Relations and Foreign Invasions

The Second Half of the Chosõn Kingdom—Li Dynasty: 1650-1910

The Gradual Decline of the Li Dynasty

The Last Forty Years of the Li Dynasty: 1870-1910

Japanese Occupation and Rule of Korea: 1910-1945

Establishment of the Colonial Government

Korea's Fight for Independence and Wartime International Conferences on Korea

South and North Koreas: A Divided Nation

Period of Occupational Governments of the United States and the Soviet Union

Korea Before and During the Korean War: 1948-1953

South Korea: 1950-1990s

North Korea: 1950-1990s

The Arms Race and Unification Efforts of the Two Koreas

National Securities of Both South and North Korea

Unification Efforts by International Organizations and South and North Koreas

Future Prospects of Unification and Potentiality for Korea




What People are Saying About This

Neil Granoien

[This work] traces the history of the Koreans from prehistoric times down to the present day. With ardent conviction, Dr. Lee establishes their position among the major nations prominent in the East Asia region. Drawing on a wealth of sources, he describes the Koreans' political, cultural, and economic history in considerable detail….Dr. Lee's book is the latest contribution toward putting the historical record straight…a valuable addition to the scholarly literature on this important region.

Edward Olsen

"[Dr. Lee] writes as a Korean patriot in the best sense of that phrase, expounding on Korea's seminal contributions to the growth of East Asian civilization. He describes a Korea which as played a key role as a link between China and Japan, but also has carved out a distinct identity in Asia and the international community. . . . [A] useful addition to the literature on Korean history, Korean national development, and Korea's role in the modern world."

Kyung-Cho Chung

"Dr. Kenneth B. Lee . . . has painted a timely, many-faceted picture of real Korea and its heroic people. . . . The book's style is easily readable, presenting a wealth of material on the long Korean history in relation to Korea's neighbors, as well as present-day situations of South and North Korea on broad topics of political, economic, military, social, and cultural aspects. Dr. Lee dealt with these subjects most accurately, thoroughly, and objectively. Indeed, the author made a great contribution to academia with many new historical theories regarding the development of Korean and other East Asian civilizations. . . . I . . . strongly recommend this timely book."

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