Lake + Manning

Lake + Manning

by Jessica Hawkins

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A USA TODAY bestseller and the final book in the Something in the Way love saga.

Manning and I have what happily-ever-after is made of . . .
A home he built us on the unshakeable foundation we fought for.
A life of laughter carved out of heartache and betrayal.
A love story to stand the test of time.

But between a trust that can't be broken, joy that can't be bridled, and passion that would scorch the sun, the empty spaces are becoming more and more difficult to ignore . . .
Fears that keep Manning up at night as he slips from our bed.
Our complicated relationship with a man he respects and one I don't know how to forgive.
And a sprawling, beautiful home with one small room I'm afraid I'll never be able to fill.

Manning and I have what happily-ever-after is made of . . .
But I'll beg the heavens for just one thing more.

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BN ID: 2940158920028
Publisher: Jessica Hawkins
Publication date: 02/13/2018
Series: Something in the Way , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 100,612
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About the Author

Jessica Hawkins is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her “emotionally gripping” and “off-the-charts hot” romance. Dubbed “queen of angst” by both peers and readers for her smart and provocative work, she’s garnered a cult-like following of fans who love to be torn apart…and put back together.

She writes romance both at home in the California desert and around the world, a coffee shop traveler who bounces from café to café with just a laptop, headphones, and coffee cup. She loves to keep in close touch with her readers, mostly via Facebook, Instagram, and her mailing list.

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Lake + Manning 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been putting off reading the last two books in this series. I didn’t want to see where Lake and Manning we’re headed with each other. There was ALWAYS something or someone in the way. Their story was made for the stars. Thank you Ms. Hawkins for delivering an amazing series where I was positive I was going to have to buy a new iPad to read on because of how frustrated I was with Lake, Manning, or Tiffany. What an amazing love story that literally stood the test of time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Simply amazing! Prefect ending for these two even though I could keep reading more books about them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was amazing! I will miss their characters!
berry_nice More than 1 year ago
I miss them soo much already. I finished this 2 days ago. I was in awe and I swooned like crazy. The love between these 2 is bigger than them. Bigger than anything. I'm soo soo happy with their HEA because it was their happy. This last installment of the Something in the Way series was PERFECTION (maybe not perfect for me cause there's 1 issue I have to get past) BUT it was perfect for Lake & Manning and this is THEIR story not mine. No words will do this justice. I loved this book and I LOVED the entire series. It will be unforgetable!!! This author has made a huge fan out of me. I've loved everything she's written. She has a special way of telling stories. She makes me feel EVERYTHING! This story made me VERY emotional (every emotion was had)
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
5 PHENOMENAL STARS!! Lake and Manning's journey through this series, has been tough and beautiful with all the feels and believe me you feel every emotion. This book was the icing on the cake to their epic love story. Jessica Hawkins has put heart into these wonderful characters and we as readers will remember them for the rest of our lives. This is the series of a lifetime, so do yourself a favor and read it. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.
Naughty_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
I knew after I finished Move The Stars that Lake & Manning still had more life in them. Their story still felt incomplete to me, so I was completely over the moon when Jessica Hawkins announced fourth and final book in the series. The first three books in this series were known for their epic angst and slow burn. While Move The Stars did put an end to the dry spell, Lake + Manning really brought the heat this time around! Sexy with a side of dirty, a little bit of humour and a WHOLE mess of feels. Keep some tissue on hand. The author also seemed to manage the impossible. She actually made me end up liking Tiffany and Corbin, and threw in a surprise or two for good measure. Over the course of this series, I grew really attached to Lake & Manning, but at the end of this book I felt really content. Lake & Manning finally got to fully manifest their destinies and find their true path amongst a sky full of stars. I think they finally got everything I had ever wished for them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beautiful ending to series.
shabbyarora More than 1 year ago
I think we as readers, can't get enough of Lake + Manning and their incredible love story, which has defied all odds, stood tests of time and fate and has been a series of Bad Timings  This couple can't seem to catch a peaceful break. Now that they're together, don't for a second think that God's have cleared their path of all obstacles aka somethings in the way  The family still doesn't know they've found their way to the Big Bear, Tiffany doesnt know they're happy and moved on, Val & Corbin dont know their best friends secret and Daddy & Mom are still not talking to them And it hurts Lake +Manning  This wasn’t the same kind of obstacle we’d come up against in the past. Back then, we’d had a sliver of control over our destiny , and we’d taken that little bit and pushed it wide enough to make room for ourselves. This time, it was out of our hands. This was the circle of life, and I was being weeded out of the ground.  Manning has a rock solid constitution and a calm demeanour. His job to make Lake happy and protect her always !! Protect, Provide, Mate  And he's a master of all 3 ! He has crossed insurmountable mountains to be with her and he plans to keep her tightly by his side, come what may ! “You know I’ll always move the stars for you if need be,” he said. “Whatever it takes.” Manning and I had thought we’d moved the stars, but fate would get the last laugh.  But fate still holds back the tiny piece of happiness from them and the control has been taken from them. My heart just was full and I so wanted every happiness in the world for them I have to mention here, the story is so TRUE at this point of time, it's heartbreaking. I have torn through exact same scenario in my life and I can actually feel Lake's anguish and hear her pleas. Like seriously!! So this story has been kind of personal for me and i loved the writing, the sentiments echoed and the smiles thereafter.  Manning Raymond Sutter saw Lake Dolly Sutter one hot day in July at a construction site and she lost a bracelet , while he lost his heart. Now almost 25 year later, while moving together in their backyard, surrounded by family of kids and dogs, & A Badass mom who can drive a stick their hearts are full, so is ours! 5 "MHM" Stars
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
the something in the way series was originally a trilogy, but after move the stars the characters still had more story. and so we have lake + manning. and this time, these books aren't about finding their way to each other. this is the story of how do we make sure our happy ending stays happy. finding their way to each other has hurt and angered a lot of people. manning is lake's sister's ex-husband. that's weird. there were many reasons why they shouldn't have stayed together. the intensity of their love, of their connection has always silenced the naysayers. you don't see them together and doubt that they belong to each other. so they set about making peace with lake's family. and doing this frees them up to a deeper commitment. marriage. family. this is what both lake and manning want most of all. and for a long time it seems like they won't get it. there are moments where lake feels like she's failing manning, that he'll never have what he wants if she doesn't let him go free. because it hasn't sunk in yet. she doesn't quite understand how much she owns manning. she's always understood how much he's owned her. but she's never quite comprehended how much he owns her back. and so we see them struggle and yet, never fall apart. they belong to each other wholly now. and this book is about what that means for their life together. and while their story felt whole after move the stars, this ending is spot on. it makes sense for their story to end here. **lake + manning will publish on february 13, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of jessica hawkins in exchange for an honest review.
Tatia More than 1 year ago
You know those books you read where when you get to the end you're pissed because it's over? That's how Lake+Manning made me feel. I DEVOURED this book. It's probably my favorite of the series. It's the one that makes me want to start all over in hopes of experiencing something new this time around. I'm so glad Jessica Hawkins wasn't done with their story. I'm glad that the voices didn't stop. It makes me even happier to have gotten the ending that I desire out of all of my favorites stories. It's the "more" that we speak of when we say we didn't get enough. It's what happens after the happily ever after. We suspect it's all rainbows and sunshine, and maybe it is for some. But all of us who have been following Lake and Manning's story from the beginning know that that's never been their story. Nothing has ever been easy except for when they let their guardS down. If you've been on the edge of your seat throughout this series, don't relax yet. The best is yet to come in the conclusion to one of my favorite series. If there's one thing Ms. Hawkins knows how to do it's that she can write a story that keeps us enthralled. We have to know what happens. And the endings usually make us a bit crazy. We wouldn't love her writing if it were any other way. It's the reason I fell in love with her stories to begin with. The drama. The angst. The physical heart and stomach ache that I get from the anticipation of what's to come next. I love every word. This story just fed my addiction!
lenoraww More than 1 year ago
This is by far one of my favorite series ever. Lake and Manning are incredible. I gotta be honest. When I read the last page of "Move The Stars" I was devastated. Too know that it was the End of Lake and Manning was completely heartbreaking. I wanted so much more of them. I grieved like I had actually had to say goodbye to a beloved living breathing person/persons. I didn't feel like their story was over. There were still so much I wanted to know. Then I was rewarded with a fourth book. I've tried really hard not to give spoilers away from either book. I believe this is a series that you should experience each and every thing without the knowledge of spoilers. This book is no exception. But I will say that when I read the last page of this book; I didn't feel as if the story wasn't completely finished. I felt closure. I felt at peace with the conclusion of this story. Don't get me wrong if Jessica was to say she was doing a fifth book I'd be all over that like white on rice. I don't think I could ever get enough of Lake+Manning.
CarolN27 More than 1 year ago
Lake + Manning is the stunning conclusion in the Something in the Way series. It has all the words, all the scenes, and all the moments we’ve been waiting for. This series has revealed one of the most beautiful, tender, and moving love stories I have ever read. Jessica Hawkins has poured her heart and soul into this series. As a reader, I love to see the growth and progression of an author's work. This is what I most appreciate about Jessica's writing. She continues to reach new heights as she reaches for the next rung on the ladder. All of this is done while connecting with her audience. You hang onto every word as you find yourself relating to these characters. This series has carved a place in my heart forever!
RLLind More than 1 year ago
I’ve been in love with Lake and Manning’s story since the very first book, and this one added an whole new dimension to their love story. I loved how the story evolved. How Lake and Manning grew as a couple and on their own. The sub-characters were fantastic, and I loved seeing what happened in their lives. This book had me in tears so many times. There were so many real feelings, so many things that hit me right in the heart, pulling me in and making me fall deeper in love with the way things played out. The end of this story couldn’t be more perfect. It was more than I could have ever hoped for, and all that it should have been.
CarleneInspired More than 1 year ago
I am going to pretend that I didn't finish this book, that I'm somewhere in the middle, in the midst of the drama between Lake and Manning as they sort out being adults TOGETHER. My favorite couple, finally with a complete story, and I should be super happy, but I'm more sad. I've loved these two, so so much, so this book, this final ending to their story, is overwhelming. I could read books about these two forever. This won't be my normal style of review, because I'm just far too emotionally invested in this story. Broken into several parts and spanning many years, we get to see Lake and Manning as grown ups; we get to see that all the angst and pain and heartbreak was worth the fight to be together. Like the rest of the Something in the Way series, Lake + Manning follows the journey of the loving couple who fought against all odds to be together. As the fourth book in a series, it finally centers around the two as a couple after they have overcome so much. They are each other's family, they are each other's world, but they also want more and this book is the story of that something more. The Something in the Way series is an epic saga, a journey filled with emotions that will make you fall in love and cry as you read and Lake + Manning is the perfect ending. (even if I am not ready for it just yet.) "He and I were solid - we'd moved the stars on our own." Told from Lake's perspective, Lake + Manning takes us into adulthood, our main characters finding themselves sharing a home and a dog together as they go about their dream careers. We revisit the pain of the past, the family ties once severed, the friends who stuck by them, and the natural flow of the relationship they moved the stars for. There's always been a serious tone to the series, but it was even more apparent in this final book. The book reads like an adults story, our young, impressionable Lake and strong, determined Manning finally embracing that they must accept their flaws and their great things in order to be great together. There's some angst, because it wouldn't be a Jessica Hawkins book without it, but it definitely is more of a love story, an easy, natural, realistic story. It's about a happy couple and some of their setbacks, but it's mostly a novel that will bring joy to every readers heart that ever fell for Lake and Manning in the series. " 'Has it always been him?' 'Always' " Yes, Something in the Way could have been complete as a trilogy, as it was first planned, but Lake + Manning is the sort of ending that readers, and Jessica Hawkins, needed. It's a book that comforts, that makes you feel joy, that gives you faith in a relationship that took so much work. It is such a passionate book, one that clearly took time to tell, and I am so appreciative for this little final bit of Birdy and her Bear. It's unforgettable, the best sort of book with the best sort of characters. I'll miss them and if you haven't met them yet, you should. I'm going to go cry now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was the perfect way to end this series. After Move the Stars ended, I really felt myself yearning to find out what happened after Lake & Manning's reconciliation. This story was a unique view of what happens after the Happily Ever After that we don't normally don't get to see. The way the struggles of real life can catch up with you and how difficult it can be to navigate relationships with difficult family dynamics. Lake & Manning's love story is EPIC and will go down forever as one of my most favorite series of books. In this book more than the others, I thought you could feel the love and devotion that Manning has for Lake. It dripped right off the pages. I'm not ashamed to say that I laughed and cried while reading this book but very happy with the way it all wrapped up.
PamLCT More than 1 year ago
What a absolutely beautiful ending! There is a different vibe about this book. This author really knows how to write emotions that the reader feels deep inside with every word. This entire book had a more calm undertone, but was so very emotional at the same time. Be prepared for a few surprises and unknowns that make this story that much more exciting. If you're made it this far you already know Lake and Manning are together. They've finally made it to their happy ever after, but there's still one more dream they're both hoping to fulfill and things aren't going as planned. I loved the calm and cool Manning who loved Lake with so much intensity that it gave me goosebumps. You can absolutely feel the love Lake and Manning exhibit toward one another all throughout this story. I did a complete 180 with my feelings for Manning from the first book until the end. I really felt that Manning was the true hero here and loved Lake beyond measure. Big Bear + Birdy forever! Again, I laughed, I cried, and felt Lake & Manning's intense love for each other all throughout this story. I was so distraught for their situation and found my own self begging for their dreams to come true. I loved that Manning was so careful and patient with Lake, but he was also a totally dirty-talking alpha. It's like he saved it all up for their special times together and it totally rocked. I thought book three was a perfect ending, but it doesn't come anywhere near to what this book showed us. Thank you so much for this last bit of Lake and Manning's story. It definitely wouldn't have been the same without it. This is book 4 of the series and is not a standalone book. These books must be read in order. I can't recommend this series enough! If you've not read it, you need to get on it ASAP. This hit a 6-star category for me. As Lake & Manning Move the Stars, so did I.... to 6-stars.
bookbruin More than 1 year ago
After the end of Move the Stars, I was happy with the epic love story Jessica Hawkins had delivered. I never imagined that we would get more Lake and Manning, but I wished and hoped that there was still more story to tell. Jessica delivered that and so much more! Lake + Manning was the perfect cherry on top to this beautiful and enduring love story. Please note, this is not a stand alone, and should only be read after enjoying the previous 3 books in the series. Readers have cheered and cried right alongside Lake and Manning as they've fought to get to their happily ever after. Timing never seems to be on their side and though the angst didn't feel quite as high this time around, the feelings and emotions are just as gripping and consuming. Fans of this series already know that this journey has been filled with ups and downs, so saying this book is emotional shouldn't come as a surprise to any one. You will laugh, swoon, and fist pump the air at times, but others will have you aching and crying as the events unfold. Every minute of Lake and Manning's happiness has been so painstakingly earned that readers won't be able to stop themselves from falling deeper in love with them. Add in a smoking hot Manning, in ultra sexy protective alpha great bear mode and ovaries will be exploding everywhere. All the characters we love (and those we love to hate) make appearances and it added such a wonderful layer to the story and really brought everything full circle. I think there's something for everyone this time around and no reader will be left wanting. This truly was the perfect wrap up to Lake and Manning's story and I can't recommend this series enough! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
VoxLibris More than 1 year ago
If you have followed the saga of Lake and Manning since Something in the Way (and if you have not, I urge you to STOP READING THIS REVIEW right now - RIGHT NOW - because it will contain spoilers for the three books), then you know that our favorite why-aren't-they-together couple fought several seemingly insuperable obstacles before they were, finally, united. When I finished Move the Stars, I thought, "Okay. Thank you, Jessica Hawkins, for how you brought these two together." I didn't think I needed a fourth book. I didn't think I needed to read about more conflict between Lake and Manning. Jessica Hawkins, though, had other ideas. She knew her story was not finished. She knew that there were a few more things that Lake and Manning had to battle before they could truly find their happily-ever-after. And so now we get to spend more time with them, and what makes this book so fantastic is that we get to spend time with Lake and Manning together. Whereas they fought to be a couple - or fought against it, as the case may be - for three books, here they fight as one. The conflicts that Hawkins throws at them are organic and feel authentic. They do not feel forced or histrionic. When Lake says, "We had ways of molding the universe to meet our demands," you know that the emphasis here is on the word "we." If you learned anything about Lake and Manning over the course of the first three books, it is that they fight for what they want and what they need. They fight for what they deserve. Jessica Hawkins keeps them true to this ethos, never manipulating them into behaving in ways that feel inauthentic. Lake + Manning, it turns out, equals the perfect ending to a favorite couple's love story.
Bludazie More than 1 year ago
Have you ever read a book about characters that you're so invested in, that they become like your friends and family? You feel like you know them, but you lost touch with them and you don't know what has been going on with them lately? Lake + I’m Manning is that relationship for me. Jessica giving us this 4th and final book in the Something in the Way series is a gift I will never take for granted. You must have read the first 3 books in this series to read this one, and if you've made it through the other three. Congratulations! You ran the emotional marathon with the rest of us and we're here to see what becomes of Lake and Manning after their tumultuous ride to a happy ever after. This book ties up many, if not all the questions you have from the previous books. And in true Jessica Hawkins fashion, she takes you on a emotional tour of ups and downs for many characters. Not just the beloved title characters. There will be moments you will laugh, cry, swear, and moments when you need to take a breath and look back on the road that not only Lake and Manning have traveled; but you the reader as well. The expert way in which Jessica weaves beloved and treasured elements from the complete series in to the final book is nothing short of amazing. And something I didn't know I needed. But feel so complete and resplendent having been giving them by the masterful Ms. Hawkins! I can't explain the emotions of reading Lake + Manning, I feel like I finally was able to finally breathe and allow myself to accept all the bumps and bruises we the readers might've taken with these books. There was a certain moment towards the end, where I literally felt my wall crumble and experienced a rush of emotions. I can honestly say no other series or writer has given me a moment like this. Lake + Manning is everything I could've wanted and so much more. I will never forget the ride or the conductor (Ms. Jessica Hawkins). Nor will I forget the connections I've made through this series.
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
When I heard that Ms. Hawkins was going to give us book 4 in this series, I was over the moon. I loved how the series had ended with book 3, but I wanted to see where she was going to take it with book 4. I was held completely spellbound as I finished Lake and Manning's story. This was the perfect bow on the package that is their life. I loved getting this final chapter in their life and seeing where their friends and family ended up as well. The writing was so good and it gave me a chance to spend more time with characters I have fallen in love with. This was a great way to end this series and readers will not be disappointed. Loved it!
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
This is what the HEA looks like after Lake and Manning moved the stars to finally be together! I wasn't sure Ms. Hawkins could add more to their story and do them justice without minimizing the significance of their hard fought union or their connection and spark. Oh why did I question where she would take me, because I have learned that Ms. Hawkins never disappoints! I absolutely loved the direction she took us! It was so compelling, passionate, emotional, and honest. It made me love Lake & Manning even more for their strength, love and devotion. They support one another, challenge each other and have fun together. Their passion and chemistry only gets more explosive. This story was about life and the twists and turns it throws at you but can rise above together. The epilogue was everything I wanted for these star crossed lovers and more! This is truly a spectacular ending to an epic love story!
Allie88 More than 1 year ago
I need a moment of silence to mourn the loss of these characters. They've been in my life for almost a year now and I don't know how to let them go. I have been on this journey with Lake, Manning and company since the very beginning. The author warned us that it would be a difficult road to travel, but she also said to trust her.... and thank goodness I did because the end result is more than worth it. I'm not going to go into details about Lake + Manning, just know you should experience it for yourself. I think it should be obvious, but please make sure to read Something in the Way, Somebody Else's Sky and Move the Stars before reading the final conclusion of Lake + Manning! I have never been more invested in a book series the way I have been with this one. There hasn't been a day that's gone by that I don't think about the characters. They are a part of my soul and I don't think they'll ever leave... and I don't want them to. I'm not ready to say goodbye. If you have any lingering questions about the series, they are all wrapped up in L+M. I do not have a single complaint- this whole novel was perfection from start to finish. Manning is *EVERYTHING* I have ever wanted, hoped for and dreamed about. This series will bring out every emotion. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I got angry... and repeat. Jessica Hawkins is one of the most talented authors I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She is simply one of the best! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WAY to long and repedative. This series could have been 2 books and that would have been plenty.