Land For Love And Money: Volume 1

Land For Love And Money: Volume 1

by Reid Lance Rosenthal


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Land For Love And Money: Volume 1 by Reid Lance Rosenthal

Instructional, humorous, and intriguing anecdotes on land and real estate purchase, sale, conservation and management. Chilling warnings of International, Federal, State and local grabs for your real estate and property rights; Agenda 21, Smart-Growth, Regionalism, the EPA and FDIC-not the friends of land and real estate owners. This is an absolutely unique, highly controversial digest of secrets shared by an expert with a forty-two year, 1.5 billion dollar plus career in land. You will laugh, you will frown and you will shake your head in disbelief.

These real-life stories, about successes and failures, are packed with essential truths and valuable instruction. Spiritual and financial lessons gleaned from all facets of land, and land-based real estate transactions, regardless of size, use, or location-from one-third of an acre to thousands. Today's uncertain climate and unstable economic times make these professional secrets invaluable-purchase, sale, value, tax benefit, banking systems, and even the darker facets of federal and state attempts at control-everything is covered here-affording you the opportunity to use the tempest to your advantage.

Are you an owner of land or real estate of any size, type or location? A wanna-be owner searching for an inflation safeguard? A haven? Lifestyle change? Security? Nostalgic for the rural roots of your youth? Tax Advantage? Spiritual connection? Family legacy? Forced to sell? These volumes will instruct, entertain, and open your eyes to the joys, and the dangers. The book studies many previously taboo, or ignored subjects you need to know-all critical to your enjoyment of, and profit from, your land and real estate:

Agenda 21-The global grab for all private property rights

Mammoth guaranteed real estate profits to banks-all from YOUR pocket and your real estate values

Why your banker says no-what's really happening behind the vault doors

This ain't your mama's appraisal-the rules have changed

When it's time for the seller to sign the dotted line-forget price-let's talk net

Looking under the rocks-due diligence and the PPPPP Rule can save a wreck

The government is not here to help you-and it might be on purpose

Buying and selling smart-the silver lining in an age of upheaval

Conservation Easements-get paid to do the right thing-but be careful!

Based on the experience and insider knowledge of a fourth-generation land and cattleman, realtor and #1 bestselling, multiple award winning author, Reid Lance Rosenthal's career spans multiple states, three countries and two continents. Reid's first non-fiction work is drawn from over five thousand transactions and laced with true anecdotes of the good, bad and ugly with no-holds-barred, real time, hard-hitting facts-and must know warnings-critical to your heart, your wallet and the future of your property rights.

The associated CD/DVD workbook, Green for Green, coming in 2014, will be loaded with graphs, charts, checklists, unique contract provisions, and actual, highly unusual, but proven deal structures­ (many developed by the author). Land for Love and Money tells all-the good, bad and ugly-of land and land related residential and other improvements and operations. Balm for your heart, enhancement of your wallet, protection of your future, land and real estate-the foundations of freedom-for soul, for security, for you.

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ISBN-13: 9780982157657
Publisher: Rockin' SR Publishing
Publication date: 07/26/2012
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Reid is one of the leading authorities on ranch, farm, recreation, and rural property acquisition, improvements, preservation, finance, tax, conservation easement grants and transaction structuring. As fourth generation land and cattle, his long-standing devotion to wild and remote places and leaving a legend and footprint upon America and the American West is inspiration for his writing.

Table of Contents

Section I Finding Land-Purchasing or Walking Away 1

Chapter 1 Does the Land Speak to You? 3

Chapter 2 Grab the Brass Ring: Time to Purchase 13

Chapter 3 Looking Under the Rocks 16

Chapter 4 Buying Smart: The "PPPPP Rule" 24

Chapter 5 Partners Are People: There Are Good, Bad and Very Bad 30

Section II Things Not Thought of-The Fiscal and the Politics 45

Chapter 6 State/Local Politics, Finance and Taxes 46

Chapter 7 "Did You Remember the Shovel?" 51

Chapter 8 Give Back to Get Back: Plan for the Land 56

Section III Government, Regulation, Finance, the Purchase, the Sale-Rowing Through the Perfect Storm 67

Chapter 9 You Want a Loan? (Banker Slaps His Thigh and Laughs) Dodd-Frank Act-Diabolical Regulation 68

Chapter 10 The Brave New World and the Big "Gotcha" The Appraisal-It Can Blow Your Deal or Cost You Cash 80

Chapter 11 Pigs Are Fat and Happy-Hogs Get Slaughtered 92

Chapter 12 We Are from the Government, and We Are Here to Help You. NOT! 98

Chapter 13 Finance in the Age of Fiscal Free Fall-The Silver Lining 116

Chapter 14 When Love and Money Collide: The Purchase: Buying Smart-The Devil Is in the Details 127

Chapter 15 Tax with a Twist 143

Section IV This Isn't the City-What the Neighbors Say When You Leave the Room 157

Chapter 16 Small Towns: Americana for the Soul 158

Chapter 17 With the Speed of Light 160

Chapter 18 Adam's Rib 162

Chapter 19 Fire Engines, Hospital Beds and Goal Posts 168

Chapter 20 The Uproar 177

Chapter 21 Cows Gone Wild 184

Section V Conservation-Getting Paid to Do the Right Thing 191

Chapter 22 What Is a Conservation Easement? 192

Chapter 23 The Soul and Dollars of Preservation: The Easement Epiphany 196

Chapter 24 Reserved Rights: Key to Future Flexibility and Value 200

Chapter 25 Easements in the Current "Class Warfare" Political Environment 206

Conclusion: This Ain't Your Mama's Sack of Silver: Land-A Class of Its Own 209

Green for Green Workbook Description for Volume One 211

Land for Love and Money: Volumes Two and Three-A Taste 213

Resources 215

Glossary 219

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Land For Love And Money: Volume 1 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish this book had been out and on my shelf when I purchased my first acreage, with a home, last year. I am chastising myself for some of the mistakes I made after reading Land for Love and Money, but the wealth of information in this volume will stand me in good stead as an owner, and eventually as a seller. I lowered my property taxes by almost $2,000 within days of finishing the book, and am already implementing several more of your ideas. I learned about both micro and big picture matters I did not know existed--but my eyes are wide open now. Your stories were thoroughly instructive, amusing, and in a few cases, horrifying. I shook my head at myself as I recalled being in some of the same situations portrayed in your anecdotes as a purchaser, and now as an owner. Except now, after having read Land for Love and Money, I have a far better appreciation of how to deal profitably and spiritually with what comes the way of my land, home and heart. Thank you, Mr. Rosenthal, for sharing this fascinating wealth of information in such a thoroughly understandable and amusing way!
Reviewingismyforte 12 months ago
As Reid Lance Rosenthal confidently asserts: “I am convinced that all people have the innate capability to feel the mystical tug of land.” His philosophical approach to the question of land and land ownership epitomizes the spirit of all those who have sought to flee urban mediocrity in search of the wide open spaces. The richness of Rosenthal’s prose immediately assures one that here is an author who truly loves his own land, America, both deeply and profoundly. The same spirit that gave rise to such screen epics as How the West was Won and Gone with the Wind clearly imbues his work. Along with Rosenthal’s ability to respond to the romantic appeal of the land comes a sound, commonsensical approach to the qualities that are required to purchase, sell, conserve, and manage it, in such a way as to render the resource even more valuable than it naturally one was, or might still be, in its native state. The “stunning snowcapped backdrop” is counterpoised against the more material issues of “irrigation delivery, ponds, livestock-related management changes and fence replacement.” Central to his realtor skills that enable Rosenthal to seek out the ideal ranch for his topnotch clientele, is the sense of humor that enables him to see himself as others see him—he finds it highly amusing that he tends, due to his down-dressing and to his driving of a “pickup covered with the dust of a thousand miles of dirt roads,” to be viewed rather suspiciously at first by other realtors with whom he then goes on to conclude winning business transactions (totaling over 5000 land and real estate deals spanning four decades, and with a market value exceeding $1.5 billion in widely varying, and multiple, states). The fluent pace of Rosenthal’s writing makes this guide to the ins and outs of coping with your own piece(s) of real estate, no matter how small or large, and especially during a time of financial upheaval and attempted land and property grabs, extremely readable. The result is that, even though some of the issues covered tend to be rather cut and dried (especially those regarding regulation and taxes), Land for Love and Money reads very easily. In short, the author makes even potentially relatively difficult passages easy to understand for, and highly accessible to, the lay person. The personal anecdotes that he relates throughout also help to ensure that what he has to say has a fresh and riveting impact. The central text of this work is supplemented by a helpful list of online resources, as well as by an instructive glossary that neatly and concisely defines the basics of such aspects as Agenda 21, and the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA). The volume described is the first of only three in a series, of which the second is already out, with each of the volumes being accompanied by an aptly named Green for Green workbook in a CD-DVD format, so that it makes for ideal college reading.  
Topaz10Nov More than 1 year ago
Impressed! I read many non-fiction books, have a 1/3 acre lot in suburbia, and am actively searching for a few acres in a southeastern U.S. rural setting, for investment, family legacy, fun times for the family, and security--"just in case".  It is rarely that I read a non-fiction book that has a story line, great instructive anecdotes and loads of information that I can put to immediate use now and in the future. However, Rosenthal's style and stories are engaging. I found myself both laughing and raising my eyebrows, and I learned from each and every one. A number of chapters are eye opening--Agenda 21, conservation easements and how critical "non real estate" realities are to one's long term enjoyment and profit from their real estate. The book is loaded with useful instruction without the typical dry text. My husband and I have already employed some of the author's ideas in money savings and planned improvements on our tiny suburban real estate, and the tips for rural land search, purchase, and guidelines for decision-making are simply invaluable even though we are looking for only two to five acres. Many of the stories have to do with larger places--but his lessons, as I think he clearly intended, are universal--they can be applied to any piece of real estate. The extra layers of what considerations should go into a search (local government policies, state financial stability and tax, mind set of community) are things we simply did not pay attention to, but now understand to be of critical importance to our long term financial planning and emotional aspirations for our little slice of future heaven. Highly recommend this book to ANYONE owning or wanting to own land based real estate of any size, anywhere. It will make you think--and like us, likely save or make you money. We look forward to the second in this series. 
linergirl More than 1 year ago
I knew there would be a wealth of knowledge from the very experienced rancher, Reid Rosenthal, however, I was pleasantly surprised in how much I enjoyed this book. Wasn't expecting to laugh out loud and tear up reading a land/business book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago