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Taylor & Francis
Latin American Civilization: History And Society, 1492 To The Present, Sixth Edition / Edition 6

Latin American Civilization: History And Society, 1492 To The Present, Sixth Edition / Edition 6


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ISBN-13: 9780813386898
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.32(d)

About the Author

The late Benjamin Keen was professor emeritus at Northern Illinois University. He authored several academic works, including The Aztec Image in Western Thought. He was the recipient of the 1985 Distinguished Service Award of the Conference on Latin American History.

Table of Contents

Part 1Indian & Hispanic Origins
Chapter 1Ancient America3
1Aztec Warfare4
2The Halls of Montezuma6
3Aztec Industry and Commerce8
4The Condition of the Aztec Peasantry10
5Mayan Industry, Commerce, and Agriculture12
6The Mayan Social Order13
7Mayan Religious Life15
8How the Inca Formed a Nation18
9The Village Basis of Incan Society20
10Two Views of the Incan Empire21
11War and Cannibalism Among the Brazilian Indians25
Chapter 2The Hispanic Background29
1The Cid Campeador: Symbol of Spanish Nationality30
2The Catholic Sovereigns31
3The Spanish Inquisition32
4The Spanish Character34
Part 2Spain in the Indies
Chapter 3Conquest39
1The Man Columbus40
2"Saint Augustine Doubts ..."41
3The Discovery of the Pacific43
4Portrait of the Conqueror45
5The Meeting of Cortes and Montezuma46
6Twilight over Tenochtitlan49
7Rendezvous at Cajamarca51
8How the New Laws Were Received in Peru53
9The Man Who Would Be King54
10Advice to a Would-Be Conqueror56
11Journey's End59
12Lope de Aguirre: An Underdog of the Conquest60
Chapter 4The Evolution of Spain's Indian Policy64
1The Strange Sermon of Father Montesinos65
2The Laughter of Doctor Palacios Rubios67
3Bartolome de las Casas: God's Angry Man68
4All Humankind Is One70
5Indian Forced Labor in Guatemala73
6Debt Peonage in Peru75
Chapter 5The Economy of the Spanish Indies77
1The Indian Agricultural Heritage78
2Spain's Contributions to New World Agriculture81
3The Potosi Mine84
4The Colonial Factory86
5On the Sea-Road to the Indies87
6The Great Fair at Portobello89
7A Foreign View of the Spanish Commercial System91
Chapter 6Government and Church in the Spanish Indies95
1The Structure of Colonial Government96
2"I Have Seen Corruption Boil and Bubble ..."100
3The Corregidor: Enemy of the People101
4"These Laws Are Obeyed and Not Enforced"105
5City Government in the Spanish Indies107
6Dialogue in Yucatan108
7The Sources of Catholic Power110
Chapter 7Class and Caste in the Spanish Colonies113
1The Structure of Class and Caste114
2The Colonial City: Mexico City116
3The Mestizo: Seed of Tomorrow121
4The Indian Town123
Chapter 8The Bourbon Reforms and Spanish America129
1The Bourbon Commercial Reforms130
2The Revival of Mining132
3Colonial Industry in Decline135
4Political Reform: The Intendant System137
5The More It Changes ...139
6The Plan of Tupac Amaru141
7A Charter of Liberty143
Chapter 9Colonial Culture and the Enlightenment146
1The Colonial University147
2The Tenth Muse149
3Colonial Journalism in Action153
4A Colonial Freethinker155
Chapter 10Spain's Work in America: For and Against158
1The Noble Savage and the Black Legend160
2The Fatal Legacy162
3In Defense of Spain165
4A Revisionist Landmark: Bourne's Spain in America168
5A Reply to Bourne171
Part 3Colonial Brazil
Chapter 11The Formation of Colonial Brazil177
1The Portuguese Colonizer178
2The Slave-Hunters179
3Aimore: Word of Terror181
4The Rise and Fall of Villa Rica183
Chapter 12Government and Church in Colonial Brazil188
1The Administration of Colonial Brazil189
2Local Government: The Capitao-Mor190
3The Jesuit Indian Policy193
Chapter 13Masters and Slaves195
1The World of the Sugar Plantation196
2The Free Population201
3The Social Consequences of Slavery209
Part 4Latin America in the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 14The Liberation of Latin America215
1The Cleavage Within216
2The Forging of a Rebel219
3Man of Destiny222
4The Great Campaign225
5The Army of the Andes230
6The Vision of Bolivar237
7Hidalgo: Torchbearer of the Mexican Revolution238
8The Reforms of Hidalgo240
9The Plan of Iguala241
10A Letter to Dom Pedro247
Chapter 15Dictators and Revolutions250
1The Age of Violence251
2Facundo: Barbarian Caudillo254
3Reform by Revolution260
4Roads to the Future270
5A Mexican Radical: Ponciano Arriaga273
6A Different Model of Economic Development: Balmaceda's Program for Chile275
Chapter 16Brazil: From Empire to Republic278
1Dom Pedro II: A Political Portrait279
2Black Slavery Under the Empire286
3The Antislavery Impulse288
Part 5Latin America in the Twentieth Century
Chapter 17The Mexican Revolution301
1Porfirio Diaz, Viceroy of Mexico305
2For Land and Liberty310
3Cardenismo: Ideology and Substance312
4Cardenas Speaks314
5The New Latifundio318
6After the Fall: Mexico in 1984325
7Explosion in Chiapas329
8Death of the "Mexican Economic Miracle"332
Chapter 18Argentina: The Struggle for Democracy, 1890-1994338
1The Birth of the New Argentina341
2The Radical Triumph348
3Peronismo: An Economic Interpretation351
4The Argentine Military's "Dirty War"355
5The Menem Phenomenon: Argentina, 1989-1994359
Chapter 19Republican Brazil: The Awakening Giant363
1"The Old Order Changeth ..."367
2"... Yielding Place to New"370
3The Vargas Era374
4The Conquest of Brazilian Industry378
5Brazil's "Economic Miracle": An Assessment383
6Brazil on the Eve of the Elections of 1994387
Chapter 20Latin American Roads to Socialism394
1"History Will Absolve Me"403
2The Cuban Educational Achievement409
3Women's Liberation in Cuba412
4Cuba Under the Hammer420
5The Death of Victor Jara432
6Henry Kissinger on Salvador Allende434
7The Church in the Nicaraguan Revolution437
8President Reagan's "Freedom Fighters"442
9The Nicaraguan Revolution Under Fire444
10Deadlock in El Salvador: A Guerrilla Leader Speaks447
11Neoliberalism and Culture: A View from the Left450
Chapter 21Latin American Women, Past and Present: The Struggle for Equality and Social Justice455
1An Aztec Mother Advises Her Daughter457
2A Heroine of the Tupac Amaru Revolt460
3A Colombian Aristocrat Advises His Daughter461
4Flora Tristan: Pioneer Feminist and Socialist462
5Of Man, Woman, and Time464
6A New Feminism467
Chapter 22The Two Americas473
1The United States as Model476
2The Two Americas477
3Operation Guatemala482
4The Invasion of Panama: A Latin American Viewpoint491
5The United States and Latin America's Foreign Debt492
Glossary of Spanish, Portuguese, and Indian Terms505

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