L'émergence de la musique instrumentale

L'émergence de la musique instrumentale


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L'émergence de la musique instrumentale

The Harmonia Mundi label's La musique des siècles/A History of Music series is highly recommended in general; its 20 discs will introduce the entire history of classical music, with a distinct emphasis on the earlier eras. Each disc comes with a map (no small thing), a set of about two dozen pieces or excerpt relevant to the theme, and notes in Socratic question-and-answer format that provide a short overview of the basic issues the new listener encounters in hearing the music fresh. Since most of the major music history textbooks are weighty tomes that have suffered from an accretion of detail in recent years, it would be interesting to try using this set of discs, supplemented by individual readings, for a short course in music appreciation, as, for example, at a community college. The chief objection to this series, the lack of texts provided for vocal music, of course does not apply on this disc, which covers the rise of independent genres of notated instrumental music in the sixteenth century. Instrumental music, both improvised to show off a player's skills and rhythmically patterned to accompany dancers, existed in Europe before that time but was passed down from player to player. The emergence of instrumental music as a written tradition resulted from a confluence of various factors -- the recognition of the talents and status of individual players, the growth of music publishing, advances in the technology of instrument construction, and others, all touched on in the few pages of notes provided. The selections provided group early instrumental music into three categories: "Transcriptions & Reductions," or pieces based on vocal models; "Music To Be Played," mostly by the lute and mostly featuring the great lutenist Paul O'Dette; and "Music for Dancing." This introductory disc has few real predecessors in covering a chapter that appears in any music history book, and it may prove useful even for buyers not interested in acquiring Harmonia Mundi's entire series.

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Release Date: 12/13/2005
Label: Harmonia Mundi Fr.
UPC: 0794881783922
catalogNumber: 2908172


  1. Anchor che col partire, madrigal
  2. Questa dolce sirena for solo recorder after Gastoldi
  3. Scaramella va alla guerra, song for 4 parts
  4. De tous biens pleine/Et qui le dira, quodlibet for 2 voices
  5. La Battaglia (after Janequin)
  6. Ricercar No. 33, for lute
  7. Contrapunto sobre el tenor del conde claros
  8. Fantasia del primer tono
  9. Fantasia No. 67, for lute
  10. Fantasia No. 30, for lute
  11. Fantasia
  12. Saltarello
  13. Fantasia No. 22, for lute
  14. L'Eccho (Gentian), for lute
  15. Greensleeves, English folk song
  16. Packington's Pound
  17. Kemp's Gigue
  18. Pavan
  19. Toccata Arpeggiata for chitarrone (from Book 1 of D'Intavolatura di Chitarrone)
  20. Toccata for lute No. 1
  21. L'Arboscello ballo furlano
  22. Almande / Saltarello
  23. Schiarazula Marazula
  24. Premiere Suytte de Branles
  25. Premiere Suytte de Branles d'Escosse
  26. Bransle gay, C'est mon amy, for lute (from 18 basses dances)
  27. Orchesographie for winds (complete): Pavane "Belle qui tient ma vie" (Gaillarde) / "La
  28. Orchesographie for winds (complete): Joyssance vous donneray / Trois courantes français

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