Late Air

Late Air

by Jaclyn Gilbert


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ISBN-13: 9781503903579
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2018
Pages: 316
Sales rank: 344,210
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

★ 07/30/2018
In bestseller Sandford’s wickedly enjoyable 11th outing for Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent Virgil Flowers (after 2017’s Deep Freeze), Wardell Holland, the maverick mayor of Wheatfield (pop. 650), and his 17-year-old sidekick, John Jacob Skinner, decide the town needs an economic boost, so they contrive for the Virgin Mary to appear at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, with one of Skinner’s many sexual conquests, Jennie Fischer, in the Mary role. The Marian Apparition succeeds in bringing flocks of tourists to Wheatfield. Then sniper-like shootings that wound two citizens threaten the bonanza. Flowers’s subsequent investigation turns up suspects ranging from a few would-be Nazis to a farmer/gun range owner and Jennie’s porn-loving boyfriend. When the shootings turn deadly, Flowers gets help, which he badly needs as he comes to realize that he must outwit a clever killer who proves one of his maxims: “If it’s criminal, it’s either stupid or crazy.” Sandford’s trademark sly humor shines throughout. Agent: Esther Newberg, ICM. (Oct.)

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Late Air 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
RachelReads22 3 months ago
Review contains some spoilers! Beautifully sad and tragic. When I picked up Late Air, I wasn't sure what to expect, and that feeling stayed with me throughout reading the book. Late Air follows Nancy and Murray in present and flashbacks through their meeting and falling in love in Paris, to their late 50's. Most of Murray's story is told in present day with brief flashbacks to his time with Nancy, while we follow Nancy through her life chronologically from the time she met Murray, through early years of marriage, tragically losing a child, divorce, and eventually reconnection. Murray, the women's running coach at Yale, sees one of his runners suffer a traumatic brain injury early on in the book and becomes obsessive about finding the cause and also with her recovery. For much of the book, I thought this was the whole point of the story. I kept waiting for a revelation that Murray was having an affair with a student or was involved in her life in some other way. Rather, we come to understand much later in the story that Murray's obsessive fixation on his runners is a manifestation of his grief of losing his child. Nancy, on the other hand, is open and raw with her grief and is a much more honest narrator. My heart ached for her when she lost her little girl, and ached more when she lost her marriage because she believed her husband was not grieving the same way. We see so much growth with Nancy, while we watch Murray's downfall. This book is an incredibly interesting perspective on two different ways of managing grief, with the underlying theme that there is no right way to grieve, and that any way you do it is going to hurt like hell. If you like books you can't put down with lots of twists and turns, pass this one over. If you are fascinated with characters who are raw and you enjoy stories that allow you to dig deep, you'll love this book. It is beautifully and thoughtfully written.
lee2staes 5 months ago
This is a story about hang-ups, connections and discontent, and I found the book very intriguing. It’s a sad book but it is beautifully written with very believable characters. This novel deals with tragedy and how to deal with the daily struggle of sorrow and loss. I like this book. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Amazing debut novel. Gilbert's deliberate imagery and prose allow you to breathe in the narrative and take you along the paths of the two main characters - both in their emotional journey in the face of loss and their physical journey in the world of competitive running. I couldn't put it down or come up for 'air' from start to finish.