Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie: A Down-to-Earth Recipe for Living Mindfully, (Even When the World Feelshalf-Baked)

Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie: A Down-to-Earth Recipe for Living Mindfully, (Even When the World Feelshalf-Baked)

by Deanna Davis Ph.D.


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Today's special: A slice of insight and a scoop of wisdom, with some laughter on the side

Deanna Davis is no stranger to tough times. Like the rest of us, she's faced her share of heartache, self-doubt, and professional obstacles among other challenges. In this inspiring new guide, she mixes together all the best ingredients-good humor, a dollop of wisdom, and powerful insights from the worlds of Positive Psychology and neuroscience-to serve up practical strategies for transforming your life, no matter how warmed-over everything around you (and inside you) might seem.

With humor, honesty, and a down-to-earth, relatable style, Davis shares stories and insights that address the issues real women face every day-from balancing family needs with personal and professional ones, and stealing a few moments of quiet every now and then, to getting through the rough patches that every relationship sometimes throws us.

Celebrating the importance of mindful living, the power of friendships, and the undeniable benefits of a good laugh (and, every now and then, a good cry), this is just the satisfying read we need for these tough times.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780399535949
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/03/2010
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Deanna Davis Ph.D. is an accomplished author and professional speaker. She has coached hundreds of clients and spoken before audiences of thousands for over 15 years on mind/body health, peak performance, and Positive Psychology. She has attracted her ideal life with her husband and children in Spokane, Washington.

Table of Contents

1 Why Pie 1

From Vice to Virtue 1

The Late, Great "Cake or Pie?" Debate 3

Why Pie? 6

And Then There's the Whole Laughing and Crying Thing 9

The Recipe for Living Mindfully 12

2 Perspective: What You Add to the Mix Matters 16

Strawberry-Rhubarb's Got the Power 16

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie 17

It's Not Always About You…But Sometimes, It Is! 18

A Slice of Insight: Knowing When It Really Is About You 20

Mindfulness Bile by Bite: About-Face on About You 25

The Winds of Change 25

A Slice of Insight: Channeling the Winds of Change 27

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Wind Power 29

Don't Freak Out 30

A Slice of Insight: Forgo Your Inner Freak 33

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Freak-Free Living 36

3 Connection: To Serve and to Share 37

Don't Be a Connection Chicken; Accept the Pot Pie 37

Chicken Pot Pie 39

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Lasagna Fairy 40

A Slice of Insight: Of Fairies and Friendships 45

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Comfort food for the Soul 48

A Presidential Mishap 49

A Slice of Insight: A Meaningful Misfortune 52

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Catastrophes that Connect 54

An Identity Crisis 55

A Slice of Insight: Identity Crisis Response Team 60

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Teamwork for Traumas 63

4 Adoptability It's About the Process and the Product…Not Perfection 65

Heavy Sigh, Then Mud Pie 65

Mud pie 66

A Turn for the Worse 68

A Slice of Insight: A Different Spin on It 72

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Turn, Turn Again 75

Fear of Flailing 76

A Slice of Insight: Hail the Flail 79

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Embracing Flailure 81

Out of the mouths of Babes, Onto the Thighs of Women 82

A Slice of Insight: Babies Don't Get to Define Babes 85

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Be Your Own Babe 87

5 Resilience: From Sour to Sweet, the Transformation Is Complete 88

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Meringue 88

Lemon Meringue Pie 90

Respiration, Not Desperation 92

A Slice of Insight: To Breathe and to Benefit 97

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Inhale for Insight 99

A Real Undertaking 100

A Slice of Insight: The Real Way to Heal 104

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Cry Way, Sigh Way, My Way 106

Dr. Uptalker 107

A Slice of Insight: A Prescription for Possibilities 113

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Hope, Healing, and Humor 116

6 Release: The Meltdown Makes Miracles 117

Melting for Maximum Benefit 117

Chocolate Meltdown Pie 119

The Blue Flip-Flop 119

A Slice of Insight: Blow Out Those Flip-Flops 127

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Flip-Flop Propulsion Practices 130

Backup Panties 130

A Slice of Insight: Letting Go of the Laundry 136

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Catch and Release 139

Wandering Weasels 139

A Slice of Insight: Seizing Weasels 143

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Ushering Out What Doesn't Belong 146

7 Mindfulness and the "Moment-ous" Life 147

Apple of My Pie 147

Apple Pie 149

Misdirected Multitasking 150

A Slice of Insight: Productivity Primer 156

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Mindless Doing VS. Mindful Living 159

This Way to Carson City 159

A Slice of Insight: Here and There 162

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: Knowing Your Now and Looking Forward to Later 164

The Best (and the Worst) of Zen-tentions 165

A Slice of Insight: Escape to Engagement 171

Mindfulness Bite by Bite: The Practice of Practicing 173

Afterword 175

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