The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others

The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others

by David J Pollay


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The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others by David J Pollay

What if you could take control of your life with one decision? You Can. I wrote this audio book to show you how. - David J. Pollay

How often does a bad driver, rude waiter, curt boss, or an insensitive relative ruin your day with a thoughtless action, an angry rant, or a snide remark? And how often have you ruined someone else's day?

In The Law of the Garbage Truck, David J. Pollay shows us that by refusing to let others dump their garbage (negativity, anger, resentment) on us-and letting it pass by instead-we become happier and more successful, both personally and professionally. And when we stop dumping garbage on others, we improve our relationships, strengthen our businesses, and bring our communities together.

Twenty years ago, while riding in a New York City taxi, syndicated columnist and business consultant David J. Pollay narrowly escaped a life-threatening car crash. The driver who almost caused the accident and started yelling at the cab driver, who remarkably just smiled, waved, and wished him well. Pollay asked how the cabbie could remain so calm, and his response sparked the defining principle of The Law of the Garbage Truck.

Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment And if you let them, they'll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don't take it personally move on.

Now Pollay shows you how to apply his Law in this remarkable audio book that can help you:

Avoid getting dumped on by rude, thoughtless, and angry people
Stop reliving the negative in your past, and fearing the future
Focus on what you can control, not the negative things you can't
Reduce incivility wherever you find it, and stop bullies in their tracks
Improve your relationships by not dumping on your friends, parents, spouse or coworkers
Find happiness again after dealing with illness, loss, and personal tragedy
Increase productivity, respect, and cooperation by creating a No Garbage Trucks! Zone in your business, school, and home
Gain the courage to enjoy every day, do what you love, and make a difference

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Publication date: 10/05/2010
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The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
LuluBellLP More than 1 year ago
I received an advanced copy of this groundbreaking book from a dear friend who knew that I was going through a difficult period in my life. I was bogged down with personal negative emotions and had started heading towards a self destructive and rage filled path. The load I was carrying emotionally was seriously threatening my health and well being. I began reading "The Law of the Garbage Truck" on a Thursday night, and continued reading well past my "school night" bed time. Armed with a pencil, I made sure to fill out every question phrased in the book carefully, associating it with the lesson that had just been laid out for me in the previous chapter. I arose the next day and headed to work, a source of stress for the 3 years I had worked there, and looked at my co-workers and myself in a much different light. The concept of the book is that, in life, we all dump on others and they dump on us. Pollay uses his personal experiences as well as psychological studies within these pages to highlight this idea, encouraging the reader to let other "garbage trucks" pass them by. It also gives ways for the reader to stop being a garbage truck themselves. Empowerment is the name of Pollay's game, and his desire is to change the world, one positive person at a time. I reached an epiphany at the end of the book. I realized that what I had for years called "being honest" and "wearing my heart on my sleeve" had really been a way for me to unload and vent my problems to others, allowing them to pick up the load for me so I could have the momentary relief until the next negative moment in my life occurred, and the cycle would begin again. I stopped getting upset when the driver behind me sped around me and cut me off. I realized that forgiveness and acceptance were far better tools than anger and vengeance. David J. Pollay is a fantastic writer, who uses wit and just plain talk to get across this potent message. I recommend that everyone read this book...for the betterment of themselves, and our society/world as a whole. We've been waiting for this voice for's time we listened.
KatherineRacine More than 1 year ago
It's clear to me that when the "Law of the Garbage Truck" author hopped into that cab in New York City around twenty years ago, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine the major changes that experience would bring to his life - or that there was suddenly potential to greatly improve the lives of thousands of others around the world. I was so excited to learn the author would be reading the book personally. I have heard him give speeches and seminars, and he's as brilliant at talking to people as he is at writing. I really love the easy to follow format of this book, and that you can, on your own schedule, absorb the meaty contents, one idea at a time. It's so good to be able to reinforce the message listening while in a car, running, or walking, or relaxing at home. What struck me about Pollay's message, and impacted my life most is - I no longer have to buy into negative experiences at all! I can train myself with the principles in this book to not take the bad stuff personally, and have no need to spread it either. This is such a huge relief from former ways to handle ordinary daily life. "The Law of the Garbage Truck" has so much original thought, and is useful to anyone willing to take the lessons to heart and apply them. I suspect a major wave of goodness around the world can and will result from this project, in print and as an audio tool.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago