Language of Achievement

Language of Achievement

by Paul Bailey


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They say that the language of an individual is a window to their psyche. What we think and the words we use tell others (and ourselves), in great detail, what we believe our role in the world is all about and define our potential for success. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of how negative or dysfunctional our language can be and how it sets unconscious limits upon ourselves. We give little though to the words that come out of our mouth and almost completely ignore how those words may be self-destructive, and become the self-fulfilling prophecy of our success or failure.
In this book, you will come to understand how language defines the very essence of who you are by examining the words most often associated with personal achievement and how you use them. You will understand and identify the words to avoid - the words to use - and the words that you will need to change so as to help you realize your true potential.
Come find out how you can easily tap into the brilliance that lies within you for greatness. And in doing so, you can begin living a life that is truly transformational and inspirational.

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About the Author

Paul D. Bailey is the consummate coach. He is the Executive Director and Founder of The Center for Athletic Excellence. The Center serves as an educational forum and support network to address the diverse, and sometimes conflicting, needs of athletic coaches, teams and associations. Paul's unique insight into the understanding of athletics in our culture today is born from a lifetime of involvement in athletics as a head coach, scout, administrator and educator. He has worked at all levels of the athletic continuum - from youth to high school and from collegiate to professional. Paul has coached more than 1,600 student-athletes at the high school and college level, as well as over 1,900 youth athletes. Paul is a popular speaker addressing such topics as character, leadership and mentoring, as well as programs addressing relationships and organizational design for effectiveness. He is also the author of the highly regarded book entitled 366 Days of Excellence.

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