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The Kult

The Kult

4.2 14
by Shaun Jeffrey

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People are predictable. That's what makes them easy to kill.

Out of misguided loyalty, police officer Prosper Snow is goaded into helping his friends perform a copycat killing, but when the real killer comes after him, it's not only his life on the line, but his family's too. Now if he goes to his colleagues for help, he risks being arrested for


People are predictable. That's what makes them easy to kill.

Out of misguided loyalty, police officer Prosper Snow is goaded into helping his friends perform a copycat killing, but when the real killer comes after him, it's not only his life on the line, but his family's too. Now if he goes to his colleagues for help, he risks being arrested for murder. If he doesn't, he risks being killed.

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Shaun Jeffrey
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Prosper Snow , #1
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18 Years

Meet the Author

Shaun Jeffrey was brought up in a house in a cemetery, so it was only natural for his prose to stray towards the dark side when he started writing. He has had three novels published, 'The Kult', 'Deadfall' and 'Evilution, and one collection of short stories, 'Voyeurs of Death'. Among his other writing credits are short stories published in Cemetery Dance, Surreal Magazine, Dark Discoveries and Shadowed Realms. The Kult was optioned for film by Gharial Productions.

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Kult 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
FictionalCandy More than 1 year ago
"People are predictable. That's what makes them easy to kill." "Look out, look out, there's a monster about." And a quote I'm totally ripping off from a friend, but fits this book so perfectly: "The scariest monsters have human faces". This book was scary. The beginning was pure horror. 10% into the book, and I was afraid to leave the house. At one point near the beginning, I almost put the book down saying "no more". But I didn't. Putting the book down doesn't make the monster go away. Vengeance, Retribution, Bait... There's a lot of reasons to kill. Detective Prosper Snow (coolest name ever, by the way) is now on a case to find The Oracle. No one is safe from this serial killer. If he gets ahold of you, you are definitely going to wish you were never born. I really enjoyed this book. It had some very strong elements of horror. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it for the very faint of heart or easily offended - unless you can skip over some parts. In which case, you should get it, because the rest of the book is definitely worth withstanding some very scary parts. While taking notes for this book, I wrote down "I don't immediately like Prosper. He seems like he has a dangerous secret". But my opinion of the man drastically over the course of the story. Prosper snow takes you on his journey with him, and you feel it all. Stress, regret, fear, love, some more fear, a dash of paranoia, and so on and so forth. But who do you trust when the evidence pushes you in every direction it can? Something else I really liked about this book is that I instantly felt like I connected with the victims. That only made it that much more difficult when they actually became the victims. The characters are well written around a story that is well written. You get a history on everyone, and really feel like you get to know them. I felt it was fast paced, and I finished it in just a couple days.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
The Oracle is mutilating random people and Detective Prosper Snow has been assigned the case of located the Oracle before he kills again. Snow is also called upon to a secret meeting of former school buddies who had formed a group called the Kult. He and his friends were bullied in school and this secret group would take revenge on the abuser. As adults, they rarely met, and it is to Snow's surprise that his friend doesn't want to just beat up an accused rapist but kill the guy. Things go awry and it soon seems like the Oracle is framing Snow for his killings. Can Snow keep one step ahead of his partner and clear his name? Shaun Jeffrey has written a thrilling gore-fest that kept me wondering and switching my thoughts (although I was on the right track). This was an interesting piece of suspense and I enjoyed the British dialogue.
AllPurposeMonkey More than 1 year ago
"People are predictable. That's what makes them easy to kill." - The Oracle Killing people is The Oracle's business, and business is good in author Shaun Jeffrey's incredibly dark novel The Kult. The Oracle, you see, doesn't just kill people; he tortures and mutilates them in horrifying ways, turning them, in his mind, into macabre works of art. Then he takes photographs of his creations, which he sends to the police. Detective Chief Inspector Prosper Snow is in charge of The Oracle investigation. He's also a member of the Kult, a small group of friends he's known since his school days. Initially formed when they were just kids to help each other deal with bullies, the Kult stayed in contact over the years, occasionally calling on each other for assistance with increasingly "grown up" issues. An email Snow receives from one of the members calling for a meeting leads to the group facing the most grown up issue possible: murder. At the meeting, Snow learns that the wife of one of his friends has been raped and not only does his friend intend to seek revenge, he expects his fellow Kult members to assist. He argues that the timing is perfect for them to kill his wife's rapist, because if they do so in a sufficiently gruesome manner it will be blamed on The Oracle. Though he'd always been there for the Kult in the past, Snow can't agree to such extreme action. That is, not until his supposed friends inform him that if he doesn't help, including supplying them with the inside information necessary to copy the unique m.o. of The Oracle, they will reveal to his superiors all the previous questionable activities in which Snow has participated. Caught between the proverbial rock and hard place, Snow caves and assists in the killing. And that is when things go from merely screwed up to genuinely life threatening, because following their attempt to frame The Oracle for the murder they commit the Kult members begin getting knocked off themselves. In The Oracle Jeffrey has conjured up one of the nastiest, most perversely creative serial killers in recent memory, which makes it all the more impressive that Jeffrey did not make his protagonist an über-Detective. Quite the contrary, Snow spends most of the story frustrated, one step behind, and continuously making extremely questionable decisions based on emotion rather than logic. which makes him a believable and sympathetic lead. The tension and stakes rise to almost stifling levels as Snow races to discover The Oracle's identity before he finds himself in the crosshairs, setting the stage for a truly disturbing showdown in The Oracle's decidedly creepy lair. Definitely not for the faint-of-heart, The Kult is a gripping read that's part horror, part mystery, part police procedural, and completely in-your-face.
newbeeJB More than 1 year ago
All I can say is that this book IS NOT for any one with a week stomach!  I've read some pretty gory books in my day that were even more graffic then this one.. But this one some how seem to hit the gag reflex! This is a story about a serial killer with a twist! Never read a book writen with this kinda twist before... Excelent! That being said it was a great book! Well writen, and kept you reading... Just HAD to know the reasons behind this sereal killer, and what happens to The Kult!
BigAl70 More than 1 year ago
The premise, that the protagonist Prosper Snow gets pushed into helping with a copycat killing, seems hard to believe when reading it in the description. However, the author sets this up in such a way that buying into the premise isn't as difficult as you might expect. What follows from that decision is a horrific nightmare. A murder mystery that at times reads like a police procedural and is spiced with more than a touch of horror, "The Kult" isn't your typical book. What was most intriguing about "The Kult" was having several characters who are simultaneously the good guy and the bad guy. Prosper is the good guy, since he is leading the murder investigation, but also the bad guy, for his role in the copycat murder. His accomplices are murderers, yet they're sympathetic for the same reason Prosper is, and we don't want them to be caught. Prosper's partner on the police force is a good guy (or gal, if you prefer), however, we're rooting against her truly solving all the crimes. Somehow, Jeffrey finds his way to a satisfactory resolution, with a surprise twist you'll never predict **Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **
the_one_who_reads More than 1 year ago
In a nutshell, if you like a great mystery/thriller/horror novel that grabs you and drags you along for the ride and doesn't let up til the last minute, this book is for you. Mr. Jeffrey is like the friendly carnival barker who cajoles you into stepping right up and sitting your butt right down in his dark ride of horror and suspense. The Kult starts out with a jolt as you strap in and hang on. The Oracle is a master at murder, each of his kills a work of art, premeditated and rendered with exquisite care. Our protagonist, Prosper Snow, a police detective is in the middle of this horrendous investigation, seemingly stymied at every turn, as The Oracle taunts the police with photos of his gruesome crime scenes. Prosper is a driven man. Already dogged by guilt over an accident that has maimed his wife, he is now doubly deviled with this series of crimes. As if his plate is not full enough, enter the Kult, an organization of which Prosper is a member, who call upon him to carry out a deed that goes against everything he stands for. How Prosper and Company's actions entwine with those of The Oracle is how this particular ride takes off on a break neck pace that never lets up. To say more I would have to give away too much and I don't want to ruin the reading experience. There is gore galore for the gore hound, and disturbing glimpses into how far men are willing to go when pushed. There were times when I literally became dry-mouthed reading this book the suspense was so great. There are wonderful stomach churning descriptions of murder and mayhem that become darker with each plot twist. Jeffrey renders claustrophobic you-are-there descriptions towards the end of the book that had me turning the pages as quickly as possible to: a) find out what happened next, and b) to get the character the hell out of the mess they were in. Three times I thought I had it figured out who The Oracle was and all three times I was wrong. When the revelation did come I was totally unprepared. The characters are flesh and blood jumping off the page. He uses clever turns of phrase throughout the book, but not so much that they become cute catch phrases solely to be cute catch phrases. By the time this dark ride came to an end, I was wrung out...and that's just the way I like it. Shaun Jeffrey is a British author, one who most assuredly bears watching. In my opinion, a good horror novel is hard to come by these days - Shaun Jeffrey is the real deal.
Read_A_Book More than 1 year ago
This was a very well written, thrilling read. I was anxious from the very beginning, as the Oracle tracks down his first victim and slowly calculates his next move. It was chilling, and definitely not for the faint of heart. This novel is classified as horror, and I now know why! There are very graphic, gruesome descriptions of the mutilated bodies, and much of the work is done while the victim is alive. so if you have a weak stomach, I'm telling you now that this isn't for you. I wasn't expecting so much insight into the murders, but in order to really understand the psyche of the Oracle, especially as information begins to surface regarding the Oracle's identity, the graphic prose are needed. This is a very twisted story that kept me turning the pages even though other obligations arose. I couldn't put the novel down; Jeffrey's has a knack for storytelling, and the many twists and turns of the novel left me reeling, especially during the big reveal. This novel is a great horror/mystery/thriller novel that I highly suggest people read, especially if they're lovers of the Saw movies-but make sure you don't read this right before bedtime, because it's quite certain that you'll have nightmares. Four stars for a riveting, scary read!
224perweek More than 1 year ago
I have never really been into detective novels but this one.......wow! Serial killers, grossness, twists and turns.....keeps you on the edge of your seat. Never saw the end coming.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
shapes More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. could not put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
the book was a great read , I just couldn't put it down. A bit graphic , but a great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago