Lady Jayne Disappears

Lady Jayne Disappears

by Joanna Davidson Politano
4.7 22


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Lady Jayne Disappears 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
SemmieWise 2 days ago
** “My dear Aurelie, if you fit into this world, this very broken, selfish place, it would be you who was the wrong size.” ** “Lady Jayne Disappears” by Joanna Davidson Politano is a delicious modern day Gothic tale set in 1861 England, featuring love, hate, mystery and survival. Aurelie Harcourt has grown up in debtor’s prison. With the recent passing of her father, she travels to his family’s home, Lynhurst Manor, and to a lifestyle and group of people she has no familiarity with. Trying to keep her past secret from her newly acquainted relatives, Aurelie also has another secret — she has taken up writing under the nom de plume, Nathaniel Droll, of her father and his “Lady Jayne” series, which has an eerie resemblance to life at Lynhurst. As Aurelie builds relationships at Lynhurst, particularly with seamstress Nelle and the handsome and enigmatic Silas Rotherham who is visiting the manor for the summer, she must reveal the secrets about her past that her father started to reveal to her through his story. Just who was Aurelie’s mother, and what truly happened to her? Would Aurelie be able to complete Lady Jayne’s fictionalized story? And as she revealed her life’s secrets, what other secrets would be revealed? Davidson Politano does a great job of developing a fun and exciting plot, building great characters — some you love, and some you love to hate. Besides being an incredible romance and mystery, “Lady Jayne Disappears” offers many amazing lessons — staying true to ourselves and who we are; sometimes all we have is the Lord to get us through life; so many more times good outweighs the bad; the importance and power of imagination; happiness is always a choice; God has a purpose for us; the ability to show strength and kindness; and the difference between seeking and receiving adoration and scorn, and the consequences of each. Often quoting Psalm 23, Aurelie’s story constantly reiterates the theme of rescue — rescuing one another as humans and, more importantly, the fact that God is our ultimate rescuer. I believe this is the first novel written by Davidson Politano. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am looking forward to her next book, due in Summer 2018. Five stars out of five. Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, provided this complimentary copy for my honest, unbiased review.
NadineTimes10 2 days ago
Yes, I often dig stories about stories and storytelling, and a fair share of beautiful and writerly nuggets in this intricate and mysterious tale are right down my alley. The moments when Aurelie intentionally takes what’s happening in her soul and pours it out on paper were among the most vivid for me. However, though I wouldn’t say the reading was ever altogether boring to me, it did wear on me. The story is dense, and while I found it interesting overall, I would have to wade through stretches that didn’t quite satisfy my attention. I was also pulled out of the historical period and location a number of times. With issues like “candy,” “typewriter,” and “adoring fan” references and moments when a character or two would seem like an American in a more modern period, the feel of Victorian England would be lost. I related to Aurelie’s storyteller’s heart and could admire her compassion. I didn’t fully come to like her, though, as she’s a rather pathetic heroine. Not pathetic in the sense of being pitiful, exactly, but she’s often prone to defeat and despair, guilt and tears, feeling she’s failed and ruined things, time and again. Still, the eventual unraveling of the mystery here is gratifying, and other ChristFic fans should find this novel worth a read. _____________ Revell provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.
KMarkovich 3 days ago
I found this book so intriguing! Aurelie Harcourt has lived all her life in debtor’s prison with her father. On his death she wants some answers – who was her mother and whatever happened to her? Who knows the answers? As Aurelie goes to stay with her father’s wealthy family, she not only tries to fit in, but also to learn more about her parents – and what happened to them. Moreover, under her father’s pseudonym, can she finish the story her father began before his death in a way that captivates the readers? I just found this story fascinating – and kept wanting to know the answers already! So many mysteries and misunderstandings and unknowns – so different from today when it’s all available with a click on the computer! I so enjoyed reading this story – as well as learning more about life in 1861 England! I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I am freely writing a review - all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 4 days ago
I received a copy of LADY JAYNE DISAPPEARS by Joanna Davidson Politano from Revell in exchange for an honest review. This book was, well, it was incredible. I am so in love with it. The description sounded awesome and I couldn’t wait to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. I zipped through this story in no time! I have always been passionate about Gothic romances, so I might be a bit biased, haha. You will quickly be sucked into the writing. Don’t expect to read a chapter and then set the book aside. Give yourself a good few hours because you will need it. I love books about family secrets and creepy houses, and historical fiction just adds sugar on top. As you can see, I really loved this book. I can’t stop gushing about it! Check it out and prepare not to be disappointed.
JustCommonly 5 days ago
"So many people are closed up, all tucked inside themselves, yet they bloom open in beautiful ways if you would only take interest in them." (19) "Books are essential nourishment to the mind." (18) Sigh. Yes, indeed. I am overtaken by what I've read in Joanna Davidson Politano's debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears. With such vigor in her love for stories, the author had beautifully woven that into this historical novel cloaked in mystery and the many secrets that makes humanity. Page after page, question marks seems to miraculously appear around my head, but there's also the drive to find out more. Silas, a different type of hero that amazed me by how much I was drawn to him like our heroine, Aurelie from the start. I didn't know what to expect and kudos to the author for a debut that nourished this mind, as well as induced an element of genuine surprise to how things will play out. ". . . if you fit into this world, this very broken, selfish place, it would be you who was the wrong size." (383) In all, Lady Jayne Disappears astonishes even the most seasoned readers and definitely in a good way. "It's a living, breathing story that I'm passing on to you." (33) A story that lives and breathes, that is what place Lady Jayne Disappears as one of my favorite debuts out there, and on the top list for this year's release. "Books are not always an escape. Sometimes they untangle real life miraculously well." (385) Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.
AngelN1 6 days ago
Author Joanna Davidson Politano's debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, is a success. This story, set in 1861 England, is a writer's dream, with lavish prose, an intriguing backstory, and a rather gothic (but believable) setting. I loved reading this book. It is suspenseful yet charming all at the same time. Main character Aurelie is a delight, and seeing the other characters and society in general through her eyes makes the time frame and class distinctions so much more understandable. The faith of the main character is woven naturally throughout the story, and it never seems preachy or contrived. Although the romantic element of the story was predictable, it was not mundane. I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to reading more from this new author. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for the purpose of writing a review, but all opinions are my own.
Lattebooks 7 days ago
What a beautifully flowing and wonderfully engaging story! They mystery that weaves through every page sucks you in and won’t let you go. Aurelie has no clue what kind of life and family she has been thrust into. They have no clue who she really is – all except for two people who aren’t going to give those secrets away. And sweet, dear Silas, who has his own threads to untangle. This author knows how to keep you reading. The dialogue, action, mystery, intrigue, and ever engaging characters made me want to know more. It was a story in a story and deeply moving as you feel the emotions with them all. The twists and turns are fabulous and I didn’t see them coming! I loved this book and cannot wait for this author to write more!
MaureenST 7 days ago
A book that is written in the first person, and that being said, we walk in Aurelie Harcourt’s shoes throughout the story. The author even brings us right into the debtors prison and we walk from door to door, and see the injustice of this place. The author presents a young woman who is throw with the murder of her father into the midst of a family that wanted nothing to do with her. With money, why did they allow her and her Dad to live in the prison? Then we are privy to who is the famous author, and we see it get rather personal, to funny, and they all want to know who is Nathaniel Droll, and guesses sure go wild! I sure was surprised as the story unfolded and never saw a lot of what happened. A look at some of the dark side of old England, and one that a lot of aristocrats probably wouldn’t want seen, but we walk the halls and see first hand. I received this book through Revell Blogger Program, and was not required to give a positive review
kp68 10 days ago
In her debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, author Joanna Davidson Politano will take you back to the dark and ghoulish days of early 18th century England. Many have compared this new author's writing style to that of Charles Dickens; however, in this book, you see the awesome hand of God, working in ways that you would never find in a tale of Dickens! After living her entire life with her father in debtor's prison, Aurelia has a difficult time adjusting to her life, following her father's death. Wait until you see the havoc that will ensue, when Aurelia enters Lynhurst Manor, her late father's former home! Aurelia secretly attempts to continue her late father's weekly fiction series, Lady Jayne Disappears, under his pen name Nathaniel Droll. Aurelia finds herself in some very awkward and complicated situations as she slowly, piece-by-piece, begins to put together the tale of what happened to Jayne! It will definitely be worth your time reading through the pages of this tale. You will walk along the path with Aurelia and find out what truly happened to Lady Jayne!
amybooksy 15 days ago
Lady Jayne Disappears is a pretty good read. I found Joanna Davidson Politano's writing style to be unique and refreshing. Aurelia is the main character of the book and I was not sure what I thought of her at first. After a few chapters, she started to grow on me. I did not think that the plot to be predictable and did not expect the twist towards the end. I enjoyed Lady Jayne Disappears and give it 4 1/2 stars. A good, suspenseful historical. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my honest opinion.
Fala19 20 days ago
I'd heard such amazing things about Lady Jayne Disappears, so I was beyond excited to read it. I've gotta say, all the praise is well warranted! I was held captive from the first page to the last. I absolutely loved the author's writing style. It's wholly unique and had me reading as fast as I could. It was a perfect Gothic mystery that constantly kept me guessing. Aurelie was infinitely likeable. The way she handled everything, the way she held herself in less than ideal situations was so admirable. And Silas... what can I say about him? He was so intriguing! I could never get enough of him. I loved all the great nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the novel. Lady Jayne Disappears is one of those books that's so astoundingly good that I have a difficult time putting into words my feelings about it and describing exactly how awesome it is. I just want to shout to everyone to go read it right now! You won't be disappointed! I can't say enough good things about this book! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and comments are my honest opinion.
swissgranny 20 days ago
The cover of Lady Jayne Disappears captivated me from the first time I saw it. This is Joanna Davidson Politano’s debut novel, and I was impressed with her fresh, distinctive writing voice. Each word seemed to be chosen with care and precision, drawing me into the story. The beautifully crafted story within a story was extremely well done, and the twists and turns kept me guessing. The characters were so vividly drawn and engaging that I could see them easily in my mind. The epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter added a unique touch. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to those who enjoy historical fiction. I am looking forward to more from this author. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the author/Revell. All opinions are my own.
WildflowerMom 22 days ago
A well done debut novel with a complex plot and colorful characters set in Victorian England. One part mystery, one part romance, this story had the feel of Dickens, Bronte, and Austen all rolled into one, with plenty of plot twists, a gothic feel with an old eerie manor home, plus some romance to cap it off. The main character, Aurelie reminded me of Little Dorrit, with a bit of Jane Eyre, as she feels out of place and yet, longs to belong. Having the heart of an artist, she captures the people around her and makes sense of her situation through her writing. Seeing things through her perspective was interesting as she tried to work out her dilemma, and solve the mystery. I loved her conversations with Silas, as he challenges her, and they banter back and forth. Silas is a great character, intentionally seeing the good in people, as he believes God would want him to. He is a noble, kind gentleman. Nelle was also a sweet natured young woman, and a lovely friend. With the many twists to the story, I wondered how it would all end. I was a little confused at the start, but it all became clearer, and the satisfying conclusion made it worth all the angst in between. Prayers for help and Scripture verses are adeptly woven in as Aurelie finds herself more dependent on God than ever. I like how the 23rd Psalm was used throughout the book, and how she clung to verses to bolster her faith and courage. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. I'd never had to depend so fully on the Lord before this, and it seemed now he was all I had." Recommend this book to readers who enjoy a mystery and clean romance, with some faith. (There are some mature subjects in the story, but no graphic details. ) 4.5 stars (An ebook was provided by NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.)
RuthieJonesTX 26 days ago
Lady Jayne Disappears is a masterful metafictional tale that blurs the line between telling a story and living the truth. Aurelie Harcourt picks up the telling of Lady Jayne Disappears upon the death of her father, inheriting the mysterious nom de plume: Nathaniel Droll. And I must say that this secret authorial identity passed from father to daughter is, indeed, quite droll. Prepare to be amazed and amused. Joanna Davidson Politano’s writing is so wonderfully melodic and lyrical that my heart soared with every word, and I could almost hear the crescendo of an imaginary musical score punctuating the ending of this delightful story about a story. How beautiful is that? The plot of Lady Jayne Disappears is a journey that must not be rushed. It must be savored and gripped with both hands. Each twist reveals another clue, each character delights, and each moment satisfies, until the reader is beset with eagerness for the next installment in the serial titled Lady Jayne Disappears in the novel called Lady Jayne Disappears. Aurelie Rosette Harcourt is a rose among thorns as she navigates her new life with a family she never knew she had. Writing is her solace and her downfall and her saving grace, in that order. What I love most about Lady Jayne Disappears is the constant havoc that Aurelie unwittingly wreaks at Lynhurst Manor from the minute she arrives after a lifetime spent at her father’s side in debtor’s prison. She never truly fits in with this mess of a family, which according to Silas Rotherham, is a good thing. And speaking of Silas, he’s an absolute true hero, and he loves to read books. Need I say more? If you are ready for an exquisitely told tale about love, betrayal, secrets, crashing revelations, heartbreaking realizations, and a “snit of a girl” with a hearty appetite, then Lady Jayne Disappears is the book for you. Trust me.
MelissaF 28 days ago
Wow. What a great debut novel. I was a fan of Jessica Dotta, another author, and this book really reminded me of her work. From the beginning we are thrust into the world of Aurelie and her imagination. I found it very interesting to see things as she did, as a writer. Things can be a bit confusing at time, but the author does a great job of feeding you little bites and making you want more and slowly things are revealed. The whole book just had this mysterious feel to it that I adored. A great cast of characters and wonderful plot. A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own.
SavannaKaiser 28 days ago
Don’t you just love discovering new favorite authors? Well, I think I just found another favorite of mine in Joanna Davidson Politano! Within minutes of starting “Lady Jayne Disappears” I knew I was in for an adventure and it took me far beyond my expectations. Friends, this is a beautiful story I highly recommend. My heart instantly connected with Aurelie and her writing ways. Her compassion and honesty made her a beautiful heroine, inside and out. The secretive house and its complicated residents added great tension to the story. And the romance was so….. romantic. I loved how one houseguest offered our leading lady his honesty and friendship. He was a light in the shadows of Lynhurst Manor. From the cover to the last page, the mystery follows you. I could not read fast enough to satisfy my curiosity. I stayed up way too late reading and got up the next day and finished it. It’s THAT good! I loved the aspect of Nathaniel Droll and how everyone is trying to figure out who he is. And there were so many quotes worth highlighting. There were several perfect twists too. I can’t wait to read more by this author. Her storytelling is unique, fresh, and captivating. Undoubtedly, “Lady Jayne Disappears” is one of my favorites of 2017. I received a free copy from the author. No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.
Becky_B 28 days ago
Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano is a well-written book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. This is Ms. Politano's first book, but I pray not her last. I was wrapped up in the story and enjoyed her wonderful details. She paints pictures with her words that drew me into the world of Aurelie Harcourt. Aurelie Harcourt has just found her family after the death of her father. She struggles to fit into a society that is much different from the world of the debtors' prison she has lived in all her life. Her only inheritance from her father is his pen name, Nathaniel Droll. She has many interesting relatives and you are left guessing as to how the story will end. Ms. Politano weaves together an amazing historical romance that is well written with intelligent and interesting characters. I highly recommend Lady Jayne Disappears, and I believe that Joanna Davidson Politano is one of my favorite new authors. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review
Teresa_s13 3 months ago
Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano is a MUST READ! This is by far one of the most captivating books I've read. It being a debut novel is unbelievable to me! There are so many twists and turns you can't put the book down. The characters really come to life and you can just feel their emotions pouring through the words. Aurelie Harcourt finds herself thrust in the middle of a family she never knew existed. She grew up with her father in a debtor's prison. When he dies she has no where else to turn but the family that turned their backs on them so many years ago. The family is not welcoming but a guest, Silas Rotherham befriends her. Aurelie's father was a well established author using a pen name and she is now tasked to finish his last work of art, Lady Jayne Disappears, but no one can know who "Nathaniel Droll" really is. Will being in the home where her father lived solve the mystery of Lady Jayne's disappearance? What challenges lie ahead for this high society family, the long lost relative that suddenly appears and their charming guest? I cannot recommend this book enough! It is so well crafted and beautifully written, you do not want to miss out! I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion and views!
eLynda 3 months ago
Incredible Debut Fiction! Eager to try new authors, I happily picked up Joanna Davidson Politano’s debut novel. Expecting an entertaining story, I was completely unprepared for the amazing storyline, the depth of characterization, and the surprising twist she incorporates into this gothic-feel novel. She is an author to watch! The novel has a very mysterious feel to it from the opening pages. Our heroine finds herself unexpectedly alone in the world and completely unprepared for life outside the walls of the debtor’s prison she grew up in. Her naivety and sincerity immediately set her at odds with her father’s family, a mixed lot of secrecy and hysterics in human form, all of whom have secrets they would like to remain hidden. But Aurelie is hiding a secret or two of her own. It is the revelation of these secrets, and the lengths some go to in order to keep them, that propels much of the action. The main characters are very vivid with complex motivations, both known and unknown. Aurelie and Silas are both giving, genuine people in a world of masks and deception and I loved them for it, even as we are kept in suspense as they experience doubts about each other. And many of the secondary characters are fleshed out a bit and add a lot to the storyline, with even a few minor characters having important contributions. I love the expertly crafted mystery; clues appear in early pages and continue throughout the unfolding plot, but there are enough false trails to keep the reader guessing. And no matter how many things we think we know as the book closes, the twists and turns somehow upset everything at the same time they make everything clear, even back to the first few chapters. I can only imagine the work that must have gone into constructing this novel! The prose is beautiful in itself; because Aurelie is a writer, there is a lot about novel writing and the way a story can speak into the reader’s life for good. Words are powerful and provide both escape from daily struggles as well as an outlet to understand them and our reactions to them better. The Christian content is outstanding in this book, and I appreciate how Aurelie and Silas both do their imperfect best to follow Christ despite the situations in which they find themselves. Also, there is a strong current of consequences throughout this novel, and a vivid illustration of how no one makes any decisions that affect them alone—it has a ripple effect on those around them, sometimes a generation or more down the road. I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy historical fiction as well as the mystery/suspense genre. While a Christian novel that remains a clean read, this book does deal with some difficult subjects so I would suggest it for mature readers age 16 and up. At points heart-wrenching, the picture of loving through and even beyond our struggles is a beautiful one and well worth the time it takes to enter Aurelie’s world and live in it with her. I received a copy of this book from the author and the publisher but was not required to write a positive review. The thoughts expressed are both honest and my own.
CrystalCaudill 3 months ago
I cannot rave about this book enough!!! Lady Jayne is one of those rare books that I will absolutely force everyone I know to read. There is so much more this story than an intriguing and surprising plot line. This is a book so decadent and rich that if it were a food, your waist line would suffer from this irresistible treat. *I received this book from the publisher, but the opinions are my own. I loved it so much I purchased another copy, as well as the e-copy, AND the audio.*
Anonymous 4 months ago
I LOVED this book! I immediately became immersed. It was hard to put down. I really enjoyed the mystery within the mystery and the love story aspect! It is beautifully written, and heartfelt. Joanna captures so many emotions and feelings on every page, it makes you think you could walk right into the story. I cannot wait for Joanna's next novel!
StellaPotts77 4 months ago
Lady Jayne Disappears is a debut novel by Joanna Davidson Politano. I would say this is an author that you will be seeing quite a bit more of in the future. I loved this book and thought it was awesome. Aurelie Harcourt grew up with her father in debtors prison in the mid 1800's. Her father told her a story which she transcribed and sent to the publisher every week as a serialized story. When her father dies Aurelie takes up where he left off after going to live with her father's wealthy sister and family. This is a story of mystery and romance, with many twists and turns that will keep you guessing right to the very end. You can be sure that I will be looking forward to the next book by Ms. Politano. I received a copy of this book from the publisher with no requirement for a review. All views stated are my own.
TrishRobertson 4 months ago
From the first chapter till the last word on the page, I was captivated. Lady Jayne Disappears far exceeded my expectations. This debut book of Joanna’s is simply stunning in its culmination. I finished this book in a clouded euphoria, leaving me speechless. Bibliophiles will fall in love with Aurelie, a bibliophile in her own right, and an author. A delightful story within the story and a mystery to uncover. This is a book you will want to enjoy once and return again to savor a second or third time. Beyond the twists and turns of a captivating plot and exciting characters is an overreaching theme of being true to oneself and to who we are in God. A gentle reminder that we should not aim to please people, or even to esteem ourselves, but to strive in all we do to please God first. With characters so vibrant and realistic, they seem to waltz off the page and into the room with you. I give this book 5 stars, and happily, recommend it to any and all who enjoy a good story rich with both characters and detail. (I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including Netgalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)