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Basic Books
Laser Interaction and Related Plasma Phenomena

Laser Interaction and Related Plasma Phenomena

by Heinrich Hora, George H. Miley


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ISBN-13: 9780306430077
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 12/01/1988
Pages: 764

Table of Contents

I. Lasers and Sources.- Novette, a Short Wavelength Laser-Target Interaction System.- The Antares Facility for Inertial Fusion Experiments — Status and Plans.- Interhalogen Lasers.- Review of Nuclear Pumped Lasers.- Nuclear Pumped Lasers Utilizing Radiant Transfer.- Generation of Vacuum Ultraviolet and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation by Nonlinear Processes with Excimer Lasers.- Resonantly-Pumped Soft X-Ray Lasers Using ICF Drivers.- Multistep Pumping Schemes for Short-Wave Lasers.- Development of a High Power Glass Laser System and Research of X-Ray Generation.- Applications of X-Rays From Laser Produced Plasmas.- II. Laser Interaction with Electrons and Free Electron Lasers.- A Glow Discharge Laser Amplifier and its Relation to the Effect of Quantum Modulation of Electron Beams by Lasers.- A Look at the Free Electron Laser and its Potential.- High Intensity Free Electron Lasers for Inertial Confinement Fusion.- The Lateral Injection Free Electron Laser: Momentum Balance and Axial Shift of Electrons.- III. Interaction Diagnostics.- Laser Interaction and Compression Studies at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.- Laser-Plasma Interaction Experiments and Diagnostics at NRL.- ICF Diagnostics.- Fusion Product Energy Loss Measurements.- The Study of Plasma Turbulence by the Method of Combination Scattering.- X-Ray Shadowgraphy Studies in Laser Implosion Experiments.- New Measurement Techniques Using Tracers Within Laser-Produced Plasmas.- Laser Induced Unipolar Arcing.- Investigation of Highly Ionized Plasma Plumes Generated by CO2 Laser Irradiation of Solid Targets in Strong Axial Magnetic Fields.- Laser Pellet Plasmas for Filling Magnetic Confinement Configurations.- IV. Interaction Dynamics.- Atomic Physics in Inertial Fusion.- Hypothesis for the Quantization of Electrodynamic Parameters in Plasmas Applied to the Equations of Motion.- High Harmonic Generation in High Power Lasers.- Review of Recent Experimental and Theoretical Laser-Plasma Research Carried out at Soreq.- Absorption, Double Layers, and Dynamics at Laser-Plasma Interaction and Pellet Fusion Gains with Reheat.- The State of Ultra-High Intensity Laser Plasma Interaction Research in Australia.- Suprathermal Electron Generation Transport and Deposition in CO2 Laser Irradiated Targets.- Hot Electron Production by Raman Scattering in a Preformed Underdense Plasma.- Scaling of Laser-Plasma Interactions with Laser Wavelength and Plasma Size.- High Frequency Instabilities in Underdense Plasmas Produced by a 0.35µm Laser Beam.- Observations of Parametric Instabilities in Long Scalelength Plasmas.- Recent Advances in Microwave Simulation of Laser-Plasma Interactions.- Self-Consistent Electron Density Profiles in Short Pulse, 1.054µm Laser-Heated Plasmas.- Raman and Brillouin Scattering, Classical Reflection, and Relativity.- Saturation of Stimulated Brillouin Backscatter.- Space and Time Evolution of SBS Ion Waves and Harmonics.- Filamentation Instability in Laser Produced Plasmas.- V. Pellet Fusion.- Critical Elements of High Gain: An Update.- Analysis of Stability and Symmetry Implications for ICF.- Direct Illumination Spherical Target Experiments.- Investigation of Hydrodynamic Stability of High Aspect Ratio Targets in Laser Implosion Experiments.- Thermal Transport Measurements in 1.05µm Laser Irradiation of Spherical Targets.- Uniformity of Energy Deposition for Laser Driven Fusion.- Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and Resulting Failure Modes of Ablatively Imploded Inertial Fusion Targets.- High Density Transition Laser Driven Implosions.- X-Ray Emission Experiments at 1.06µm and 0.35µm.- Laser Implosion Fusion Experiments at Ile Osaka.- Theoretical and Computational Investigation on Implosion Process.- Recent Studies in Electron Transport and Laser Interaction at INRS-ENERGIE.- Instability and Chaos in Some Non-Linear Laser Interaction Mechanisms.- Progress Toward Direct Drive Laser Fusion.- VI. Ion Beam Fusion.- Historical Remarks on Beam Fusion.- Advances in ICF Using Light Ion Beams.- Status of Light Ion Inertial Fusion Research at NRL.- Inertial Confinement Fusion by Light Ion Beam.- Space — Time Focused Light Plasma Beams for ICF Fusion.- Ion Beam Interactions with ICF Targets.- Ions Stopping in ICF Plasmas.- VII Reactors.- ICF Reactor Using a 3He-Aflint Tritium Self-Sufficient Target.- Conceptual Design of ICF Reactor Senri, Part II Advances in Design and Pellet Gain Scaling.- VIII. High Acceleration of Charged Particles.- Electron (and Positron) Acceleration with Lasers.- High Energy Particle Acceleration by a Laser Beatwave.- GeV Ions From Laser Produced Plasmas.- Relativistic Electromagnetic Waves in an Electron-Ion Plasma.- Attendees.- Author Index.

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