Latent Image

Latent Image

by Jack E. Eadon


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ISBN-13: 9780975330043
Publisher: Eloquence Press
Publication date: 01/01/2005
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 50.00(w) x 80.00(h) x 7.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Young Marcus Ramsey, in this sequel to ¿Consequences of Greed¿, is an idealist, trusting, and naïve, in business and relationships. After losing his job in a large corporate America food conglomerate, Marcus opens a specialty advertising photo studio in Tustin, California. Before he has even signed the lease on his studio, or officially opened for business, an unscrupulous group of competitive studio owners began a campaign to insure that Ramsey¿s business will fail. Eadon uses dialog as a means to provide the reader with interesting background information on photography, photographic equipment, lighting techniques, and photo shoots. This feature adds to the authenticity and genuineness of Marcus, who again finds himself on the cutting edge in an enormously competitive cut throat market. Sabotage through, embezzlement, conspiracy, and arson force Marcus to consider giving up. Encouraged by advice from friends and peers Marcus accepts the challenge to rebuild his business. However, still feeling failure and loss in his earlier corporate career and distressed by his recent failed marriage, Marcus arranges to meet the twin sister of Jessica, one of his models. Her sister Suzanne is a Grand Canyon park ranger, who is knowledgeable in Hopi Indian lore, and ancient Indian healing tradition. As the story unfolds and a unique cast of characters is introduced, Eadon generates a sense of romance, mystery, mistrust, and intrigue. His characters become real, complex, and at risk. Eadon skillfully weaves a question of motive, loyalty, and mistrust as Marcus openly avails himself to them exposing his vulnerability, while on the road to personal recovery. Eadon has been greatly influenced by the writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and has dedicated this book to him. Eadon has attributed the subtleties of plot structure and character to this influence and to the inspiration and examples learned from Fitzgerald¿s ¿The Great Gatsby.¿ Eadon¿s descriptions of the grandeur, beauty, and enormity of The Grand Canyon are breathtaking. ¿Latent Image¿ is strong in plot and subplot, and includes all the elements of a good story. I took pleasure in every page as I joined Marcus Ramsey in his search for meaning and significance in his work and in his relationships. Eadon takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of romance, drama, and suspense, in this fast moving adventure novel. The many unexpected twists and turns culminate in a stunning climatic surprise ending.