Lactation Sex Human Cow Milking Fantasy - Forced to Feed the Farmer's Partner

Lactation Sex Human Cow Milking Fantasy - Forced to Feed the Farmer's Partner

by Lydia Litt

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Lactation Sex Human Cow Milking Fantasy - Forced to Feed the Farmer's Partner by Lydia Litt

In this stand-alone sequel to "Feeding the Farm Hands" & "Feeding the Farm Foreman," Daisy faces a new challenge as the farm's feeding assistant.

When Farmer Jones brings on a distribution partner to help manage his growing milk business, the change threatens the relationship between Hank the farm foreman and Daisy the Human dairy cow. Former cattle rancher Rusty Barlow is the most powerful milk distributor in the business. Rich, handsome and controlling, he's used to getting what he wants. And right now, he wants Daisy's sexual favors all to himself.

At first, Daisy is flattered and excited by Mr. Barlow's attention. But when she realizes just how controlling he can be, she concocts a plan to use her ripe, milky breasts to thwart his domineering ways. Will Hank's jealousy derail Daisy's efforts to put Rusty Barlow in his place?

WARNING: This 7,800 word milking sex fantasy is dripping with adult themes and explicit content, including lactation sex, gushes of warm, sweet breast milk, domination and submission, the sexy whipping of a humiliated human dairy cow and rough sex between a powerful milk distributor and the farm's insatiable feeding assistant.


"You're late," Rusty Barlow said, slapping the leather coil against his denim-covered thigh.

The feeding assistant swallowed hard. "I apologize for that," she said, lowering her eyes contritely after catching a glimpse of raw anger in the milk distributor's eyes. "I got held up by farm business."

Mr. Barlow let the whip uncoil at his feet. "Tardy employees must be punished."

"Pu-pu-punished?" Daisy stammered, raising her gaze just enough to see the growing bulge in Rusty Barlow's pants. Even though she was shaking in fear, she could feel her milk glands expanding and filling with fresh, warm milk. As her breasts tingled, signaling that they were preparing to let down, she felt a corresponding tingle between her thighs. Fear and power excited her.

"I reckon a whipping is in order," Mr. Barlow explained, flicking the whip into the air with a sharp THWACK!

"A whipping?" Daisy cried, her fear intensifying. "Please don't hurt me, Mr. Barlow! I promise I'll never be late again!"

The milk distributor walked toward the feeding assistant, flicking the whip with rhythmic snaps, until he was standing close enough to smell her fear and see the tiny droplets of creamy fluid that seeped from the tips of her erect nipples. Using a single finger to lift her chin, he forced her to meet his steely stare.

"Daisy, Daisy, Daisy," he said slowly, his voice low and predatory. "If I had a dollar for every employee who used that line to avoid being punished, I could have retired years ago. Promises tend to get broken, you see, but learning a life lesson the hard way, well, that tends to stick with a person."

Still flicking the whip, Mr. Barlow moved behind the feeding assistant, his clothing brushing seductively against her naked skin. He pressed his lips against her ear. "If you take your punishment like a good human cow," he whispered, "I'll ride you hard and fast afterwards. What's a little pain in exchange for the best sex of your life?"

Daisy didn't respond with words, but her body responded by trembling and her knees went weak. Somehow, she managed to stay upright. She felt the handle of Mr. Barlow's whip slip down the crack of her ass and slide effortlessly inside her slick channel. The penetration of the hard wood felt amazing. "Mooo!" Her surprised moan came out as soft bellow.

As the milk distributor stroked her slowly with the handle, the whip's leathery tail caressed her legs, willing them to move apart slightly.

"Do you like that, Daisy?" Mr. Barlow asked, continuing the slow and steady, in-and-out assault until she was quivering toward release. "I said, do you like that, Daisy?" he repeated, his voice angry again.

"Y-y-yes sir," the humiliated feeding assistant responded.

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Publisher: Uncommon Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/09/2013
Series: Daisy the Human Dairy Cow , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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About the Author

Lydia Litt is an author of erotica and romance. Her sexy stories combine delicious descriptions of erotic encounters with intriguing characters and great storytelling to transport her readers to fictional worlds dominated by steamy situations.

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