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La Llorona by Yda Addis by Yda Addis, Nancy Glenn-Nieto

The ancient legend of "La Llorona" most likely was invented & disseminated by the Church during early colonial Mexico. It was used to help resolve the greatest problems the Church contended with and that were the Conquistadors. These men upon their arrival to Mexico felt no restraints or moral qualms about their sexual behavior. Even though some had taken the vow of Holy Matrimony and left their wives in Spain; in spite of this many were having illicit relationships with the women they met in the new land. Not only were the Conquistadores sinning, but the children born from these affairs could not be baptized.

It was not only the sons of the military tradition, but the new land provided opportunities for members of the clergy, the nobles, and the politicians. To regain control, the Church focused not upon the men, but the women. The "La Llorona" legend was used as a parable to show women what could happen if they wandered from the teachings of the Church.

For centuries the story was considered too wicked for publication; it was repeated discreetly in whispers, around late night campfires, in dark corners, thus, passed down through the oral tradition. Not until 1888 did the story appear in print. It was the American writer Yda Addis who brought it to her publisher Frank Pixley of the San Francisco, California, journal "The Argonaut." This tale debuted not in Spanish, not in Mexico, but in English and in the United States.

The story tells the fate of a beautiful maiden who was seduced by a rich man of noble birth. They lived together as man & wife, but never married. After the birth of their three children, he tired of her. When she discovered that he had married another, La Llorona did not want her children to grow up with the stigma of illegitimacy....

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ISBN-13: 9780989369527
Publisher: Parhelion House
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Pages: 44
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