Landlord's Rights and Duties in Massachusetts

Landlord's Rights and Duties in Massachusetts

by Joseph P. Di Blasi, Mark Warda

Paperback(2 ED)

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ISBN-13: 9781572481077
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/01/1999
Series: Monuments of Early Russian Literature Series
Edition description: 2 ED
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.01(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Using Self-Help Law Books1
Chapter 1Laws That Govern Rental Property5
Massachusetts Landlord/Tenant Law
Massachusetts Statutes
Local Laws
Federal Laws
Doing Further Research
Chapter 2Creating the Landlord/Tenant Relationship9
Certificate of Occupancy
Health Inspection and Certificate
Lead Paint
The Application Process
Chapter 3Leases and Rental Agreements23
Rules and Regulations
Backing Out of a Lease
Chapter 4Handling Security Deposits33
The Security Deposit
Last Month's Rent
Deposits Upon the Sale or Transfer of the Property
Chapter 5Responsibility for Maintenance41
The Landlord's Duties and the Tenant's Rights
The Landlord's Rights and the Tenant's Responsibilities
Chapter 6Landlord Liabilities55
Injuries on the Premises
Protection from Liability for Injuries
Crimes against Tenants
Protection from Liability for Crimes
Crimes by Tenants against Nontenants
Chapter 7Changing the Terms of the Tenancy61
Assignment or Sublease by Tenant
Sale of Property by Landlord
Raising the Rent
Modifying the Lease
Chapter 8Problems During the Tenancy65
Landlord's Access to the Premises
Violations by the Tenant
Violations by the Landlord
Destruction of the Premises
Chapter 9Terminating a Tenancy71
Early Termination of Residential Tenancy by Landlord
Early Termination by Tenant
Early Termination of Nonresidential Tenancy by Landlord
Special Rules for Public Housing
Death of Tenant
Options to Cancel
Chapter 10Evicting a Tenant83
Self-Help by Landlord
Surrender or Abandonment
Settling with the Tenant
Using an Attorney
Who Can Sue?
The Summary Process Action
Tenant's Possible Defenses
Tenant's Counterclaims
The Commercial Tenant's Defenses and Counterclaims
The Hearing
Post Judgment Motions, Appeals, and the Execution
Tenant's Bankruptcy
Satisfaction of Judgment
Eviction Flow Chart
Chapter 11Self Service Storage Space133
Rental Agreement
The Operator's Lien
Withholding Access
Chapter 12Mobile Home Parks137
Licensing and Registration
Requirements and Restrictions
Termination of the Tenancy
Appendix ASelected Massachusetts Statutes145
Appendix BHighlights of State Sanitary Code161
Appendix CAddresses of District Courts167
Appendix DForms173

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