The Landlord's Kit: A Complete Set of Ready-to-Use Forms, Letters, and Notices to Increase Profits, Take Control, and Eliminate the Hassles of Property Management

The Landlord's Kit: A Complete Set of Ready-to-Use Forms, Letters, and Notices to Increase Profits, Take Control, and Eliminate the Hassles of Property Management

by Jeffrey Taylor


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The Landlord's Kit: A Complete Set of Ready-to-Use Forms, Letters, and Notices to Increase Profits, Take Control, and Eliminate the Hassles of Property Management by Jeffrey Taylor

As seen in news media stories nearly every day, more and more properties for sale are not selling due to an oversaturated market and rising interest rates. Tens of thousands of homeowners have turned to renting out their properties. It is essential that they quickly learn how to market to ideal renters, communicate in such a way to collect timely rent, retain residents long-term, and get them to properly maintain the premises (doing all this without losing everything, including their sanity).

In this fully updated and revised edition of the bestselling The Landlord's Kit, Jeffrey Taylor, “Mr. Landlord,” the nation’s leading authority for landlords and property managers, provides every form or checklist a landlord would ever need to communicate with tenants to be successful. From the rental advertisement and initial interaction/screening to leasing, collecting rents, maintenance, lease violations, retention, and property turnover, effective landlord-tenant communications can mean the difference between making big profits or losing thousands of dollars when renting residential properties.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781427754684
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publication date: 12/04/2007
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Jeffrey Taylor, also known as “Mr. Landlord,” is the nation’s leading communications expert for landlords and property managers. He has been an owner of numerous rental properties from single family homes to apartment communities for 25 years. He is the founder of Mr. Landlord, Inc., a national property management-consulting firm that coaches landlords.

Table of Contents

Part 1Application and Verification1
Rental Availability Hot Sheet8
Daily Phone Summary9
House for Rent10
Most Popular Upgrades to Offer All New Residents11
Utility Expenses12
Follow-Up to Inquiry13
Rental Application/Future Homebuyer14
Application Addendum--Acceptance of Terms18
Holding Deposit Receipt20
New Resident Checklist21
Priority Waiting List Request23
Cosigner Agreement24
Pet Application/Registration Form25
Consent to Perform Credit, Background, and Reference Checks26
Law Enforcement Report Waiver27
Employment Verification28
Landlord Verification29
Questions to Ask Former Landlord(s)30
Credit Reference Verification31
Bank Reference Verification32
Verification and Authorization for Transfer of Security Deposit33
Approval of Rental Application34
Approval of Additional Resident/Roommate35
Rental Application--Return of Deposit36
Reason for Nonacceptance37
Denial Based on Credit Report38
Part 2Leasing Forms and Addendums39
Rental Agreement47
Property Condition Checklist53
30-Day Guarantee54
Receipt for Keys55
Rent-Up Checklist56
Receipt of New Home Manual57
Move-In Information for New Residents58
Welcome to the Neighborhood!59
Announcement and Upgrade Survey to Current Residents60
Payday Payment Plan Is Now Available61
Invitation to All Residents for Worry Free Payments62
Notice of Accountability63
Transfer Utilities Form64
Move-In Checklist65
Roommate Security Deposit Addendum66
Option to Limit Future Rent Increases67
Pet Addendum68
Garage/Storage Rental Agreement69
Nonapparent Disclosure70
Waterbed Agreement71
Oil Agreement72
Parking Agreement73
Crime Free Lease Addendum74
EPA Lead Pamphlet75
Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint or Lead-Based Paint Hazards91
Military Addendum92
Lease Extension Agreement93
Notice of Change/Amendment to Rental Agreement94
Part 3Collection and Violation Notices95
Welcome New Resident and Future Home Buyer102
Future Homebuyer Vouchers103
Rent Statement/Invoice104
Tenant Late Rent Warning and Excuses105
Notice of Strict Enforcement of Rental Policies106
Rent Payment Schedule Worksheet107
Returned Check Notice108
Late Fee Due109
Notice to Perform or Quit110
Rental Upkeep Violation111
Excessive Utility Usage112
Garbage Violation Notice113
Noise Violation Notice114
Automobile Violation115
Pet Rule Violation116
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit117
Notice of Attorney Involvement118
Ten Reasons Why You Should Not To Feel Guilty about Evictions119
Good Tenant Letter120
72-Hour Warning Notice to Report Poor Performance121
Sample Letter to National Credit Reporting Agency to Report a Judgment122
Financial Assistance Available123
Partial Payment Acceptance124
Promissory Note125
Example of Letter to Emergency Contact (Parents)126
Notice to Terminate Tenancy127
Request for Judgment128
Notice of Judgment129
Collection Letter130
Notice of Debt Forgiveness131
Notice to Reclaim Personal Property132
No Trespass Notice133
Part 4Maintenance and management135
Introduction to Property Management Company141
Maintenance Guarantee142
Emergency Numbers and Regular Maintenance Numbers143
Lock-Out Assistance Receipt144
Resident Grievance and Appeal Procedure145
Inspection Due146
Notice of Intent to Enter147
Drive-By Rental Inspection Notice148
Full Inspection Report149
Inspection Failure Report150
Free Spring Home Tune-Up151
Summer Checklist for Residents152
Preparation for Colder Weather153
Maintenance Request154
Independent Contractor Agreement155
Key Release156
Time Estimate for Repair157
Acknowledgment of Renovation to Be Done158
Repair Completion Receipt159
Mold Addendum160
Safety Letter161
Resident Release for Use of Recreational Items162
Smoke Detector Check163
Satellite Dish and Antenna Addendum164
Leakage Letter165
Utility Budget Notification166
Freeze Warning167
Security Notice168
Accident/Incident Report169
Reward for Reporting Crime170
Suspicious Activity Record171
Property Management Agreement172
Power of Attorney175
Part 5Retention, turnover, and advertising177
Updated Resident Information185
Year-End Resident Survey186
Special Thank You Note187
Holiday Gift Certificate188
Statement to Resident of Interest Earned on Security Deposit189
Renter's Insurance190
Anniversary Agenda Checklist191
3-Star Program Anniversary Letter192
Notice of Rent Increase193
Renew Early--Save Money194
Resident's Notice of Intent to Vacate195
Planning to Move?196
Notice To Vacating Resident197
End of Lease Notice198
Response to Vacating with Short Notice199
Agreement to Cancel Lease200
Relet Agreement201
Receive Your Full Deposit Back When You Move!202
Security Deposit Refund Requirements203
Move Out and Reminder Letter204
Resident Exit Survey205
Itemization of Security Deposit Return206
Vacant Units Checklist207
Cleaning Make Ready--Rental Unit Preparation208
Vacancy Makeover Checklist209
Rental Market Survey210
For Rent Flyer211
Resident Referral Policy Agreement212
Hello Neighbor Letter213
Student Housing Letter214
Marketing Letter to Local Businesses215
Marketing Letter to Brokers216
Notice of Sale of Property--Transfer of Ownership217
Certificate of Recognition218
Final Comments and Challenge219
Special Offers225

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