Lady Broke

Lady Broke

by Rachel Donnelly

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ISBN-13: 9781440570278
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 07/08/2013
Series: Crimson Romance
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 346
File size: 747 KB

About the Author

Rachel Donnelly is an RWA Golden Heart and Golden Pen finalist. She lives in Canada with her husband, two children and one crazy cat. Learn more about her at, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

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Lady Broke 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Chastel More than 1 year ago
*Quite an enjoyable read..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by mrs. Donnelly. I loved the storyline. The male was an alpha-male and smart. The female was a little too independent. I would have liked a glimspe into their future. The ending was not detailed enough for me. The romance was good.
CaryMorganFrates More than 1 year ago
5-stars This story had me hooked from the beginning. I worried I would find endless clichés and Wild West ‘jargon,’ but I needn’t have worried.  When the very proper East Coast socialite, Christie Wallace is able to identify a notorious criminal seen in a dusty Nevada backwater, her unbending principles won’t allow her not to bear witness – even though other witnesses have come to untimely ends before convictions could be had. Much to the consternation of bounty hunter, Nat Randall, the beautiful and very annoying miss Christie just keeps getting in his way. Doesn’t she understand the danger she’s put herself, and everyone else in, or does she refuse understand? There are ups and downs, grit and sorrow, and plenty of tension…of all sorts. I had a great time reading this story. Very well done.
CeeCeeLawson1 More than 1 year ago
Excellent Read!!! Growing up, I was an unusual eighties child that would rather spend a rainy day watching old westerns with my grandfather than playing the Atari. The genre is a hard one for some to convert into an entertaining novel, but I’m excited to say that this author has perfected the art in a most brilliant manner. Christie Wallace is a stuffy, but vivacious young woman that’s been raised on a strict set of principles, morals, and propriety. After standing up to a father that rules with an iron fist, she was sent to Nevada as a punishment to change her stubborn mind. Her naivety concerning life in the west is completely believable and I just couldn’t help but chuckle at how she went from being so brave one moment to prissy and somewhat dainty the next. Her character was written so well, I felt as if I could physically see her turn her nose up at the “uncivilized” manner in which the inhabitants of the dusty town behaved. I adored Nat Randall, the one man that could make Christie quiver, in more ways than one. I have to admit, this cowboy made me sweat a little, too. He’s not just the typical rustic hottie with a side iron; he’s a bounty hunter with a personal vendetta to settle. Once a snooty little rich girl from the east throws a wrench in his plans to catch a gang of murderers, he can’t help but give in to his desire to protect her. She isn’t as innocent as she appears, however, and he learns quickly that he will have his hands full. Christie can give it just as good as he can and the banter between the two is both amusing and alluring. Opposites may attract, but these two may not be as different as it seems. I couldn’t put this book down for a minute and I loved the twists involved. The story line was creative, exciting, and the setting was intelligently in sync with the era. Nat and Christie really reminded me of my favorite western couple, John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, who were always butting heads as a form of foreplay. The hard-headed, fiery, set in their ways, couple that deeply loves each other and shows it in a steamy, can’t get enough of you, you are mine, romantic fashion, is one I can’t help but fall for every time. Great job and I can’t wait to read the next novel you get to preview at the end!
SunMtnReviews More than 1 year ago
Lady Broke is a great historical romance set in the Wild West during late 1800’s, with a cast of ruthless outlaws, a handsome bounty hunter bent on revenge, and a strong-willed young lady determined to defy her father’s demand that she settle for a marriage she does not want.  The heroine of the story is Christie who travels to Nevada to help her Uncle Will and Cousin Leigh after the recent death of her aunt. Her offer of assistance also provides a temporary reprieve from her father’s insistence that she get married. He has already found a suitable husband for her athough she’s never even met the man. During a time when women’s options for the future were limited, I admire her quest for independence, even if it means she must leave behind a family that she adores and the comforts of living in a genteel Boston society.  Just as Christie is adjusting to life in the uncivilized world of the west, she inadvertently becomes the target of a notorious gang of outlaws, after she witnesses a robbery by the Everrett brothers who are able to elude bounty hunter, Nat Randall, and make their escape. Nat is hot on their trail and his sole mission in life is to capture the brothers and bring them to justice. His search for them brings him into contact with the frustratingly stubborn Christie who can identify one of the brothers and wants to testify against him knowing that this may put her life in danger. She refuses to heed Nat’s harsh warning to stay out of the fray if she wants to stay alive, and their antagonistic relationship becomes even more complicated because Nat can’t seem to stop kissing her. Christie is the first woman in a very long time that’s turned his head, but he refuses to let her distract him from finding the Everett brothers. Very few people know how important their capture is to him. He has a personal vendetta against the men and will not stop until he gets revenge.  The arrogant, bull-headed Nat Randall is the last thing Christie needs in her life. He awakens a passion in her that she has never known, and she does not need a man like him to complicate her life. However, a series of dramatic events keep drawing them back into each other’s lives no matter how much they try to resist each other.  Christie is young and a bit naïve, but her quick wits, confidence, and determination help her survive the danger she faces. I like that even in the midst of perilous situations, Christie is still able to show compassion, put others before herself, and forgive the mistakes of the people she loves.  I know that Nat is a good man, but the guilt he carries with him and his single-minded search to find the Everrett brothers are barriers that prevent him from moving forward with his life and cause a lot of heartache for both Christie and him. Nat is a flawed hero, and the undeserving way he treats Christie some of the time shows he isn’t ready for an emotional commitment no matter how attracted he is to her beauty and sassy personality.  Nevertheless, they are a great match for one another, and I can’t help but root for them to eventually find their way to each other.   Lady Broke is an engaging, well-written story that flows smoothly and made for a pleasant reading experience.  I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. 
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 Star Review - Lady Broke I recommend this book. I enjoyed this book by Rachel. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, a kidnapping, a gun fight, and robbery. Christie Wallace is staying with her uncle and helping him run his business after her Aunt died. She is glad to be away from her father as he is trying to arrange a wedding for her to a man she has never met. After the post office in town is robbed by the Everett gang (three brothers) one of them runs into her Uncles shop to hide. She becomes a witness to the crime as she saw the robbers face while he was hiding out. Nat Randall is a bounty hunter who is trying to bring in the Everett gang. He has his own personal reasons for wanting the gang to hang for their crimes. Nat catches one of the brothers, Hank and brings him to town for Christie to identify but it is not the one who hid out after the robbery. Nat and his friend take the brother in the dark of night to lure the other brothers out of hiding to catch them all. The two brothers Billy and Cecil kidnap Christie and follow Nat’s trail to try and get the other brother back. As the ride through the woods on horses for days Christie tries to figure out a way to escape the brothers. She has to be careful how she tries to escape as the brothers killed the last witness so they would not have an issue killing her. When Everett gang catch up to Nat they want to trade Christie for Hank. During the trade Hank runs into Bill’s line of fire and gets hit in the gut. He later dies from his wounds. Now the Everett’s want revenge against Nat as if he didn’t catch hank to begin with Hank would still be alive. They also want Christie back as she is pretty. Will Nat catch the last two Everett brothers? If so will they hang this time? Will Christie’s father still force her to marry a man she does not know? Will Nat hold it against Christie that he had to save her and he lost another chance at getting the brothers?
gymmom_027 More than 1 year ago
Christie Wallace is a Boston socialite ready for an adventure. When her father sends her to help in her uncle's store out in the wild west, it's supposed to be a punishment for arguing against an arranged marriage, but it turns into an adventure of a lifetime. Nat Randall also comes from a controlling family, so much so that he takes his mother's maiden name to make a place for himself in the West, because he can't or won't live under his father's rigid rules. But when East meets West, fireworks explode. Lady Broke by Rachel Donnelly is the story of what happens when an almost stuffy young woman with propriety on her mind, runs into what could be the adventure of a lifetime or her worst nightmare come to life. It all depends on her trust of a man with, she assumes, less than sterling moral standards, and a bounty hunter, no less. What's hidden below the surface of Christie's pristine front is a firecracker that's ready to ignite, and Nat Randall just might be the match to ignite her fuse. Lady Broke is another western romance, proving once again, that I really don't know what I like to read, because this was a great read! It's also a historical romance set in the wild west with robbers who are really bad guys, and a hero burned by marriage and the death of his wife, who's not so sure he wants the experience again. That's until he meets Christie... And there's more brewing below the surface, great ending for this book (it truly made it feel like a historical romance for me)! Western romance lovers, modern historical romance lovers, and readers who love strong heroes and feisty heroines will love this books!! Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.
RowanJadeAC More than 1 year ago
This story reminded me of the Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie that my family watched when I was growing up. But this is not your lackadaisical western. The action starts immediately. The chemistry between Nat and Christie is thrilling. It was interesting to read how Christie resolves her ever-growing feelings for Nat.   Outlaws and kidnapping, oh my—Donnelly doesn't let her characters off easy. Christie is a great heroine and doesn't sit around waiting for the hero! She someone you’ll love to cheer for.  I could almost smell the scent of tobacco, horses, and gunpowder.  Lady Broke is a must if you are a fan of Westerns, Historicals, or a good romance. This is the first book I've read from Rachel Donnelly, but it won't be my last. I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book, such a great story to get lost in. I couldn't put it down and I will be recommending this one to my friends.  Each of the charactors were so unique and relatable. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago