LÁSZLÓ TÁBORI, A Biography: The Legendary Story of the Great Hungarian Runner

LÁSZLÓ TÁBORI, A Biography: The Legendary Story of the Great Hungarian Runner

by András Ko


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László Tábori's dream to compete in the Melbourne Olympics became a reality but his hope of standing on the victory stand had been dashed by the events of the Hungarian Revolution. "My Hungarian teammates and I had set 23 world records in track and field." Tábori's was always running. The lessons he learned early on... imparted upon him the 'will to survive.' "It was our ticket to a better life."

About the Author: András Kő, writer, journalist and editor has written more than 16 books in his career. As a native of Hungary, Kő grew up in Budapest after WWII at a time when the Soviets occupied the country and Communism ruled. As a child he grew up with a love of sports admiring the great Hungarian Sportsmen of the time. The soccer players, boxers and famous Hungarian runners of the 1950's were revered and celebrated.

Kő witnessed first hand the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the events thereafter, leading to a profound perspective about Hungarian history. He has written several historical books representing this time period in history as well as biography's of many of his childhood heroes in the Hungarian Sportsman series including, László Papp, a three time Olympic gold medalist in Boxing; Olympian gold medalist soccer players Grosics and Bozsik; and now László Tábori, 1956 Olympian and multiple world record holder in track and field.

Some of Kő's numerous awards include the Joseph Pulitzer Prize in 2000, the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC) in 2006 and the Hemingway Foundation Pethő Alexander Award for Hungarian journalism in 2008.

Keywords: Running, Track, Interval, Training, Racing, Igloi, Hungarian, Runner, Tabori, Laszlo, Pulitzer Prize

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