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Latin for All Occasions

Latin for All Occasions

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by Henry Beard

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From cocktail party chitchat, to bumper stickers, to personal ads--everything you'll ever need to say in perfect Latin! A backlistius bestsellerus.


From cocktail party chitchat, to bumper stickers, to personal ads--everything you'll ever need to say in perfect Latin! A backlistius bestsellerus.

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Conversational Latin
Lingua Latina Conlocutioni

Cocktail Party Chitchat
Hot enough for you?
Satine caloris tibi dies est?
Run into much traffic on the way over?
Eratne turba magna vehiculorum obviam tibi venienti huc?
What do you think I paid for this watch?
Quanto putas mihi stetisse hoc horologium carpale?
You know what I think? I think . . .
Visne scire quid credem? Credo . . .
that all wrestling is fixed.
luctationes omnes praestitutas esse.
that flying saucers are real.
astronaves orbiculares exsistere.
that Elvis is still alive.
Elvem ipsum etiam vivere.
that the weather has been altered by rocket launches.
missiones pyraulorum statum caeli mutavisse.
that no one's barbecue sauce is better than mine.
neminem facere liquamen assatorium melius quam meum.

Conversation Fillers
Is that so?
Ain tu?
You don't say!
Dic! Itane est?
You can say that again!
Hercle qui tu recte dicis!
You know what they say . . .
Ut proverbium loquitur vetus . . .
here today, gone tomorrow.
quod adest hodie, cras aberit.
seen one, seen them all.
uno cum noris, omnia noris.
what goes around, comes around.
circumit ad idem, unde profectum est, reveniet.
que sera, sera.
quod fiet, fiet.

Conversation Enders
God! Look at the time! My wife will kill me!
Di! Ecce hora! Uxor mea me necabit!
Excuse me. I?ve got to see a man about a dog.
Mihi ignosce. Nunc est mihi cum quodam negotium de cane.
Darn! There goes my beeper!
Heu! Tintinnuntius meus sonat!
I'm outta here.
Have a nice day.
Sit hic dies tibi iucundus.
Pithy Latin Expressions
By that very fact.
Ipso facto.
No way.
Nullo modo.
Read my lips.
Lege labia.
A done deal.
Pactum factum.
Fat chance.
Forsitan fiat.
Accidentally on purpose.
Casu consulto.
Royally screwed.
Raptus regaliter.
In a world of hurt.
Oppido dolens.
Spes est.

Meet the Author

Henry Beard founded the National Lampoon along with Doug Kenney and Rob Hoffmann. Prior to National Lampoon, Beard collaborated with Kenney at the Harvard Lampoon during the late 1960s, producing nationally distributed parodies of Life and Time magazines and a book-length parody of The Lord of the Rings called Bored of the Rings. Since leaving National Lampoon, Beard has authored and co-authored over 30 humor books.

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Latin for All Occasions 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
CalypsoBella More than 1 year ago
The book is divided into different situations in which you can "use" Latin. The English translations of the Latin are quite amusing and a good chuckle. The indexing is user-friendly. So far I have found few to none of the typographical errors found in electronically converted books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like Extreme Latin, you have to read this book 'and vice versa'!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Latin for All Occasions is a humorous modern Latin phrasebook, featuring such sections as 'Bald-Faced Lies Are Less Bald-Faced in Latin' and 'In the Vatican' ('Where can I get a hat like that?'). For all the things you always wanted to say in Latin but never knew how, this is the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great! I knew as soon as I saw the advertisement for this on a postcard at a college bookstore that I would like it, and I did. Not only is it very humorous (how does Beard get so many utterly perfect cliche's from so many fields?) but also helped me in my Latin studies because it bridges the gap between the ancient language and modern technology like computers, television, The Beatles, and candy bars--words for which didn't exist in ancient Rome, but were carefully and logically synthesized for this book. Ergo, I'd say the book has benefit far beyond humor: it brings Latin up-to-date and turns it into a useful modern language. Infelix: I found 1-2 errors, and I wish Beard had given a derivation of his terms.