by Aguidon


by Aguidon


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A tale about a young rook that is found by a boy,

who encounters a girl and a dog,

as well as the son of a sultan and his mother,

the eldest son of a fallen tribal chief, and even a king

A story about giants and about a mysterious, shiny black marble

This debut novel of Aguidon
contains a personal foreword and

a naming etymology for the main characters.

The story of KRA begins at the end of a night in a time, probably ages ago. One gets simply drawn into the plot at dawn.
The scenery and the animals are described in an imaginary way.

Aguidon decided not to use any spoken language in the story. One hardly notices the lack of conversation however, since the plot is revealed quite exhilarating and one gradually gets to know the characters. The tale is not too complicated and is more about nuances than about big events.

The consistent camera perspective, the writer's style and the absence of dialogue make this book rather special. The novel KRA is suitable for all ages. This little, yet magnificent story gets the reader carried away until the end.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789082357806
Publisher: Aguidon
Publication date: 06/03/2015
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

Aguidon is from the Netherlands but he decided to write the novel in the English language. The author wrote on several occasions in his life but he considers the book KRA his most precious accomplishment as of yet.
Aguidon's aspirations to write do not stop here as he is already preparing the storyline and the details of his next two novels.

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