Krav Maga Tactical Survival: Personal Safety in Action. Proven Solutions for Real Life Situations

Krav Maga Tactical Survival: Personal Safety in Action. Proven Solutions for Real Life Situations


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Krav Maga Tactical Survival presents proven solutions to dangerous, real-life situations.

Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces and has been battle-tested by police, armed forces, private security personnel and security-minded individuals around the globe for 60 years. Krav Maga teaches you how to quickly size up a dangerous situation and neutralize your attackers before they gain the upper hand.

This martial arts book is full of examples of real-world life-threatening situations, and in each case the clear, step-by-step photographs and text illustrate an effective solution—showing you how to disrupt your attacker's strategy, disarm them, damage or destroy their ability to harm you, and disengage quickly so you can move to a more secure location.

Krav Maga Tactical Survival covers the following essential techniques:
  • Upper Body Combatives (hammer-fist strikes, hook punches, head-butts, front kicks and more)
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Spoiling knife and firearm draws
  • Neutralizing knife and firearm attacks
  • Dealing with unarmed attacks (clothing grabs, chokes and bear hugs)
  • Executing pick-ups and throws

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780804847650
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 02/21/2017
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 490,271
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Gershon Ben Keren is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Head of System for Krav Maga Yashir. He has been training in Krav Maga since 1994, in both Israel and Europe. In his over 25 years of experience, he has trained with many different trainers and associations, including some of the Israeli Defense ForcesÆ most elite Close Combat/Krav Maga instructors. In 2010, he was inducted into the Museum of Israeli Martial Arts by Dr. Dennis Hanover.

Having worked in the security sector, as an operative, trainer and consultant, his emphasis is on violence mitigation, prediction, and avoidance. His real world experience, coupled with his academic background (Master's Degree in Psychology and continued Post-Graduate study in Criminology and Criminal Psychology), informs the reality-based self-defense training that he provides to individuals, corporations, and agencies. He lives in Boston, where he runs his full-time school, and corporate services, as well as free women's self-defense/self-protection training, through Krav Maga Yashir Boston.

Table of Contents

Foreword 6

Introduction 7

Part I Striking

Upper-Body Combatives 9

Thumb Strikes to Eyes 11

Palm-Heels to Nose 12

Cradle-Strike to Throat 14

The Initial Strike as a Range/Distance Finder 15

Hammer-Fists 16

Hook Punches and Slicing/Circular Elbow Strikes 29

Defending Against Punches with a Punch 47

Other Attacking Tools 49

Biting 49

Head-Butts 51

Lower-Body Combatives 53

Front Kick with Glisha 53

Part II Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense Scenarios

De-escalation 56

How People Interpret the World When Angry 58

Engaging the "Reasoning Brain" 59

Warning Signs 60

Front Kick with Glisha from De-escalation Stance 61

Part III Armed Assaults

Spoiling Weapon Draws 65

Signs That Someone Is Carrying a Weapon 65

Spoiling the Draw at a Distance 67

Dealing with Weapon Draws Within Arm's Reach (Front Garry) 70

Spoiling the Draw of Knives and Blades 72

Spoiling the Draw of Firearms 75

Disengagement as Part of Spoiling the Draw 78

Gun and Knife Threats 80

Disengagement as a Strategy Against Weapon Threats 82

Short-Barreled Weapons-Pointed at Front of Head 85

Control of the Assailant as a Strategy Against Weapon Threats 89

Combative Approaches as a Strategy Against Weapon Threats 96

Rear Hostage/Abduction Knife Threats-with Arms Pinned 111

Rear Hostage/Abduction Knife Threats-with Wrist Held 112

Rear Hostage/Abduction Knife Threat-with Arm Held Behind Back 116

What to Do If You Are Being Abducted by an Unarmed Assailant 118

Gun to Back of Head When Pushed Against Wall/Car/Door 121

Gun Threat When Seated 125

Knife Attacks 131

Adjusting Your Stance When Dealing with a Knife Attack 131

Knife Shank to the Opposite Side 132

Blocks as Attacks 136

Knife Shank While Seated 140

Troubleshooting the Knife Shank 145

Ice-Pick Attack 147

Reverse Slash-Swaying 153

Armed Assaults-Conclusion 157

Part IV Unarmed Assaults

Clothing Grabs 159

Lapel Grab-Combative Approach 160

Lapel Grab-Thumb Lock 161

Double-Handed Lapel Grab 165

Lapel Grab-Wrist Lock 167

Rear Naked Choke-Applying and Defending Against 171

Rear Naked Choke Application 172

Rear Naked Choke Prevention 174

Rear Naked Choke Escape 178

Rear Tackle and Rear Bear Hugs 182

Rear Tackle 182

Rear Bear Hug-Turning Away 185

Rear Bear Hug-Arms Free 187

Rear Bear Hug-Arms Trapped 191

Universal Rear Bear Hug Solution-Arms Trapped and Arms Free 194

Rear Bear Hug with Lift-Arms Trapped and Arms Free 197

Unarmed Assaults-Conclusion 200

Part V Throws and Pick-Ups

Preemptive Throwing-Major Outer Reap 202

Two-Handed Pick-Up/Reap 205

Throws Against Armed Assailants 207

Sacrifice Throws 214

Conclusion 222

Dedication 223

Acknowledgments 223

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