The Last Caravan And Other Short Stories

The Last Caravan And Other Short Stories

by Bello Musa Dankano


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· What can be more exciting or fulfulling, than to bring your enemy to submission, or at least see him brought to his knees like the hunchback, El-Noor who was virtually abducted for ritual purposes only to emerge victorious after the jinn in him has intervened? Jinn! El-Noor couldn't believe that he had one under his beck and call.

· Enter the weird camel, bold and daring whose anger humbled the powerful king of Sumaiya after a reign of terror that has turned the people into servitude unacceptable to the camel.

· Then the old Whale, that ruminates on the excessess of the human species and vowed to bring pollution to an end.

· In this two-part story, African wizardry and witchcraft has gone global in line with the much talked about globalization after conquering the home front.

· When will the wealth of the world be equitably distributed so that the wealthy can sleep with their two eyes closed?

· And won't you be happy if you are made to be productive at last, or do you still prefer servitude and invite the wrath of the brats who warned the people of Ashadalafia: Get up and be productive!

· Oh Africa, my Africa, where the extended family system comes in handy, in a world fast becoming anonymous and unfamiliar.

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Publication date: 03/13/2006
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