The Land for the People: How to Obtain it and How to Manage It

The Land for the People: How to Obtain it and How to Manage It

by Charles Wicksteed


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Valuation of the Land of the UnitedTotal Rental, iEstimated at Thirty Times the Ground Rent proposed to be paid to theincreasing at the Interest on Rate of Bonds, which is One per Cent. per Annually Reduced 1 Annum, by all the all Surplus overReduction of Taxation by the Appropriation of theS" oGo?ntrBonds, i beingpplied to £i /- pi Rise in Rentthe Original . Interest annuallyset free by Redemption ofd ' fcreaeema le at par, Redemption.applied toBonds. Interest at the rateRedemption of of 3% per Cent. %per Annum.Bonds. I3,OOO,OOO,OOO IOO,OOO,OOOIOO,OOO,OOO 2 '3,000,000,000 IOO,OOO,OOOIOI,OOO,OOO 32,999,000,00099,977,777I02,OIO,OOO33,33342,997,O9O,OOO99,903,000103,030,00097,000S2,994,060,00099,802,000104,060,300198,00062,989,999,70099,666,659105,100,903333,34172,984,898,79799,496,622106,152,012503,37482,978,746,78599,291,559107,213,532708,44192,971,533,25399,051,108 108,285,667948,892102,963,247,58698,774,919 109,368,5231,225,081ii2,953,879,06398,462,635 110,462,208!, 537,365122,943,417,85598,113,928 111,566,8301,886,072132,931,851,02597,728,367 112,682,4982,271,633142,919,168,52797,3o5,CI7 "3, 809,3222,694,383IS2.905,359,20596,845,306 i 114,947,4153,154,694162,890,411,79096,347,0591 16,0174,8893,652,941172,874,314,90195,810,496"7,257,8574,189,504182,857,057,04495,235,234 t "8,430,4354,764,766192,838,627,60994,620,920 119,614,7395,379,080202,819,012,87093,967,092120,810,8866,032,908212,798,201,98 I 93,273,399122,018,9946,726,611222,776,182,990 92,539,433 ! 123,239,1837,460,567232,752,943,807 91,764,793124,471,5748,235,207242,728,472,233 90,949,074125,716,2899,050,926252,702,755,93490,091,864126,973,4519,908,136262,675,782,48389,192,749128,243,18510,807,251272,647,539,298 ; 88,251,310129,525,61611,748,790282,618,013,682 ' 87,267,123130,820,874I3',76o,'24o292,587,192,80886,239,7...

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Publication date: 02/25/2019
Pages: 130
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