by David Jaffin



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ISBN-13: 9781848612440
Publisher: Shearsman Books
Publication date: 08/15/2012
Pages: 262

About the Author

Dr. David Jaffin was born to a Jewish family in New York and studied History, Art History and Psychology at New York University, where he was awarded a Ph.D. At the age of 24 he went to Europe and did the unthinkable: a mere 16 years after Auschwitz he married a German woman, became a Christian, and embarked on the study of theology. After graduating from Tuebingen University, he became a Pastor in the Evangelical (i.e. Lutheran) Church, and then served as a minister for 20 years in Württemberg. After this he was granted freelance status in order to continue with his writing. He had already made himself a considerable reputation as a writer of sermons and religious texts, and he is now the author of dozens of prose books in German, including stories for children, as well as a large corpus of poetry in English.

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