Last Autopsy

Last Autopsy

by Norbert Zaenglein



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Last Autopsy by Norbert Zaenglein

Glen Hollow was a small innocent town nestled in America's heartland. Life had been slow, safe, and predictable till residents of a nearby county started dying. Concerns over the distant deaths turn to terror when the body of a local girl is discovered in a snowy ditch behind a car repair shop. Under enormous pressure to decipher the death and catch the killer, a retired coroner rushes the body to a makeshift morgue. A religious rogue is arrested and charged with murder. During his trial, disturbing rumor surface and pique th einterest of the neational media. As the media probes deeper, they begin to unearth an unholy secret. Now, identifying the killer becomes an intricate puzzle. Under the white-hot spotlight of the media, the small town of Glen Hollow struggles to define established religious paradigms about when life begins and when life ends. A second man is charged with murder and a jury has to decide if the murdered girl actually died twice. In a remarkable conclusion, the reader witnesses how the search for truth liberates one man and destroys another.

Norbert Zaenglein is the author of two popular non-fiction books including Disk Detective and Secret Software. He was born in Europe, served in the military, and has trained in law enforcement. He has published a number of trade magazines and a nationally-syndicated newsletter

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ISBN-13: 9780970217608
Publisher: Night Howl Productions
Publication date: 09/28/2000
Pages: 140

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