Lady Midrash: Poems Reclaiming the Voices of Biblical Women

Lady Midrash: Poems Reclaiming the Voices of Biblical Women

by Elisabeth Mehl Greene



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Lady Midrash: Poems Reclaiming the Voices of Biblical Women by Elisabeth Mehl Greene

What if the women of the Bible told their own stories? Lady Midrash: Poems Reclaiming the Voices of Biblical Women brings to life alternative interpretations and forgotten female perspectives from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Following in the footsteps of Jewish midrash, a storytelling tradition that explores the gaps in scripture, these poems re-examine the experiences of Biblical women. Sidelined heroines are celebrated. Supposed villainesses get to speak for themselves. Lady Midrash reverses convention, probes familiar narratives, attends to small moments, highlights peripheral and silent characters, and names the nameless. The imagination of midrash provides the reader with a creative space to rethink assumptions and reconsider the accounts of women in the Jewish and Christian traditions.

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ISBN-13: 9781498284196
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 06/03/2016
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Elisabeth Mehl Greene is a writer and composer working in the Washington DC area. She is a visiting researcher at the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. Greene received her doctorate from the University of Maryland. Lady Midrash is her first book.

Table of Contents

Foreword Kendra Weddle Irons xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xv

Part I Tanakh

Eye (The first woman) 3

Raouda (Ruth) 5

Vashti (Queen of Persia) 6

Nebiyah (The prophetess who bore Isaiahs children) 8

Hajar (Hagar) 10

Ya'el (Destroyer of Sisera) 12

Jezebel (Queen of Israel) 13

Jephthahs Daughter (The sacrifice) 16

Rahab (A woman of Jericho) 18

She'erah (The builder) 21

Shulamith (The beloved of Solomon) 22

Miriam (The prophetess) 23

Saffurah (Zipporah) 24

Khuldah (Huldah) 26

Dabourah (Deborah) 28

Hannah (The mother of Samuel) 29

Malikah (Queen of Sheba) 31

Bathsheba (The mother of Solomon) 33

Sahrai (Sarah) 35

Rebeqah (Rebecca) 37

Rahela (Rachel) 39

Joseph (The first child of facob and Rachel) 41

Shekinah (God) 43

Noadiah (The prophetess) 45

Irit (The wife of Lot) 46

Yidana (The witch of Endor) 49

Tamar (The three) 51

Delilah (The beloved of Samson) 53

Peninnah (Wife of Elkanah) 55

Women of the Decalogue (Women at Sinai) 57

Serakh bat Asher (Daughter of Jacob's son Asher) 59

Part II New Testament

Kalima (The Syro-Phoenician woman) 63

Shahar (The woman accused of adultery) 65

Maryam an-Nasiri (Mary, mother of Jesus) 67

Anna (The prophetess) 69

Salome (The dancer) 71

Junia (The apostle) 73

Samara (The Samaritan woman) 74

Philip's Daughters (Four women who prophesied) 76

Nuntia (The wife of Pilate) 77

The Maji (Wise travelers from the East) 79

Niyyah (The woman with the alabaster jar) 81

Sapphira (The woman accused of fraud) 83

Joanna (Wife of Herod's chief of staff) 84

Shoshan (Susanna) 85

Damaris (An Athenian) 86

Rhoda (A slave) 88

Tabitha (A disciple) 89

Laishah & Eunike (The grandmother and mother of Timothy) 90

Mariam al-Majdal (Mary Magdalene) 91

Prisca (Priscilla) 92

Phoebe (A deacon) 93

Ilisaba' (Elizabeth) 94

Candace (Queen of Ethiopia) 96

Bracha (The woman who blessed the mother of Jesus) 99

The "Other" Mary (One of many) 100

Kyria (Beloved lady of Second John) 102

Martha (Sister of Mary and Lazarus) 103

Tryphaena & Tryphosa (God's workers) 104

Lysia (A sister of Jesus) 105

Chloe (A leader of the church in Corinth) 106

Abbreviations 109

End Notes 111

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