Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park

by Mike White


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ISBN-13: 9780899974705
Publisher: Wilderness Press
Publication date: 03/15/2008
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 8.88(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xiii
Preface     xiii
Introduction     1
Human History     2
Flora and Fauna     8
Geology     14
Climate     18
Locator Map     20
Traveling the Backcountry     21
Fees     21
About Lassen and Surrounding Lands     22
Wilderness Ethics and Trail Courtesy     25
Maps     27
Wilderness Permits     27
Wilderness Use Regulations for Lassen Volcanic National Park     28
Backpacking Equipment Checklist     29
Winter in the Lassen Area     29
About This Guide     31
Symbols     31
Trip Information     32
Map Legend     33
Lassen Scenic Byway Road Log     35
Main Park Road Through Lassen Volcanic National Park     36
Highway 44 from Crossroads Junction to Old Station     47
Highway 44 from Old Station to Highway 36 Junction     48
Highway 44 Junction to Highway 89 Junction West of Mineral     49
Highway 89 from Old Station through Hat Creek Valley     50
Lassen Scenic Byway Trips     53
Introduction to theMain Park Road     53
Southwest Entrance Trailheads
Brokeoff Mountain     56
Mill Creek Falls     58
Ridge Lakes     60
Sulphur Works     61
Road Summit Trailheads
Bumpass Hell to Kings Creek Picnic Area     62
Lassen Peak     65
Paradise Meadow     70
Terrace, Shadow, and Cliff Lakes     72
Kings Creek Meadows Trailheads
Cold Boiling Lake and Crumbaugh Lake     73
Kings Creek to Southwest Campground     74
Twin Meadows     76
Upper Kings Creek     77
Sifford Lakes     78
Kings Creek Falls     80
Kings Creek Falls and Bench Lake Loop     81
Summit Lake Trailheads
Summit Lake     83
Corral Meadow     84
Corral Meadow-Swan Lake Loop     85
Echo and Twin Lakes     87
Cluster and Twin Lakes Loop     89
Dersch Meadows to Cliff Lake     92
Emigrant Pass Trailheads
Nobles Trail to Badger Flat     94
Hat Lake to Paradise Meadow     96
Devastated Area Interpretive Trail     97
Manzanita Lake Trailheads
Crags Lake     98
Manzanita Creek      100
Manzanita Lake     102
Lily Pond Nature Trail     104
Nobles Trail to Lost Creek     105
Introduction to the Hat Creek Recreation Area and Thousand Lakes Wilderness     106
Bunchgrass Trailhead
Durbin and Barrett Lakes     109
Hat Creek Trailheads
Spattercone Nature Trail     111
Subway Cave     112
Pacific Crest Trail: Subway Cave to Hat Creek Rim     114
Hat Creek Trail     116
Forest Road 22 Trailhead
Pacific Crest Trail to Hat Creek Rim Lookout     119
Mud Lake Trailhead
Pacific Crest Trail: Hat Creek Rim     121
Tamarack Trailhead
Barrett Lake-Lake Eiler Loop     123
Cypress Trailhead
Upper Twin, Everett, and Magee Lakes, and Magee Peak     125
Magee Trailhead
Magee Peak     128
Introduction to Butte Lake and Caribou Wilderness     130
Butte Lake Trailheads
Bathtub Lake Loop     132
Prospect Peak     134
Cinder Cone Nature Trail     136
Lower Twin-Horseshoe-Snag Lakes Loop     138
Widow-Jakey-Snag Lakes Loop     143
Cone Lake Trailhead
Widow Lake     147
Triangle, Twin, and Turnaround Lakes     149
Caribou Lake Trailhead
Middle Caribou Lakes Loop      151
Emerald, Rim, and Cypress Lakes     154
Silver Lake Trailhead
Trail Lake from Silver Lake     155
Echo Lake Trailhead
Trail Lake from Echo Lake     157
Hay Meadow Trailhead
Beauty, Evelyn, Long, and Hidden Lakes Loop     158
Introduction to the Greater Susanville-Chester Area     160
Eagle Lake Trailheads
Eagle Lake Recreation Trail     162
Osprey Overlook Trail     164
Susanville Trailhead
Bizz Johnson Trail     166
Lake Almanor Trailhead
Lake Almanor Recreation Trail     167
Introduction to Juniper Lake     168
Juniper Lake Trailheads
Mount Harkness     171
Juniper Lake Loop     174
Crystal Lake     176
Inspiration Point     177
Horseshoe and Indian Lakes Loop     179
Horseshoe, Snag, and Swan Lakes Loop     181
Cameron Meadow-Grassy Creek Loop     185
Jakey Lake     187
Jakey Lake-Widow Lake Loop     189
Introduction to Warner Valley and Drakesbad     193
Warner Valley Trailhead
Warner Valley to Mount Harkness     194
Lower Kings Creek to Corral Meadow     197
Drakesbad Trailheads
Boiling Springs Lake      199
Terminal Geyser and Little Willow Lake     201
Drake Lake     204
Dream Lake and Devils Kitchen     207
Sifford Lakes     209
Kings Creek Falls     211
Corral Meadow Loop     213
Introduction to the Southern Borderlands     216
Willow Lake Trailhead
Willow Lake to Terminal Geyser     218
Domingo Springs Trailhead
Pacific Crest Trail: Northbound to Drakesbad     220
Highway 36 Trailhead
Pacific Crest Trail: Highway 36 to Domingo Springs     223
Spencer Meadow Trailhead
Spencer Meadow Loop     226
Blue Lake     229
Martin Creek Trailhead
Heart Lake via Glassburner Meadow     231
South Fork Digger Creek Trailhead
Heart Lake via South Fork Digger Creek     233
Mill Creek Trailhead
Mill Creek Trail     234
Deer Creek Trailhead
Deer Creek Trail     237
Black Rock Trailhead
Mill Creek Trail-Ishi Wilderness     239
Bucks Lake Wilderness Trips     243
Introduction to Bucks Lake Wilderness     243
Highway 70 Trailhead
Pacific Crest Trail to Three Lakes     245
Silver Lake Trailhead
Gold Lake     247
Silver Lake to Spanish Peak     248
Bucks Summit Trailhead
Bucks Summit to Spanish Peak     250
Bucks Creek Trailhead
Bucks Creek Loop     252
Bucks Creek to Mill Creek Campground     253
Mill Creek Campground Trailhead
Bucks Lake Wilderness Loop     255
Mill Creek Trailhead
Three Lakes     259
McArthur-Burney Falls Trips
Introduction to McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park     263
Burney Falls Trailhead
Falls Loop     264
Headwaters Pool-Pacific Crest Trail Loop     265
Burney Creek-Rim Trail Loop     266
Pioneer Trailhead
Pioneer Cemetery Trail     267
Appendices     269
Backpacks and Dayhikes Features Chart     269
The Bear Facts and Other Animal Concerns     273
Minimum-Impact Stock Regulations     276
Nonprofit Organizations     277
Quick Guide to Frequently Used Numbers and Websites     278
Suggested Reading     280
Index     281
About the Author     285

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