Language Arts Grade 6

Language Arts Grade 6

by Betty Jane Wagner



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ISBN-13: 9781577684763
Publisher: School Specialty Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2000
Series: Spectrum Series
Pages: 203
Product dimensions: 8.39(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.58(d)
Age Range: 11 Years

Table of Contents

Lesson 1Sentences, Titles, Days, Months, People6
Lesson 2Places, Documents, Groups8
Lesson 3Titles10
Lesson 4Direct Quotations12
Lesson 5Friendly and Business Letters14
Lesson 6Review: Capitalization16
Lesson 7Sentences, Abbreviations, and Initials18
Lesson 8Other Abbreviations20
Lesson 9End Marks22
Lesson 10Sentences24
Lesson 11Sentence Fragments26
Lesson 12Review: Punctuation28
Lesson 13Commas30
Lesson 14Commas and Sentences32
Lesson 15Commas After Phrases and Clauses34
Lesson 16Commas II36
Lesson 17Semicolons and Colons38
Lesson 18Review: Commas, Colons, Semicolons40
Lesson 19Quotation Marks and Dialogue42
Lesson 20Dialogue-Commas and End Marks44
Lesson 21Direct and Indirect Quotations46
Lesson 22Titles48
Lesson 23Friendly and Business Letters50
Lesson 24Review: Punctuation52
Using the Appropriate Word
Lesson 25Verbs-Froze, Shook, Rang54
Lesson 26Verbs-Swam, Tore, Took56
Lesson 27Verbs-Wrote, Stole, Began58
Lesson 28Verbs-Blew, Sank, Fell60
Lesson 29Verbs-Lie/Lay, Rise/Raise62
Lesson 30Verbs-Can/May, Let/Leave, Teach/Learn, Bring/Take64
Lesson 31Review: Verbs66
Lesson 32Adjectives68
Lesson 33Adverbs70
Lesson 34Adjective/Adverb72
Lesson 35Good/Well, Bad/Badly74
Lesson 36Accept/Except, Loose/Lose, Than/Then76
Lesson 37Principle/Principal, There/They're/Their, Its/It's78
Lesson 38Review: Adjectives, Adverbs80
Special Problems
Lesson 39Plural Nouns82
Lesson 40Possessive Nouns84
Lesson 41Plural/Possessive86
Lesson 42Contractions88003Lesson 43Review: Plurals, Possessives, Contractions90
Lesson 44Simple Past Tense92
Lesson 45Subject-Verb Agreement94
Lesson 46Subject-Verb Agreement II96
Lesson 47Verb Agreement-There/Here98
Lesson 48Review: Past Tense Verbs, Subject-Verb Agreement100
Lesson 49Pronouns-Agreement and Order102
Lesson 50Pronouns-Agreement and Order II104
Lesson 51Double Negatives106
Lesson 52Review: Pronoun Agreement and Double Negatives108
Parts of Speech
Lesson 53Nouns110
Lesson 54Pronouns112
Lesson 55Verbs114
Lesson 56Irregular Verbs116
Lesson 57Adjectives118
Lesson 58Articles120
Lesson 59Adverbs122
Lesson 60Conjunctions and Interjections124
Lesson 61Prepositions126
Lesson 62Review: Parts of Speech128
Lesson 63Sentence Types130
Lesson 64Understanding Sentences132
Lesson 65Combining Sentences134
Lesson 66Combining Sentences II136
Lesson 67Combining Sentences III138
Lesson 68Combining Sentences IV140
Lesson 69Combining Sentences V142
Lesson 70Combining Sentences VI144
Lesson 71Combining Sentences VII146
Lesson 72Review: Understanding and Combining Sentences148
Writer's Handbook
Lesson 1Getting Started with the Writing Process150
Lesson 2Getting Ideas151
Lesson 3Writing a Paragraph152
Lesson 4Staying on Topic153
Lesson 5Proofreading Checklist154
Lesson 6Stories155
Lesson 7Expository Writing-Planning a Report156
Lesson 8Expository Writing-Writing a Report157
Lesson 9
Writing a Persuasive Composition158
Word Lists159
Postal State and Possession Abbreviations160
Answer Key161

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