L'Acqua nell'antico Egitto: Vita, rigenerazione, incantesimo, medicamento

L'Acqua nell'antico Egitto: Vita, rigenerazione, incantesimo, medicamento


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ISBN-13: 9788882652074
Publisher: L'Erma di Bretschneider
Publication date: 12/31/2005
Series: Egitto Antico Series , #3
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 9.30(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Preface (A. Amenta
M. M. Luiselli
M. N. Sordi)
Preface (J. Baines)
Conference Programme
Section I - Water in ancient egyptian literature
A. Loprieno, Water and Literature in Ancient Egypt
G. Cavillier, Il pXr-wr e il suo significato nella letteratura egiziana a sfondo bellico
A. Gallasch-Hall, The Water in the Corpus Ermeticum - One European View
C. Knigge, "He keeps the river Nile flowing, the field is full of his richness". Some Remarks on the Hymn to the Nile and Inundation and Fertilty Motifs in Post-New Kingdom Hymns and Related Texts
R. Landgrafova, Water in Ancient Egypt Love Songs
H. Navratilova, The "Unwetterstele" of Ahmose as a Historical Text
Section II - Water in ancient egyptian history and culture
Y.Koenig, L'eau et la magie
J. Budka, The Third Cataract: Its Historical and Political Importance According to Royal and Private Rock Inscriptions at Tombos
M. Campagno, Fighting in the Water. On "Ordeals", Kinship and State in the Contendings of Horus and Seth (Papyrus Chester Beatty I)
R. Cepko, Amenemhat III et le divinites aquatiques: la politique royale dans l'oasis du Fayoum
A. Fassone, Canopo e le sue acque: il fiume, il lago, il mare. Vita e religiosita in eta tardo-faraonica e greco-romana
R. B. Gozzoli, Inondazione e pioggia come segno di predilezione divina durante la XXV e XXVI dinastia
B. Heagren, Water Related Diseas in Ancient Egypt
E. Kanitz, La gestione delle risorse idriche nell'Egitto antico e nell'Egitto moderno: un confronto
K. Muhlestein, Death by Water: The Role of Water in Ancient Egypt's Treatment of Enemies and Juridical Process
R. G. Tatomir, Coincidentia oppositorum et conjunctio oppositorum: The Mental Category of Water in the Ancient Egyptian Universe
Section III - Water in Ancient Egyptian Religion
S. Bickel, Creative and Destructive Waters
B. Claus, Osiris et Hapi: crue et regeneration en Egypt ancienne
A. Corthals, The Procession of the New Year in the Staircases at Edfu and Dendara
E. M. Laborinho, Nun, the Primeval Water According of the Coffin Texts
H. Rotsch, The Primeval Ocean Nun and the Terminology of Water in Ancient Egypt
M. Tomorad, Egyptian Cults of Isis and serapis in Roman Fleets
Section IV . Water in ancient egyptian ritual and cult
M. Bommas, Situlae and the offering of Water in the Divine Funerary Cult: A New Approach to the Ritual of Djeme
E. Buzov, The Role of the Heart in the Purification
M .E. Colin, Presenting Water to the Deities within the Barque Sanctuaries of Graeco-Roman Times
A. Cosentino, Il battesimo nei testi di Nag Hammadi
K. Dohrmann, Das Sedfest-Ritual Sesotris' I. -Kontext und Semantik des Dekorationsprogramms der Lischter Sitzatatuen
R. Holzl, Libation Basins from the Old to the New Kingdom: Practical Use and Religions Significance
R. Lucarelli, A Libation Text in the Book of the Dead of Gatseshen
A. Smith, Kingship, Water and Ritual: The Ablution Rite in the Coronation Ritual of the Pharaoh
S. Sportellini, L'acqua, essenza purificatrice e rigenerante: il vaso-heset in alcune delle iconografie piu ricorrenti
Section V - poster
C. Booth, The Uses and Abuses of water in Papyrus Westcar
M. C. Centrone, "This is the form of [a] Osiris of the mysteries, who springs from the returning waters" (South Wall of the Osiris Room at the Great Temple of Philae)
M. Franci, Quelques consideration sur le champ sematique du determinatif mw
S. Ruzanova, Neith of Sais as Water Goddess
R. Ferreira de Sousa, Heart and Water in the Religious Anthropology of Ancient Egypt
A. P. Zingarelli, Some Considerations about the Water Offered (Poured) by the Tree Goddess at TT 49
Bibliography, List of Contributors.

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