Kurds A Nation Frozen In Time

Kurds A Nation Frozen In Time

by Dana Caban




In 1999 NATO was proudly praising its member for the excellent job for stopping the aggression and the ethnic cleansing of the Kosovars by mad men, but what the NATO didn't know was that the ethnic cleansing was on going for years inside the territory of NATO member Turkey the strongest ally of US. The Clinton Administration has raised the military aid to Turkey to stop the unrest situation and the uprising of Kurds.

Turkey's brutal regime escalated its attacks on poor kurds and they have destroyed more than three thousands villages and displaced many thousands of Kurdish families from their homes, NATO and US not only didn't stop the Turkish aggression and ethnic cleansing but they leaned back and watched the destruction of Kurdistan in the hands of the NATO. The destruction of Kurds in the hand of Turkish brutal regime wasn't worthy to be stopped, like the many Balkan states, Est-Timor...

Dana Caban exposing the true reality of a forgotten nation more than thirty millions unlike anyone else, he is a voice of millions which he never thought he will represent.

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Publication date: 06/29/2009
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