Launch Your Ministry: Take Flight With Our Twins

Launch Your Ministry: Take Flight With Our Twins

by Les D. Crause


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Launch Your Ministry: Take Flight With Our Twins by Les D. Crause

Launching Your Ministry

This book is a compilation of two books previously known as "Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling" and "Using Your Ministry Gift" now collected together in this one complete teaching that will help you launch to new heights.

What is Your Calling?

You know that God has a purpose for your life, and a ministry for you to carry out. But how can you find out exactly what your ministry calling is?

Can you do it by answering a questionnaire or doing a personality test? Do you need a prophet to give you a prophetic word to tell you what God has called you to do?

No, in this book you will discover how to fulfill your calling in ministry. This section covers the importance of your calling and how you will find it. You will see that there is a difference between ministry and calling and how your desire for ministry must fit into your goals and you calling.

Levels of Ministry

One of the first things you need to realize as you look at the subject of ministry, is that there are many different levels of ministry that you can get involved in. These start from the lower levels of basic ministry and lead up to the highest levels of Ministry Office. And lying between these is a whole list of possible things you could do in ministry.

What Gifts do You Have?

What gifts and abilities do you have that will make you more effective in ministry? Do you know what God has given you? Do you know what you will need to do some of the things you want to do? And do you know how to go about getting these things if you do not have them?

This is a subject that many are still confused on. Some think that because certain gifts and abilities have manifested in their life, that this is clearly their calling and what God wants them to do.

But actually, your gifts are not your calling. They are simply the tools that the Lord provides to equip you to do the work of the ministry. and if you do not fully understand how these things work in ministry, you could be led astray.

When it comes to gifts and talents, you might also feel like you were the last in line when they were giving out the good ones.

And now when it comes to doing the work of the ministry, you still feel the same.

Why is it that some people rise up quickly into powerful ministries, and it all seems to fall into their laps. But you and I have to struggle to be used by the Lord?

You Are Not Alone

If you feel this way, then you are not alone. But now you can learnwhat is involved in doing the following,

1. Finding Your Natural Gifts

2. Discovering Your Spiritual Abilities

3. Recognizing The Supernatural

4. Knowing what is from God and what is not

5. Understanding how the Holy Spirit gives gifts

6. Learning how the gifts operate

7. Learning how to receive new gifts

8. Flowing powerfully in these gifts

No longer do you need to feel like you missed it and have to be satisfied with the gifts you have.

You can rise up and carry out the ministry that truly burns in you by finding the gifts you have, receiving the gifts you do not have, and releasing all of these together into the most fulfilling and effective ministry possible.

You will find it all in this book

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