Laser Systems in Flow Measurments

Laser Systems in Flow Measurments

by Tariq Durrani, Clive A. Greated



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ISBN-13: 9780306308574
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 01/01/1977
Pages: 290

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.- 1.1. Historical Developments.- 1.2. Mathematical Preliminaries.- 1.3. Statistical Parameters in Turbulence.- 1.4. Basic Optical Components.- 2. Optical Configurations.- 2.1. Two-Beam Systems.- 2.2. LDV Optical Configurations.- 2.3. Fabry-Perot Method.- 2.4. Comparison of Systems.- 2.5. Long-Range and Microscopic Measurements.- 2.6. Analysis of Optical Configurations.- 3. Signal Analysis for Laser Doppler Systems.- 3.1. Statistics of Laser Doppler Signals.- 3.2. Frequency Domain Analysis.- 3.3. Time Domain Analysis.- 4. The Photon Correlation Method.- 4.1. Principles of Photon Counting.- 4.2. Low-Turbulence Flows.- 4.3. Estimation of Flow Parameters.- 4.4. Effect of Particle Diffusion.- 4.5. Effect of Frequency Shifting.- 4.6. Highly Turbulent Flows.- 4.7. Periodic Flows.- 4.8. Frequency Transformation of Count Autocorrelations.- 5. Cross-Correlation Techniques.- 5.1. Form of the Correlation Function.- 5.2. Photon Counting Cross Correlation.- 6. Hardware Systems for LDV Signal Processing.- 6.1. Frequency Detection Systems.- 6.2. Processing Systems for Flows with Low Particle Concentrations.- 6.3. Frequency-Burst Processing Systems.- 6.4. Laser Doppler Signal Simulators.- 6.5. Ambiguity Noise Reduction.- References.- Author Index.

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