Labyrinth Lake: A Life Story

Labyrinth Lake: A Life Story

by Kimberly Brodsky


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Labyrinth Lake is a semi-autobiographical

account targeted at middle school aged girls. This account

spans before the author's life up through her sophomore year

of high school. (All of the names have been changed for

privacy.) The manuscript is twenty chapters long and

written in the form of vignettes. The manuscript contains a

fictional beginning and ending. The beginning shares a real

life scenario of a daughter and a father's interaction.

Afterwards, it follows the daughter, in her need for

independence and self-discovery to where she meets a

character of a classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird

and she is asked a haunting question. The main

character is asked the question what one element of her soul

she wants to keep. In real life remembrances she numerates

what elements of her life she finds most important to her as

an individual. As every person must find for him or herself

family and friends are two completely different but

essential relationships to be a well rounded person.

Through each remembrance, the main character learns a lesson

to the contrary of friendship or family closeness presented

in the situation. Each chapter starts with a

now memorable quote from influential members of history.

These quotes directly link to the vignette. The book begins

with a quote by journalist Sy Safransky about his personal

realization of loving himself and as the actual text of the

book, the quote begins with a dream. Because of the unique

structure of vignettes, the book never actually climaxes at

any one chapter. These quotes followed by the remembrances

act as a fortiori which bring the book together. The final

chapter comes with a deep and shocking realization and the

quote that introduces it symbolically has an unknown author.

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