Lavento Wind from the South

Lavento Wind from the South

by Virginia Ann Work


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Searching. Journeys. Secrets. Love. This fourth book of the Keys to the Kingdom series has it all. While Judith searches for a the sacred temple treasures beneath the holy city of Jerusalem, Thomas and Gabrielle hunt for each other, and Lady Matilde leaves her home to find an old lady who holds an important message. Evil men, goaded by the lure of gold lurk in the shadows and attack. Adrian and Judith travel to England where they try to free two boys who are held hostage by King John. Judith seeks to find the fourth scroll that she believes was hidden in the kitchen garden wall of the castle in Lincoln, and Adrian is searching for the lost charter, written by Henry I and lost for centuries to use as a document that would limit the powers of the kings. They are separated when they flee the king's soldiers -- Judith flees to a safe haven near Shrewsbury, and Adrian is injured and almost captured by the soldiers of the king who want to try him for murder and kidnapping. He is assumed dead. Judith goes to Palestine in search of Micah and the temple treasures. Meanwhile, Thomas and Alonzo seek to find Gabrielle who is a slave of an Arab sheik. She is able to escape, but is followed closely by her two half-brothers who want to kill her and Thomas so they can inherit all of their father's wealth. Gabrielle is captured by them and held, yet she is able to escape. She has a baby, and in the escape, she is separated from her child as a friend takes the child to Jerusalem. Thomas finds her at last and they go to Jerusalem to search for the baby. Lady Matilde decides to go to Palestine to help Judith locate the woman, Josephine, who is the mother to Micah. Judith had given two of the scrolls to Micah and now he has disappeared. The Arab sect of the Assassins is on the trail to find the gold. They capture Judith and force her to take them to the treasure which was hidden below the city in the old water tunnels. Does Thomas and Gabrielle find their child and will he survive? Can Judith get free of her captors and not reveal the secret of the location of the temple treasures? Will Adrian be able to help Judith and not be killed himself? Will Lady Matilde find the old woman and survive her attacks of illness? This tale is one of arduous journeys, difficult days, pain, lost loves, and trouble. Yet it is one of the abiding and enduring love of God, peace in the midst of trials, and grace to cover all our mistakes.

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ISBN-13: 9781542786331
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/28/2018
Series: Keys to the Kingdom Series , #4
Pages: 454
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.92(d)

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