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Latrinae: Roman Toilets in the Northwestern Provinces of the Roman Empire

Latrinae: Roman Toilets in the Northwestern Provinces of the Roman Empire

by Stefanie Hoss (Editor)


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Latrinae: Roman Toilets in the Northwestern Provinces of the Roman Empire' presents examples of Roman toilets from a wide area in northwestern Europe comprising Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. Seven papers consider 'typically Roman' stone channel toilets, while five papers discuss the actually much more common wooden toilets of the cesspit type. Some studies concentrate on a single installation, others present a number of installations in their architectural surroundings. In addition, Roman chamber pots, which could be used either solo or in a toilet chair, are presented in two papers. A further paper on stercus, usually connected to latrine duty in the Roman army, questions this interpretation and offers a different meaning of the word. This book is the first collection on Roman toilets of the northwestern provinces, and gives a good overview of the possibilities for human waste removal in Roman times. The volume provides a fascinating introduction to this under-researched group of Roman installations.

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ISBN-13: 9781784917258
Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing
Publication date: 01/31/2018
Series: Archaeopress Roman Archaeology , #31
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 11.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Stefanie Hoss has worked as a post-excavation small finds specialist in the Netherlands for more than ten years and has taught at the Free University Amsterdam and the University of Cologne. Her research interests include the Roman culture of bathing and Roman toilets, Roman and Byzantine metal and glass finds, Roman military finds, Roman food and dining habits, and the wondrous ways of Roman refuse.

Table of Contents

"Introduction - Stefanie Hoss
Sewers or cesspits? Modern assumptions and Roman preferences - Gemma Jansen
The latrine at the Roman fort on the Antonine Wall at Bearsden - David J Breeze
Flushed with success - a Roman flushing installation in the latrines of the Great Bathhouse of the Colonia Ulpia Traiana near Xanten (D) - Norbert Zieling
The latrines of Roman Aachen - Andreas Schaub
An outhouse in the garden? - Looking at a backyard in the vicus of Bonn - Jeanne-Nora Andrikopoulou-Strack, Manuel Fiedler and Constanze Hopken
A bath with public toilets in the vicus of Bonn - Gary White
The Roman public toilet of Rottenburg am Neckar - Stefanie Hoss
Latrines connected to bathhouses in Germania inferior - an overview - Michael Dodt
Roman toilets in Nijmegen, Oppidum Batavorum and Ulpia Noviomagus, the Netherlands - Elly N.A. Heirbaut
Arlon, apport des decouvertes recentes dans le vicus a l'examen des latrines gallo-romaines - Denis Henrotay
A Roman latrine near St. Kolumba in Cologne and its remarkable contents - Michael Dodt
Latrine pits in the Roman vicus of Vitudurum / Oberwintherthur (Switzerland) - Verena Jauch
A Roman cesspit from the mid-2nd century with lead price tags in the civil town of Carnuntum (Schloss Petronell/Austria) - Beatrix Petznek
Roman chamber pots - Beatrix Petznek
A Roman 'Toilet bowl' from Speicher (Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prum, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) - Bernd Bienert
The meaning of stercus in Roman military papyri - dung or human faeces? Or: who is supposed to clean this shit up? - Kai Juntunen "

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