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Laboratory Manual for Foods: Experimental Perspectives / Edition 8

Laboratory Manual for Foods: Experimental Perspectives / Edition 8


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ISBN-13: 9780132158084
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 02/15/2011
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Basic Techniques

Experiment 1.1. Accuracy of Home Measures

Chapter 2 Sensory Testing

Experiment 2.1. Sensory Evaluation

Chapter 3 Introduction to Objective Testing

Experiment 3.1. Using Objective Equipment

Chapter 4 Water and Dispersions

Experiment 4.1. Water and Dispersions

Chapter 5 Crystallization, Sugar, and Sweeteners

Experiment 5.1. Crystalline Candies

Experiment 5.2. Variables Influencing Ice Creams

Experiment 5.3. Baking Performance of Sweeteners

Chapter 6 Starch

Experiment 6.1. Starch Pastes and Gels

Experiment 6.1. Starch-Thickened Puddings

Chapter 7 Fruits and Vegetables

Experiment 7.1. Pigments

Experiment 7.2. Sensory Qualities of Vegetables

Experiment 7.3. Texture of Vegetables and Fruits

Chapter 8 Fats and Oils

Experiment 8.1. Melting Points and Composition

Experiment 8.2. Smoke Point, Frying, and Absorption

Experiment 8.3. Fats in Pastry

Experiment 8.4. Flavor and Emulsification of Oils

Chapter 9 Dairy Products

Experiment 9.1. Coagulation of Milk

Experiment 9.2. Clotting of Milk

Experiment 9.3. Foams

Experiment 9.4. Cheese and Sour Cream

Chapter 10 Meats, Fish, and Poultry

Experiment 10.1. Soy Protei n Substitutes

Experiment 10.2. Equipment Variations

Experiment 10.3. Meat Tenderizers and Acid

Experiment 10.4. Roasting Meat

Experiment 10.5. Baked Fish or Chicken

Experiment 10.6. Tofu

Chapter 11 Eggs

Experiment 11.1. Eggs in the Shell

Experiment 11.2. Eggs out of the Shell

Experiment 11.3. Custards

Experiment 11.4. Hollandaise Sauce

Experiment 11.5. Egg White Foams

Experiment 11.6. Angel Food Cake

Chapter 12 leavening Agents

Experiment 12.1. Yeast

Experiment 12.2. Chemical Reactions

Experiment 12.3. Use of Nonbiological Leavening Agents

Chapter 13 Breads

Experiment 13.1. Wheat Gluten

Experiment 13.2. Yeast Breads

Experiment 13.3. Factors Influencing Muffins

Experiment 13.4. Characteristics of Biscuits

Experiment 13.5. Factors Influencing Pancakes

Experiment 13.6. Flours from Various Cereals

Chapter 14 Shortened Cakes

Experiment 14.1. Methods of Mixing Shortened Cakes

Experiment 14.2. Varying Ingredients in Shortened Cakes

Chapter 15 Pastry

Experiment 15.1. Factors Influencing Pastry Quality

Experiment 15.2. Factors Influencing Soaking of Pastry

Chapter 16 Food Preservation

Experiment 16.1. Preserving by Freezing

Experiment 16.2. Drying of Foods

Experiment 16.3. Jelly

Appendix A Template for Line-Spread Test 335

Appendix B Essentials of the Metric System 339

Appendix C Temperature Conversions 343

Appendix D Average Weight of a Measured Cup of Selected Foods 345

Appendix E Suggested Sources: Ingredients and Equipment 349

Appendix F Examples of Bibliographic Style 353

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