Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes

Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes

by Robert Thornhill


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When corrupt politicians, the Italian mob and a dirty cop collude to take over a Northeast neighborhood, Walt is recruited for the most bizarre undercover assignments of his new career.
When conventional police work fails to solve the case, once again his band of scrappy seniors come to the rescue.
In the process, the amazing discovery of a previously unknown session by a deceased rock 'n' roll idol stuns the music industry. What should be a joyous occasion soon turns dark as lives are threatened.
All of your favorite characters, along with two lovable additions are back to help Walt in his quest for justice.
Their adventures and misadventures are sure to keep you captivated - and splitting your sides!

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ISBN-13: 9781617393853
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Publication date: 02/01/2011
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Award-winning author, Robert Thornhill, began writing at the age of sixty-six and in five short years has penned seventeen novels in the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, the seven volume Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children, a cookbook and a mini-autobiography.
Lady Justice and the Sting, Lady Justice and Dr. Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante, Lady Justice and the Candidate, Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders, Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders and Lady Justice and the Vet won the Pinnacle Award for the best new mystery novels of Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring of 2013, Summer 2013 and Spring of 2014 from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs.
Many of Walt's adventures in the Lady Justice series are anecdotal and based on Robert's real life.
Although Robert holds a master's in psychology, he has never taken a course in writing and has never learned to type. All 28 of his published books were typed with one finger and a thumb!
His wit and insight come from his varied occupations, including thirty-three years as a real estate broker. He lives with his wife, Peg, in Independence, Missouri.
Visit him on the Web at:

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Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
chj29erCJ More than 1 year ago
Bob Thornhill, author of the Walt Williams laugh-out-loud mystery novels, has done it again! Williams, a 66 year-old, retired real estate salesman, and his band of "Senior Scrappers" takes on the Italian mob in Kansas City who are terrorizing an old section of town, and, additionally, saves old Elvis recordings worth millions in Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes. The supporting cast includes Officer George Wilson a KC police officer known as Ox, 52 year old, and who a veteran of 20+ years on the force; Officer Vince Spaulding ,the second recruit to the C.R.A.P program and a retired 65 year old former high school coach; Maggie McBride, William's 66 year-old sweetie who is still an agent, Willie Duncan, a 66 year old former street hustler and con man, now the maintenance man for Walt's 2 apartment buildings; Mary, the 75 year old resident manager at one of the buildings; and Professor Leonard Skinner, an 85 year old former UMKC instructor of philosophy and psychology. There are numerous crimes, some interrelated--some not, in this book, but all have Lady Justice winning the day. The charm of Walt's character is not that he's a macho super-senior, but that he often bumbles his way into a situation, and then uses the wisdom he's amassed in his 66 years of living (and the role-modeling of his childhood super heroes: Superman, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger to name a few)to escape harm to himself and bring justice to the victims. And therein lies the charm of the books: none of the characters are high-tech aficionados with fancy crime labs, they are just quirky people with a passion for a world where justice wins. In presenting his story, Thornhill uses humor and word play to thoroughly entertain the reader. While written about retirees in Kansas City, Thornhill's books are a fun break for all ages in all parts of the country. In a world where life seems so critically serious most of the time, there is a need for over-the-top, sometimes silly, comic relief. Lady Justice stories do just that!
asigg44 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I've decided to write a review on all three Lady Justice books at the same time.These books were such a delight to read! They were quite humorous and entertaining throughout. I did like the first two books, Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P. and Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes, a little bit more than the third book, Lady Justice Gets Lei'd.These stories are about a retired realtor Walt Williams, who, after witnessing an elderly woman's purse get stolen, decides to join the police force as a "citizen patrol" officer. He is partnered up with a big officer named Ox (nickname) and they fight crime together. He lives in an apartment building that he owns and also has another building, a hotel for men down on their luck. He has a wonderful girlfriend who is also a realtor and he is friends with many elderly people who live in his buildings. I really liked all three books. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys mystery, humor and a little romance. I'm looking forward to more Walt Williams books!
Drewano More than 1 year ago
Similar to others in the series, book two in the Lady Justice Series takes us on a not-stop ride with senior citizen and police officer Walt Wittman which is full of humor. Just like the others in the series its has an over reaching thread but it’s really feels like a bunch of short stories where Walt moves from one ridiculous issue to the next. If you like the others in the series you’ll like this one as well.
Tangen More than 1 year ago
law-enforcement, seniors, humor, mystery The characters are a hoot, the mysteries are contemporary, the reminiscences are illuminating, and the situational humor is guaranteed to have any reader snorting their caffeine beverage! Walt retired from real estate and became a cop. His friends are also retirees of differing ages who wind up helping him. The publisher's blurb is helpful, but doesn't begin to prepare for situations like a bunch of people who never had reason to cook for themselves collaborating on a Thanksgiving dinner, or Walt's friends and lady friend helping him get dolled up in drag for an undercover assignment. With dry wit and humor, the interwoven tales add up to another great read!
Katherineb More than 1 year ago
If you don't read Robert Thornhill's second book, Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes, for any other reason, read it for the story of the 'family' Thanksgiving party. Putting the "usual suspects" together with no idea how to cook a big dinner is hilarious. They prove that it is the company that makes the day special, not the food. "Not exactly a traditional Thanksgiving, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. To honor the occasion, we joined hands around the table, and each in turn, shared one thing they were thankful for in their lives." Usually, the second book of a series is not as good as the first, but in this case, it is better, if that is possible. Mr. Thornhill has written what I consider another hilarious book, in case you could not figure that out from my previous comments. Two new people are added to the group, Maxine, a prostitute and friend to Willie and Jerry Singer, comedian extraordinaire (and a bit obnoxious). The cases that the little group of fearless? octogenarians solve involve Walt having to go undercover in several joke inspiring costumes, including a "john", a gay man, a transvestite and the final one of this book, which I will not impart to you. If you have read the first book, don't hesitate to pick this one up. Just do it when you don't have an important appointment coming up, because you will miss that appointment. Robert Thornhill writes a lot about what he knows in that he was a realtor for thirty years. Many of the characters in his book are based on people in his real life. He has a healthy sense of humor about all segments of life. He lives with his wife, Peg in Independence, Missouri.
sabragirl More than 1 year ago
Another good job from the author Robert Thornhill. Longer cases make for a more interesting read, and this time there were only two. While still the same characters, it's no longer quite as pun-filled and silly, which I appreciated. I enjoyed learning about more of the realtor's world, and what's right and wrong. Another short, fun, easy read.
MichelleC1 More than 1 year ago
Lady Justice and The Lost Tapes will take the reader on another action packed ride. As always Walt Williams finds himself in the middle of quite a few interesting and amusing situations. Robert Thornhill has written an interesting and page turning sequel to Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P. All of the characters we have come to know and love are included in this book and continue to help Walt in his fight against injustice and crime. Mr. Thornhill has written a unique and captivating series centered on Walt and his unlikely hero status. His career as an officer has turned into something that he is quite good at whether accidentally or by using skills he has learned from his childhood heroes. He has become an unsuspecting hero and provides the readers with situations that only Walt can find himself in. This is a well written and entertaining series that everyone will enjoy reading. I can't wait to read the next installment.