Lark Rising

Lark Rising

by Sandra Waugh


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ISBN-13: 9780449817483
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 09/23/2014
Series: Guardians of Tarnec Series , #1
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.30(d)
Lexile: 750L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

SANDRA WAUGH grew up in an old house full of crowded bookshelves, in walking distance of an old library that allowed her to drag home a sack of six books at a time. It goes without saying, then, that she fell in love with an old house in Litchfield County, Connecticut, because of its many bookshelves, and she lives there now with her husband, two sons, and a dog who snores. Loudly. Lark Rising is her first novel. For more information, reveries, and an author blog, visit

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Lark Rising 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Addicted_Readers More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars LARK RISING was a breathtakingly beautiful, and utterly unputdownable adventure, that will have you turning the pages faster then you can read them! The magical blend of fierce characters and unforgettable romance, intertwined with the earthly essence of the world building, and the spark of evil that thrives in background, made for one epic, thrilling story, that is sure to make it's way into many hearts. I was swept into a journey of one girls awakening throughout discover of herself, and the true nature of the outside world, both unknown to her. The pureness and darkness intertwined, made a balance that evened the story with enough of both to have you entertained and enthralled to the very end. BUT... all that awesomeness aside, I must fair warn you. I struggled with the beginning of LARK RISING. While I absolutely LOVED this book, the beginning was slow starting, with aspects that had me tempted to put it down. But I was so intrigued with synopsis, that I KNEW it had to get better, so I held on waiting for it to grab me and pull me in. And sure enough, shortly after thinking this, the book pulled me under and captivated me in every possible way!! So if your tempted like I was to put the book down, DON'T, please don't, because it get so SOOO much better, and is sooo worth the wait!! THE PLOT "Circle of Balance, chosen of White; Power of hand renders dark into light. Sun in earth proves her worth, And rises the Lark, set free by sight." Their is great darkness on the horizon, and Lark has foreseen many things, but this is the most disturbing of all. The Troths are returning to finish what they started many years ago when the they invaded their village, killing many, her parents included. To save her village of Merith, Lark must travel to gather aid from the Riders of Tarnec who once came to the rescue those many years ago when they were in need. But what Lark doesn't know, is that she has just been summoned to fulfill her destiny. And she has been... awakened... Lark thought she was just a seer that foreseen the future, but she was mistaken. She is the Guardian of Life, and has more power then she's ever imagined. She is one of four Guardians who must be awaken in time of need, and now more then ever, the Guardians are needed. She is the first to be awakened... Lark has foreseen two things—she will fall for a young man with sage green eyes, and he will kill her. When the Amulets of Life, Death, Dark and Light are stolen by the Breeders, the leaders of the evilness that thrives on chaos and destruction. The beings that want to turn their world into nothing of light and all of dark. Lark will have to except her path and put everything aside to fulfill her destiny as Guardian of Life. Because if her part is not played out and succeeded, then all will be lost to the darkness. When Lark comes face to face with the man with sage green eyes that she will most definitely fall in love with, and that will ultimately kill her. She will have to put her feelings aside and work with him in order to save the people of Mertih, and the kingdom of Tarnec. But with a fierce growing attraction, and the upcoming betrayal that is for sure to come, Lark realizes the grave sacrifice that her heart is sure to make. With no other option, Lark is determined to uphold her part in saving the kingdom. Even if she must sacrifice the love of her life, that is also her murderer... The shy, naive, timid girl from before is gone—replaced is a strong, loyal, fierce girl, determined to complete her mission and return peace and balance to her new-found world. Lark will have many test along the way, with the aid of many. But the ultimate battle is Lark's, and Lark's alone, and something she is not sure she is ready for. But with the weight of their world in her hands, she knows letting them down is not an option. Sandra Waugh crafts one of the most fascinating and intriguing fantasy that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Between the rich earthly essence, and the thick-plotted darkness, with vivid writing that painted images like a movie, LARK RISING has succeed in becoming one of my new favorite books of the year! It was an unforgettable adventure that I am more then eager to continue. Overall, if your looking for a unique, YA fantasy, that is sure to stick out from the rest, with layers upon layers of world building and a bitter-sweet romance, then LARK RISING is sure to please!!! I would HIGHLY recommend LARK RISING if you're a fan of fantasy. And even if your not, I think anyone with the desire for an unforgettable and utterly amazing adventure, should quickly pick it up, because I am sure it will not disappoint!! NOTE: I received a physical ARC from Random House for reviewing purposes! All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way!
KerryOMalleyCerra More than 1 year ago
I admit I'm not a huge fantasy reader, but this book stole my heart and just might turn me into one. Lark is a wonderful heroine who sports fear, yet finds her inner courage; who prefers to stay close to home, yet finds the journey of a lifetime when a task takes her outside of her safe garden walls. This is a magical story with incredible world building and sentences so beautiful, you won't want the book to end. Lucky for all of us, this is the beginning of what promises to be a classic series for all ages.
AsDreamsAreMade More than 1 year ago
Original Review Link: This was one of those books that had all the makings to be a great new YA fantasy novel, but ended up falling short of expectations. Lark is a seer. She has the power to foresee people’s futures and look at their pasts. She is chosen to go on a journey to find the Riders to save her village from a Troth attack. Along the way she discovers her destiny is far more important than she ever imagined. I love fantasy novels (If you haven’t realized that already). I think what I love most about them is they really delve into the characters and their struggles without the distractions of modern conveniences. I mean, think about it. Take away cell phones, computers, e-mail, cars, electricity, etc. and what would you do? You’re forced to focus on the people and world surrounding you. It strips you down to the nitty-gritty of who you are and how you would react to certain circumstances (look at Survivor!). However, what I can’t stand is when fantasy novels et into what I call “Fantasy Language”–Nay, good sir; Forsooth, etc. Ugh. It takes me out of being able to relate to a character and that’s not a good thing. Unfortunately for Lark Rising, this book was filled with it. Now, some people love that and if you do, then this is the book for you. Personally, it annoys the bejeezes out of me. Lark as a character tends to be a bit annoying. Her lack of confidence and her blind faith in her visions tend to become tedious. Her relationship with Gharain seemed forced. I don’t know if it was because of Lark’s stubbornness or the fact that Gharain tends to be a bit of a jerk for most of the novel–completely understandable when you discover his history, but most of the time I was not invested in their relationship. The villain and her minions seemed cliché. Nothing new. I would have loved to hear more about why she was doing this and where she came from. This is the first installment in a quartet. Ms. Waugh certainly sets us up for the next one, but I’ll probably skip it. Was this the worst book I’ve ever read? No, but if I were you, I’d skip it for some more gripping fantasy novels out there.
SmalltownSR More than 1 year ago
A wonderfully written, magical story.
magencorrie More than 1 year ago
Simply magical. A beautiful and adventurous read! I'm so very happy that I picked up Lark Rising.  Beautifully written and so very captivating. Waugh definitely created a masterpiece; a worthy first novel. The world she created was striking, intricate, and so fantastic.  Her characters where alive and pure.  Once I picked the book up, I couldn't put it down. And I know I will be reading the next book! 
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Lark Rising by Sandra Waugh Book One of the Guardians of Tarnec series Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers Publication Date: September 23, 2014 Rating: 5 stars Source: ARC sent by the publisher Summary (from Goodreads): Lark has foreseen two things—she will fall for a young man with sage green eyes,and he will kill her. Sixteen-year-old Lark Carew is happiest close to home, tending her garden and gathering herbs for medicines. But when her Sight warns her that monsters called Troths will soon invade her village, Lark is summoned on a journey to seek help from the legendary Riders of Tarnec. Little does she suspect that one of the Riders, Gharain, is the very man who has haunted her visions. Or that the people of Tarnec have called her there for another reason: Lark is the Guardian of Life, the first of four Guardians who must awaken their powers to recover four stolen amulets. Together, the amulets—Life, Death, Dark, and Light—keep the world in Balance. To take back the Life amulet, Lark will have to discover her true inner strength and give in to a love that she swears will be her downfall. What I Liked: It's been only two days since picking up this one to read, and I've already re-read it. GOSH, THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD!! I was worried that it would be a little unoriginal, not fresh or different from other fantasy novels, but there was no need to worry. This book was interesting and unique, not cliche or typical at all! Lark has been summoned to face her destiny: she is the Guardian of Life, one of four Guardians with incredible powers... but stolen amulets. Life is a balance of light and dark, and at the moment, the darkness - the chaos - has Lark's amulet. Lark had no idea what she was (a Guardian), so imagine her surprise at being summoned from her village, and told that she cannot return to save the village. Lark has the Sight, and she sees visions of death (her own), a beautiful man (a Rider and an aide of the Guardians), her village being destroyed... Lark must realize her fate and find her amulet, before everything is lost. I love this book! I love the story. This is fantasy at its finest, epic/high fantasy like The Lord of the Rings, or something. I love The Lord of the Rings. I don't know any series that can compare to that one, but let's just say this one may come close.  Lark is an awesome protagonist. You can totally see her character development, from start to finish. At first, she is a bit naive and maybe a little timid, but when she is thrust into the dangerous world of Guardians and Riders and Breeders (the bad guys), she matures and understands. I liked Lark in the beginning, but I really liked her by the end of the book. I love the male protagonist, Gharain. Oh, he is so swoon-worthy. LET ME TELL YOU. At first, he totally despises her (when they very first meet). And for good reason! He was fooled the last time (by a Breeder), and it resulted in the death of an important noble. But then Gharain falls in love with her... and she him... and it's lovely. I love it when the characters go from "hate" to love. Although neither ever really hated the other. Gharain is brave and loyal, fierce and intelligent. Loveeeeeee. I thought the romance would be insta-love-y, at first, because Lark sees Gharain in a vision, before she meets him. He is killing her in the vision though. But she sees him, and he interests her. Mentally, I was like, groan, insta-love. But it wasn't so! I promise! I know it sounds doubtful, but there was no insta-love, in this book. I HATE insta-love, almost as much as I hate love triangles, so trust me, I would never lead you astray! The writing. The prose. OH MY GOODNESS. I love the voice of this book. The writing is gorgeous and beautiful and so NOT modern and I loved it so much! Seriously, it was so lyrical and beautiful! I don't know how else to describe it - poetic, maybe. But NOT poetic, because this book read like fiction, not like poetry. It's hard to describe, but basically, the writing was very distinct and very WONDERFUL. If nothing else attracts you... well, let me tell you that this book is all sorts of exciting and maddening and heart-tugging and fabulous! I definitely caught a case of the *feels* in this one, which is pretty rare, for me. Every scene with tender moments between Gharain and Lark (which were few and far between, but totally worth each one). When certain friends had to leave. When Lark had her second round of visions about Gharain. It was like Waugh was piercing my soul! Basically... if you haven't understood by now, know that I loved this book! And I will shout about it from the rooftops! And push it on everyone, fantasy lover or not! What I Did Not Like: I have to wait for book two. Boooo. Would I Recommend It: YES! Oh my goodness, yes! If you didn't get that feeling from my review, then shame on you, because I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS ONE!! Epic fantasy lover or not, you can't miss this one! Go go go! Rating: 5 (rare and very well-deserved) stars. I don't even know how to coherently and thoroughly describe my love for this book! Oh wait - be right back, going to re-read it, AGAIN!