Land Mobile Radio Systems

Land Mobile Radio Systems

by Edward N. Singer


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ISBN-13: 9780135225257
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 04/28/1989
Pages: 304

Table of Contents

1. Getting an Overview.
2. Examining Conventional FM Mobile Radio Systems.
3. Avoiding Problems with Squelch Systems.
4. Combining Receivers and Transmitters into One Antenna.
5. Controlling Frequencies.
6. Improving and Extending Area Coverage.
7. Conserving Spectrum.
8. The Ties that Bind.
9. Marrying Computer Technology and Land Mobile Radio Systems.
10. Taking Part in the Digital Revolution.
11. Using Pager Systems.
12. Keeping Your System Operating When the Electrical Power Fails.
13. Improving Radio Shop Management.
14. Minimizing Lightning Damage to Your System.
15. Understanding Land Mobile Radio Propagation.
16. Solving Radio Interference Problems.
17. Communications in Enclosed Areas.
18. Automatically Locating Your Vehicles.
19. Using Satellites for Land Mobile Communication Systems.
20. Obtaining Station Licenses and Frequency Coordination.

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